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What plants charms will help clean the energy of the house

What plants charms will help clean the energy of the house

Comfort in the house is created not only by the furniture and furniture, but also by the energy of the space itself. Many factors affect the energy of the house — the relationship between households, the mood of residents, past residents and even neighbors. In order to always feel comfort and harmony in the house, esotericists are advised to keep home plants-amulets that help clean the energy of the house.

This plant has always been considered coastal. It saves the house from negative energy and protects from unkind people. This plant normalizes the atmosphere at home, clears off bad thoughts and creates a special aura, which is very pleasant to be in.


Even a small bush of this plant helps to establish a friendly atmosphere in the house. Where there are quarrels and conflicts, this guardian is simply necessary. In addition, Tradescantia improves mood.

This plant feeds on negative energy. So if you feel that a lot has accumulated in her house — it’s time to start this flower.


This plant not only cleans the house from negative energy, but also fills it with harmony and positive emotions. Tetrastigma is able to restore the strength of the household and fill them with energy. She will help in undertakings and any active affairs.

The powerful energy of this flower destroys the envy and protects the house from detractors. Prickly pear struggles with energy damage and the evil eye. In order for the plant to gain strength, it often needs to be ventilated outside.

The main property of this flower is that it feeds human energy, improves mood and relieves stress and tension. Esoteric recommend putting begonia in the kitchen — then the harmony in the house will be adjusted.

Warding plants will help protect the house from negative energy and make your home comfortable. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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