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What is the mandala, its types and values

What is a mandala — types of mandalas and their significance

In this article we will tell you what a mandala is and why it is needed, we will reveal the meaning of images and symbols of a mandala. What riddles does this magical image conceal and why is it considered sacred in Buddhism?

What is the mandala, its types and values

What is a mandala and what is it for?

The word «mandala» is translated from Sanskrit as «circle». This symbol always has the shape of a circle, which personifies the Universe.

Images of the mandala are symmetrical, and its center is always clearly highlighted on the general background. Usually a square is inscribed into the main circle, and another circle is inscribed into the square.

Thus, the mandala is a complex geometric shape. But in fact, this is a real model of the Universe, a kind of energy matrix, which has a deep meaning.

The history of the mandala goes back centuries. The tradition to create these sacred images refers to the time of the emergence of Hinduism and Buddhism and has more than one millennium. It is interesting that in these religions the mandala had a sacred meaning.

With its help various rituals and meditations were carried out, prayers were read.

Mandalas can be carried out in various ways: their mysterious patterns are embroidered on the canvas, created from sand, laid out from a mosaic, drawn with paints. The making of the sacred image is accompanied by special prayers and rites.

Believers believe that in this way the sacred pattern is filled with the energy of the universe.

In addition, it is believed that the sacred pattern of the mandala makes it possible to penetrate the secrets of the subconscious, with its help you can know your inner essence. The person creating the mandala reflects in the figure his essence.

Using these patterns, you can look into your soul, find out what problems and internal conflicts hinder your happiness at the moment.

Mandala plays an important role during meditations. Concentrating on mystical patterns, a person enters a meditative state, gets access to those knowledge and abilities that are not available to him in ordinary life, feels his connection with the Universe.

Types of mandalas

There are many types of mandalas and each of them is aimed at solving a specific task.

  • Curative mandala. Sent to healing from the disease. It must be drawn by the patient himself, directing the disease on a sheet of paper. After that, the picture must be burned. Mandalas to attract health, on the contrary, are hung at the bedside of the patient so that he can tune in to the energy of life.
  • Mandalas that are used during meditation. They hang themselves in the meditation room, they help to enter the prayer state.
  • Female, male or common. Carry a certain kind of energy: yin or female, yang or male. Can combine two types of energy. Replenish the body with the missing energy, contribute to the development of appropriate hormones.
  • Power Generators. If a person does not have enough vital energy — makes him more active and energetic. With an excess of energy, aggressive and nervous behavior — soothes, harmonizes.
  • Mandala wards. Neutralize the flow of negative energy, do not allow them to enter the home.
  • Mandalas aimed at providing psychological assistance and knowledge of their inner world.
  • Decorative. Used to decorate the room.

The most mysterious and unknown type of mandalas are crop circles.

What is the mandala, its types and values

Meaning of mandala flowers

Color plays a very important role in creating a mandala. When drawing an image, you need to remember the meaning of colors.

  • Red — says about physical strength, energy, the desire to survive, passionate love, sexuality, will. It also indicates negative qualities: aggressiveness, destructiveness, stubbornness.
  • Orange color is responsible for optimism, love of life, self-affirmation. Can talk about high self-esteem.
  • Yellow color indicates cheerfulness, active life position, openness and self-confidence. Possible reassessment of their capabilities and frivolity.
  • Green color is responsible for the ability to build, self-improvement, dedication. Can talk about selfishness and the desire for power.
  • The blue color indicates organization, sociability, wisdom and intuition, calm, depression, depression.
  • White — the color of lightness, purity and spirituality, changes for the better. It can mean detachment and isolation.
  • Black — a symbol of chaos, emptiness, mystery and uncertainty, unconscious and not manifested in reality. May indicate fear, depression, frustration.
  • Brown speaks of reliability and rationality, earthiness and limitations.
  • Purple is the color of self-development, striving for perfection, intuition and spiritual strength. May indicate internal suffering and dissatisfaction.

The colors located at the center of the mandala indicate your secret feelings and desires. And the colors that are at the borders of the circle, say that you openly demonstrate to others.

Meaning of mandala symbols

Most often in mandalas there are such symbols:

  • Circle — means unity with the cosmos, wholeness, fullness of life, security.
  • Quadrangle — speaks of morality, endurance, perseverance, a sense of security.
  • Triangle. If the top is directed upwards — willpower, integrity, dedication. Down — timidity, insecurity, cowardice.
  • The flower indicates harmony, striving for beauty, self-improvement.
  • Cross — a state of uncertainty, the need to choose.
  • Spiral. Clockwise — development, change, progress. Counterclockwise — decay, stagnation, disappointment.
  • Eye — the desire to understand the situation, you are controlled.
  • The heart is a manifestation of your emotions and experiences.
  • Star — says about the reliability, security, protection.
  • Tree — the power of creation, unity with the universe, moving forward.
  • Animal — intuitive knowledge, natural instincts, behavior at the moment.
  • Bird — unity with the soul, a feeling of lightness.

What is the mandala, its types and values

When deciphering the mandala, you must also rely on your feelings to understand how this symbol is of particular importance to you. After all, your personal perception of characters may differ from the generally accepted.

How to choose a mandala

If you want to buy ready-made mandala — listen to your inner voice. Stop the choice on the product that responds in your heart and causes positive emotions.

It will surely bring you happiness and good luck.

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