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What will happen to you next: tell fortune telling by monthly Feng Shui

True and interesting fortune telling on monthly by Feng Shui

Ever since antiquity, people have known that everything in our world, in particular, human life, rotates in a certain circle. The same applies to the intimate cycle of the female body.

With the help of special fortune telling on monthly feng shui, you will be able to correctly understand the signs above, sent to you by fate and learn about the events of the next month, be able to prepare for them correctly and protect yourself from unpleasant surprises.

What will happen to you next: tell fortune telling by monthly Feng Shui

Ways to read fortunes by monthly according to Feng Shui

Next, we consider the popular ways of divination at the beginning of the menstrual cycle in the fair sex.

By time of day

Morning hours — if the beginning of critical days was in the morning, it would be the best option. For a girl, this will predict a positive change, a new feeling or the strengthening of an existing connection.

In addition, this fortune telling will tell about the family idyll, good and warm relations between all its members.

Daytime (hours before dinner) is also a good time to start menstruating, you can count on a pleasant time filled with love, harmony and good news. Plus, you can add happiness to the relationship with your beloved.

Daytime (after dinner) — this beginning of menstruation is considered not a positive sign. Most likely, in the next 30 calendar days you will have to face minor adversities, difficulties and difficulties.

Also, you are likely to suffer from sadness, longing, mild depression and apathy.

Night time — is considered the most inappropriate to start menstruation. As a rule, it will tell about a strong and sad separation from loved ones or a loved one, and can also talk about various strife, discord in relationships, betrayal and cooling of feelings.

By day of week

According to another method of divination, special attention should be paid to the day of the beginning of menstruation.

  • Monday — promises the emergence of some difficulties and troubles. More menstruation, which began on Monday, may forerun an expensive gift from a relative or lover.
  • Tuesday — very soon you will meet your old friend or loved one. And, perhaps, his soul mate — who knows what fate will do. It is also possible the early start of various life changes.
  • Wednesday — throughout the next month you will be faced with various troubles from time to time. The representative of the fair sex is the beginning of menstruation acts as a kind of valuable warning that to successfully overcome all the difficulties you need to exert maximum effort.
  • Thursday — the day is different two-digit value: it will tell either about the upcoming celebration in a noisy company of people, or about a sudden party with new people. It can be both pleasant for you, and not so.
  • Friday — it is worth preparing for a radical change in your life. Do not be afraid of difficulties — you have enough strength and energy to cope with them successfully.
  • Saturday is a day of calm, measured rest, promising you harmony for the next thirty days. Very big chances to get a love confession or to fulfill your cherished desire.
  • Sunday is a great day to start critical days. Will tell about happiness, fun, good mood, idleness of life and lightness of being. You will encounter joy and success in the field of relationships, and if you experience conflicts, they will soon be eliminated.

By day

What will happen to you next: tell fortune telling by monthly Feng Shui

Pay attention to the date you started your period and you will understand what to expect from the upcoming month:

  • On the 1st, a promise of good events, pleasant meetings that will give you a feeling of happiness;
  • 2nd of the day — someone or something will cause you frustration and dismissive attitude towards yourself;
  • 3 rd — it is necessary to fear a major scandal, when only you can influence the situation;
  • 4th — the number promises the realization of your long-standing plans and desires, as well as receiving a pleasant surprise. The next 30 days will be very successful;
  • On the 5th, someone close to them is preparing the desired gift for you or an unexpected surprise;
  • 6th — your enemies can do you some dirty trick, it is necessary to show caution and caution;
  • On the 7th, there is a person in the world for whom you are everything, you are his only meaning in life;
  • On the 8th, you will face jealousy, you will have to be nervous if you are in love with someone;
  • On the 9th, someone is very unhappy with your couple and seeks to separate you from your beloved with all your might, be vigilant;
  • On the 10th — unexpectedly meet a decent man with whom to begin a romantic relationship;
  • On the 11th, you should not trust your lover in vain, he keeps you his loyalty;
  • On the 12th, fate will soon give you a magical acquaintance with an attractive man, who, however, will be treacherous and try to get all your attention;
  • On the 13th — the next 30 days will not be easy, you should be patient;
  • On the 14th, receiving pleasant encouraging news;
  • On the 15th, tune in to the easy experience of not-too-popular news, which is just temporary trouble;
  • On the 16th, it costs less to speak, because your words and especially gossip can lead to very bad consequences;
  • On the 17th, you will quarrel and perhaps even break up with your loved one. In this case, the separation can be both temporary and final;
  • On the 18th, open your heart to love. The number promises you a violent love, perhaps the return of a former man;
  • On the 19th, passionate love with sincere feelings. But there is a danger that love will be one-sided;
  • On the 20th, unfortunately, there are very big chances of falling in love unresponsively;
  • On the 21st — a lie is not excluded from a friend, relative or loved one. Find out what caused this lie;
  • On the 22nd — the upcoming 30 days will be very successful financially;
  • On the 23rd, you will feel inspired by positive changes and events, you will feel real happiness;
  • On the 24th — get ready for a grand celebration at your home;
  • On the 25th, you unexpectedly meet a stranger who will make you happy and with whom friendship or romance is likely;
  • On the 26th, a very good number, promises the acquisition of a new friend, with whom you will have a perfect understanding and who will support you very much
  • On the 27th, the number promises the fulfillment of your long-held desire, and a person from whom you would never expect it to help you;
  • On the 28th, the next 30 days will be incredibly successful, your career or income will improve;
  • On the 29th, there will be a little trouble or news. Most likely, you are even upset, but do not get hung up, quickly release the situation;
  • On the 30th, there are very high chances to start a relationship with a handsome stranger. Beware of the temptation to have a lover;
  • On the 31st, it promises a fascinating trip, but on the other hand it can warn you not to survive the shame.

What will happen to you next: tell fortune telling by monthly Feng Shui

Interesting information finally

Traditional Chinese medicine gave special importance to menstruation, considering it a kind of cleansing process. It was believed that during these days, the body is cleansed of waste blood, and instead it is producing new, clean and fresh blood.

It is due to the monthly fair sex boast that they live much longer than men.

Monthly prediction is based on three factors at once: time of day (sunset and sunrise), day of the week and day of the month.

Finally, it is worth watching an interesting thematic video:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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