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What is the stone behind the stone and what are its main features

Nanositall what kind of stone it is and does it have any magic

Today, jewelry production has reached such a high level that it has become possible to create artificial minerals that have a high similarity with their natural counterparts, but are very cheap. Nanositall is one of the brightest examples of such stones, we will tell about it in more detail later.

What is the stone behind the stone and what are its main features

Why are artificial stones created?

This is due to one problem that absolutely disturbs all manufacturers — the cost of natural precious (and semi-precious) minerals is constantly increasing, due to rising inflation and a decrease in their production. And the second point — buyers are not ready to part with their money and acquire expensive jewelry.

Because of this trend, industrial jewelry enterprises have to acquire more budget options, which are substitutes for natural gems.

The stones, created by jewelers, have received many different names — so, they are called and artificial, and recreated, and pressed, and hydrothermal, and grown, and so on. The essence of the name, of course, does not change at all — the source material of such minerals is created by people.

Speaking of artificial stones, you should not focus on the name of the material, because consumer properties of jewelry stones are much more important, as well as the degree of similarity of a fake with natural stone and, of course, cost.

Nanositall — what is it

Nanositall is an artificially constructed polycrystalline optical stone that differs in its degree of transparency. The process of obtaining it includes the crystallization of glass with the desired chemical components, resulting in a material that has higher properties than the original glass.

Nanositall falls into the category of glass-ceramic materials with an extensive range of uses.

To date, nanosall is produced in only one company in the world — Russian RusGems. Experts of the company have long been engaged in the development of the most optimal technologies in order to obtain perfect artificial material.

The basis of nano-sall is SiO2 and Al2O3 oxides. Then other ingredients are added to the composition, the presence of which provides the planned physical and chemical properties, as well as those external indicators due to which nanocall is most similar to natural gems.

A stone can have any color characteristics, vary in size and degree of transparency. Buyers will be pleased with the fairly democratic cost of jewelry with nano-sital, plus, without special education and equipment, to distinguish where natural stone is, and where fake is not always possible.

An important advantage of the gem is that there are no harmful components and impurities in it, thanks to which jewelery with jewels will not harm your health.

What is the stone behind the stone and what are its main features

Historical background of the story

If we talk about the technology itself for the creation of artificial stones, then today it has existed for more than 50 years. And the formula by which the modern version of nasitalla is created is somewhat later.

We have already mentioned before that the only company in the world that produces mineral is Russian RusGems. The term of its existence in the world jewelry market of synthetic production is a little more than fifteen years.

Experts of the organization are constantly improving the quality of manufactured crystals and expanding their color assortment.

Characteristics of nasitalla

If you combine all the characteristics of nanositalla, the result is a truly unique gem.

The main points on which the mineral is assessed are:

  • Purity — absolutely pure natural gems are very, very rare, almost all stones of natural origin have different internal flaws: different cracks, bubbles or inclusions of other stones, but this absolutely does not apply to metal. For artificially created stones, purity and complete transparency are characteristic.
  • The color palette — due to the ability to provide control over the process of creating a mineral, by adding to it different impurities, it becomes real to obtain any shade as close as possible to the natural analogue of imitation.
  • Color stability. The color of the minerals does not change over a long period of time — the minerals do not grow dull, do not fade under the sun, as often happens with natural gems. Products with nanositalls can be used in any weather conditions, regardless of the season, and the color is guaranteed to remain in its original form.
  • Glitter — as well as color fully corresponds to natural minerals. According to its brilliance, the stones are divided into matte, pearl and glossy.
  • The degree of hardness — nanitall is the most optimal hardness, which corresponds to seven points on the Mohs scale. This means that the mineral is not very hard, but not the softest either.
  • Resistance to temperature effects — non-natural stones can be heated to five hundred degrees Celsius, while their characteristics will not change at all.
  • The parameters of the mineral — a huge advantage nasitalall is that it is possible to create crystals of any size and shape. In addition, the size of the gem, its shape, color indicators and other characteristics may change based on the personal wishes of the customer.

What is the stone behind the stone and what are its main features

The magical and healing properties of nanositalla

As an attractive, but «inanimate» mineral was created by man, he does not have any magical abilities. This can not be regarded as a significant minus, because if natural stones can, both bring benefits to some people, they can be very harmful to others, and in the case of a putter, everyone can use it completely fearlessly.

Nanositall and astrology

As we have already mentioned above, products with nanositall can be used by representatives of different zodiacal constellations. Therefore, do not torment yourself with empty doubts and feel free to go to the store for a pleasant and safe purchase!

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