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What will help you dragon on the ancient art of feng shui

What will attract in your life dragon in the art of feng shui

The theory of feng shui believes that the dragon is one of the most important magical objects, designed to ensure peace and harmony in the home. In European states, this mythical unearthly creation always plays the role of a negative character, while the Chinese honor this character for its strength and will.

They believe that it is in the dragon that the spirit of the earth and sky is closely intertwined.

According to the Feng Shui philosophy, a dragon is a very powerful amulet with the help of which a person can protect his home from any evil, plus ensure his own prosperity and well-being.

What will help you dragon on the ancient art of feng shui

Turn to the legend

Qing Long is an unusually powerful mystical animal and the most important creature of Heaven according to the mythical teachings of the Chinese. So Azure dragon reliably protects the inhabitants of the East and foreshadows positive changes in their lives.

The dragon symbolizes the imperial power in China, not for nothing that the five-fringed winged dragon was always depicted on the imperial gown.

In general, as for the people of China, the dragon symbolizes their nation and various benefits. It is because of this that his images with various figures are of such great demand among the Chinese. Traditionally, it is believed that the art of feng shui appeared precisely because of dragons.

So the ancient legend tells us about a dragon that emerged from the waters of the Yellow River, which was decorated with colorful lines on its back. It was this amazing creature that prompted the ancient sage to reveal the symbols necessary to describe all the philosophical terms known today.

Due to this, all processes with objects, traditional symbols of Feng Shui, the well-known “Book of Changes”, later on with the concept of ba-gua and other methods typical for this art, arose.

Why do I need a dragon in the home, how to properly accommodate it

The dragon in the house is designed to ensure its owner career success, success in financial affairs, as well as protect its owner from dishonest people and ensure his success and prosperity. Symbolizing a well-manifested energy Yang, the dragon is the patron saint of a strong half of humanity.

Thus, the Guardian of the East evokes an association with the awakening forces of nature, growth and various types of new beginnings. If you put this traditional Chinese symbol in your home, it will certainly attract financial well-being to it.

To dragon action was even more effective, it must be properly placed. Put the figure to the left of the entrance to the dwelling, in the most ideal version the dragon should be located in the eastern part of the house.

It is also permissible to put the dragon in his living room — in this way he will introduce a powerful flow of energy Yang into the room.

Amulet should be placed on a special stand, pedestal or hill. But pay attention to that moment that the dragon should not be located higher than a man’s height, because in that case he will turn from a patron into a cunning and dexterous manipulator.

What will help you dragon on the ancient art of feng shui

Proper talisman activation

In order for the dragon to awaken to life, it must be properly activated.

First, you take the Chinese calendar, find the Dragon’s Day in it, and then in the morning from 7 to 9:00 am (these are the hours of this mythical animal), take a black unused brush and ink and draw a little dragon eyes. And when you perform this ritual, it is important that the dragon be turned with its face to the Eastern side of the world.

Additionally allowed the consecration of the dragon’s eyes with a special aroma sticks.

What will tell about the dragon master of art Feng Shui

The element of water has the ability to awaken the dragon and make it produce outside the flow of priceless Qi energy. Therefore, it is allowed to place the dragon figures near the aquarium and even in the kitchen near the sink, because the water from the tap acts as a symbol of clean water that enters your home.

At the same time pay attention to the fact that the amulet should in no case be located towards the toilet or in the bathroom. In the opposite situation, you risk quickly losing your financial well-being and luck. Not suitable for this mystical creature is the southern part of the house, which is a sector of fire

Pay attention, the ideal variant of amulets will be an animal made of jade. But in general, the material for the manufacture of figures does not play a big role, in contrast to color.

The most favorable will be all green and blue colors.

Do not forget also that the dragon, which was brought into the house for the purpose of change, is capable of attracting both positive and negative changes. Therefore, in order to protect himself from the wrath of this whimsical animal, his hot temper should be controlled; the Wise Turtle, the beautiful Phoenix and the eternal antagonist of the Dragon Tiger can do it.

With harmonious feng shui, the Dragon will always restrain the emotions of the Tiger and exactly the opposite.

It is very important that the dragon is not too large, since otherwise this creature will become dominant in your home and its energy will become very unpredictable. Instead of a dragon, we can take advantage of the plant, it is desirable that it be alive, but in principle we can take an artificial one, the main thing is green.

And if the plant is in the flowering phase, it is ideal for it to have blue or blue flowers, but it is strictly prohibited to use spiky or prickly plants.

Varieties of dragons in the home

The most popular version of the talismans is the dragon, which holds the pearl with its paws. Such a statuette stands the personification of wisdom, harmony and is an unusually powerful talisman in the art of feng shui.

It is not surprising that such a Dragon among the Chinese patronizes and personifies with the emperors.

What will help you dragon on the ancient art of feng shui

As for the material of production, it is not very important what the dragon will be made of — it can be porcelain, and jade, and bronze, and copper, plus there are variants of images drawn in the form of paintings or created as panels.

Considering the most favorable color range, it should be noted that the dragons as a whole can have any color: green, blue, yellow, golden or red. Based on the color of the dragon you will know where to put it best.

For example, green dragons located in the eastern part of the house, will strengthen the health of their owners, as well as a positive impact on family relationships in a pair.

The figurine that brings happiness according to the art of feng shui can be done with your own hands. In this case, you can use any materials at hand.

You just need to connect your imagination as much as possible. There is an opinion that the dragon, made with his own hand, is charged with the personal energy of a person and is set up to embody his various plans and ideas in life.

At the end of the article we can summarize that if you place the dragon in your home, always remember that this creature will be a harbinger of change, and the most important thing is that they are extremely positive. Therefore, the master of art of feng shui is advised to additionally use the figures of a turtle or phoenix to pacify the anger of a winged creature. And also follow all the above recommendations without fail.

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