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What will tell feng shui a forecast for every day

Features of the technology of feng shui forecast for every day

Only having been born, each person acquires a certain code of fate and a personal set of personal characteristics. Therefore, people born in the same year have similar traits.

And they also feel the impact of approximately the same time span.

Of course, at the same time they will have different life situations, since their character and fate will be influenced by the full date of birth. Feng Shui forecast for each day is based on this knowledge and will help you understand what events prepare yourself today or tomorrow.

Learn more about it from this material.

What will tell feng shui a forecast for every day

Features of Feng Shui Technology

According to the Chinese horoscope, all people are separated according to their personality characteristics, which are represented as a combination of 8 hieroglyphs. At the same time for all hieroglyphs there is a correspondence in the form of a specific sign of the animal and one of the elements.

It turns out that each person is a unique combination that combines 5 elements in certain proportional ratios. And because of the combination of these combinations between people there are such strong differences and because of this, their fate is so different.

It is also possible to divide each of the time intervals (year, month, day or a specific date) into eight hieroglyphs. All elements act differently on one another (one can weaken the action of the second element or enter into dissonance with it), as a result of which all time intervals have a different effect on a person.

For example, a person born in the Year of the Dog can use the positive effects of the Year of the Tiger, because Tiger and Dog are harmonious signs. As for the Apes, on the contrary, they may experience difficulties, since for them the Tiger is the main antagonist.

To worsen their situation, people born in the year of the Monkey can, if they start an important business on the day or month, which is protected by the Tiger.

Of course, this is a rather simplified method explaining how time affects a person. To date, there are various special techniques, with the help of which the forecasting of future events is real.

But this is quite enough to realize how important this forecast is.

In addition to personal techniques, there are also many methods and formulas that will allow you to make a general description of each day. At the same time, it is possible to estimate how favorable or different one of the time intervals is to make certain events.

Methods of making a forecast in the art of feng shui

For example, in predicting the day of Feng Shui, the method of “Twelve indicators of luck” is used, which allows you to determine how favorable certain days or events will be for a person. This is one of the main ways of a general forecast.

If you believe in the theory of luck indicators, then on some days all human undertakings are designed to end in failure, while on others, on the contrary, they are executed almost instantly. In addition, on some days of the week, it is better to practice self-development, personal growth, and on others, to focus on long-term and stable projects.

In addition, in the prediction of Feng Shui, there is another technique called “28 moon sites” (or 28 constellations). Anyone can also ask for help, it is based on the selection of the ideal date to perform certain significant events.

This method is very old, it is used not only in the art of Feng Shui: twenty-eight lunar sites must be taken into account in the process of planning important dates and events with a further perspective (extending over years and decades). As for the cases of medium importance, for them the lunar stops may not be taken into account.

Xuan Kong Da Gua is an unusually strong technique, based on the mutual connection between people, time and space. To effectively use this method, it is important to take into account the number of Gua person.

It also takes into account 3 years of the year and the month, and more — days of significant evils and defeats, destructive days — all these data should be taken into account when making a forecast, since they can significantly affect further success in life.

What will tell feng shui a forecast for every day

Even in the forecast, the characteristics of the lunar days and the peculiarities of the passage of the moon through the zodiac constellations are used. Even if these techniques do not relate to Chinese metaphysics, they still have a very significant effect on the state of a person’s energy body and the mood of people.

Important points

  1. In the Feng Shui forecast, events of such a plan are included in the category of large-scale and significant affairs: marriage, starting a business, concluding important long-term agreements, changing places of residence, changing jobs or changing positions, the need for operations, the purchase of significant property (real estate, car) .
  2. It is important when you make a forecast and plan future events, pay attention not only to the animals of the year of your birth, but also to the animals of the day (for this purpose, use the special calculator Ba Tzu). Remember that the animal of the day influences more on the personal sphere, the peculiarities of relationships in the family, as well as with relatives, and the animal of the year is associated with the social sphere of life, external, career.
  3. The forecast must indicate the time of the lunar day in accordance with a particular time zone.

Examples of the forecast feng shui per day

Now it’s time to consider the Feng Shui forecast for the day on specific samples.

September 22, Friday

Is the day of the Metal Bull

Indicators of the day: the number five and the «stability»

The constellations of the day are: 20, “Beak of the Turtle”

The moon is in the constellation Capricorn.

This day is not suitable for undertaking important matters, changing anything in your life, the reason for this is the unfavorable constellation of the day, the destroyer of the year, and the so-called “dividing day” also takes place. The function of the disconnecting day is the division of everything into “before” and “after”.

On such days it is forbidden to leave far from home, to enter into a marriage, prohibiting even the rearrangement of furniture.

But at the same time, these days are perfect for breaking something old, something that is burdening a person.

What will tell feng shui a forecast for every day

On this day, people who were born in the year or day of the Goat, must give up something important and global.

Planning of any accurate, weighted and methodical measures is allowed. The day is well suited for compiling reports, checks and calculations. Today we should refuse to meet with friends and dates. September 23, Friday

It is the day of the Water Tiger.

Indicators of the day are the number six and «hold».

The constellations of the day are: 21, Orion. It also acts as a disconnecting day.

This day is very close to the border of the seasons, which is why it is absolutely not suitable for taking on important things, making serious changes in life, because qi energy of this day is too weak and more suitable to complete something, rather than start new.

Now it is more correct to practice ordinary daily activities, to finish what was begun in advance. Most of this advice concerns representatives of the sign of the Monkey.
It is important to be attentive to those people who are heavily influenced by the moon. Today, the whole day, the Moon has no course, for this reason people can behave inadequately, make wrong decisions, succumbing to the influence of circumstances or others.

Because of this, it is best to have some kind of a clear plan of action for this day and not let go of your own, succumbing to the provocations of other people.
And finally, we advise you to view an interesting thematic video material:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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