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What is the color of the wallet for Feng Shui is most suitable for you

Feng Shui wallet color for high income

Purse according to the art of feng shui is the main keeper of money and, accordingly, it is associated with wealth and financial wealth. It is important to be very responsible when choosing a wallet, because it is with your wallet that you will exchange energy with money.

In this article, you will learn what the purse color should be in Feng Shui, as well as products of what shape and size you need to purchase if you want to always have enough money in stock.

Secret information: how to choose a money wallet

Features of the purse form

You need to keep your hard earned money in spacious wallets in which you can place them unfolded. It is very important that the money is intact in the wallet, and not half-folded or folded in several layers.

Picks on bills will disrupt the circulation of positive energy, which in turn will alienate good luck and profits.

The ideal form for storing money according to feng shui is rectangular. In this case, folding purses will become absolutely useless.

In the wallet must be a special department for small money. If not, it is best to buy an extra compact coin box.

What is the color of the wallet for Feng Shui is most suitable for you

Natural base ensures success

In the process of choosing a wallet should pay special attention to its basis. Feng Shui allows only natural bases, which provide free circulation of energy of money.

The most ideal option would be a natural leather wallet. You can also opt for suede and fabric products.

Another tricky part — in its appearance, the wallet should divert attention from the money itself, thanks to which people around you will not be able to take away your financial energy.

In no case do not buy products made of artificial kozhzam, because the latter does not conduct monetary energy and will not allow the attraction of finance into your life.

Perfect wallet size for Feng Shui

What size should be the perfect purse according to the philosophy of Feng Shui? To choose the right size of the “money house” it is necessary to determine its parameters, which consist of length, height and depth. But at the same time it is necessary to use not the usual school ruler, but a special one developed by experts feng shui.

It possesses not only markings, but also a scale of favorable and unfavorable sizes. Of course, if you did not find such a ruler, then you can use the usual centimeter.

It should also be added that the ancient Chinese device has 4 favorable and unfavorable segments. In addition, each of the segments is further divided into another 4 sectors.

Each sector corresponds to a specific value.

For example, the group of favorable segments includes such distances:

  • 0-54 millimeters;
  • 162-215 millimeters;
  • 215-270 millimeters;
  • 378-432 millimeters.

Measure your purse for compliance with these parameters and check how well it is to save money.

There are also values ​​that more attract financial well-being. Next we look at them in more detail:

  • 0-13 millimeters — tells about financial success;
  • from 27 to 40 millimeters — will attract all kinds of luck to its owner;
  • 40 to 54 millimeters speaks of wealth;
  • from 1.75 to 1.89 centimeters — this distance will predict the receipt of unexpected additional income;
  • from 2.02 to 2.15 — will indicate that in the future a person will succeed;
  • from 2.43 to 2.56 — revenues will be increased;
  • from 3.78 to 4.02 — soon you will encounter an influx of finances;
  • from 4.15 to 4.29 — there will be many jewels;
  • from 4.29 to 4.32 — a person will succeed, succeed in life.

What is the color of the wallet for Feng Shui is most suitable for you

But in addition to positive, there are negative numerical values ​​that need to beware of. And you will learn more about their more detailed meaning.

  • from 81 to 95 millimeters — tell about the failures, the collapse and the likelihood of imprisonment;
  • from 95 to 108 millimeters — one of the spouses will die;
  • from 149 to 162 — a person can be robbed;
  • from 270 to 284 — such values ​​will tell about death or about a forced change of place of residence;
  • from 297 to 311 — high chances of exile and shame;
  • from 311 to 324 — a lot of money will be lost;
  • from 324 to 338 — the meanings mean different misfortunes;
  • from 338 to 351 — will tell about death.

With regards to the form of the purse, in order to store paper bills, it is better to choose rectangular options, in which you can easily place different money straightened.

It is necessary to refuse those wallets in which money will be crushed or bent — they slow down the flow of monetary energy and prevent money from increasing in its quantity.

What should be the color of the wallet for Feng Shui

If you carry out an audit of shopping with wallets, then you will find that most often on sale are purses of all shades of red. Scarlet, side, purple, garnet — all these tones are characterized by powerful energy.

However, red wallets, according to Feng Shui, are not only the strongest in terms of energy, but also the most fastidious. It is important that such a wallet look perfect — stylish, elite and was made of high quality leather.

So that it would not just be pleasant to hold it in hands, but so that it also aroused admiration.

What is the color of the wallet for Feng Shui is most suitable for you

You can choose the right purse for your color using an individual method.

Each person belongs to one or another element and the color of the selected wallet will depend on it. Therefore, you will need to determine your element, and then your color of wealth. This can be done with the help of a special Circle of Destruction, which has the following form:

  • the element of water takes control of the fiery element;
  • fire in turn affects the metal;
  • metal is elevated above the tree;
  • the tree controls the earth;
  • the earth rises above the water.

If you take the following table as a sample, you can easily determine the color of the purse most suitable for you. For example, if you belong to the earth element, it means that you need to choose for yourself a yellow purse.

Knowing your personal element, you can easily select for yourself and financial element. Here the principle of the five elements operates, according to which the element of money is the one that is under the control of your personal element.

Further we will consider in more detail all these correspondences:

  • the element of personality (tree) — corresponds to the financial element of the earth — suitable purse brown, yellow and sand shades;
  • fire — the element of metal — stop your choice on white, light gray or silver purses;
  • the land — correlated with the water monetary element — black, blue and turquoise wallets are suitable;
  • metal — corresponds to the element of wood — you can buy wallets of all shades of green and light green;
  • to the water element of the personality — the fire element corresponds, which is associated with the red, maroon or garnet flowers of the purses.

If this technique seemed rather complicated to you, there is a simpler alternative — the earth element is always associated with accumulation. Therefore, to increase the flow of money is worth buying brown, beige or yellow purses.

Talismans for a rich wallet

As a rule, people put in wallets photographs that depict their loved ones and loved ones. However, Feng Shui does not support this approach, and there are two reasons for this:

  • according to the first, when financial energy will pass through a photo of a person, she will be able to cause severe damage to his energy field;
  • and in the second, photographs have far from the most beneficial effect on the energy of money.

It will be much better and more effective if you put a couple of interesting Feng Shui talismans in your purse, for example, 3 Chinese coins, which are hung on a red ribbon, or a mirror that has an imperial size (you can buy it in a special store). With the help of such attributes you will definitely increase your financial flow.

What is the color of the wallet for Feng Shui is most suitable for you

In the art of feng shui, it is believed that mint is responsible for the smell of money, so if you want to always have bills in your wallet (preferably larger ones), you will need to drop a couple of drops of mint oil into it. If for some reason you cannot use an aromatic product, we advise you to just keep candy wrappers from mint chewing gum or candies in your wallet, or you can just take the leaves of this plant.

Another trick that will help you attract money in your wallet — you need to put in it the first coin that you earned or a 100 dollar bill and not to exchange.

A bean pod stored in a wallet will save a person from excessive marnotratism. And if you put a piece of horseradish in your purse, it will attract even more finances to you and make you more fortunate in material terms.

This may seem strange, but to strengthen and stabilize your cash inflows, it is worth putting honey on one of the bills. With this, you will ensure a stable level of income.

And if you want to raise money for some kind of purchase or, for example, for rest, experts of Feng Shui philosophy advise you to prepare an image of the item you want to have and place it in your wallet. Each time, opening the purse, the picture will come across your eyes, which in turn will create a stream of positive vibrations that will help you get the amount of money that is missing.

Now you know for sure what color the purse should be, which will attract financial success into your life. At the end, watch an interesting thematic video:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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