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What is Qi energy, from which sources it can be gathered

What is qi energy and how to fill its shortage

The Qi energy (or “Chi energy”) is, according to the ancient treatises of Chjudshi, a part of the universal energy passing through the body of a person and circulating through special channels (energy meridians). Qi is also a sender of information into outer space about a specific individual.

What is Qi energy, from which sources it can be gathered

What is qi energy

According to Eastern medicine, a person begins to get sick when the process of movement of qi energy is disturbed in his body.

Known ancient Tibetan wisdom, which says:

«The one who is filled with qi energy blossoms, and the one who loses it, dies«.

Qi energy fills us from two sides:

Partially, it is held in the depths of the Earth and re-enters outer space. On its own turn, qi meets with minerals, plants, animals, other people, flows through them, and returns to another part of itself. With it, she takes away all the information received about the surrounding space.

This cycle of energy never ends, it is similar to the cycle of substances in nature.

As a result, a person is at the top of the trinity of the “man-Earth-Cosmos” chain.

As you know, the universe does not have diseases. Then why can people get sick if they belong to this great trinity?

Tibetans believe that pathologies arise as a result of impaired qi energy circulation in the body.

Types of Qi Energy

Our ancestors had extensive knowledge of qi energy. Much more significant than we have now.

Different nations called this force differently:

  • Chinese people — the energy of qi;
  • the Japanese — the energy of ki;
  • Indian culture — prana or shakti;
  • in ancient Egypt, ka;
  • residents of ancient Greece — pneumatic;
  • Americans, by great spirit;
  • Christians — by the holy spirit;
  • Africans — Ash;
  • residents of Hawaii — energy ha or mana.

If we engage in a more detailed examination of the energy of qi, then we meet it in the form of such varieties:

  • Natural CI;
  • Heavenly Chi;
  • Home Qi;
  • Human chi;
  • Public CI.

Consider all of them as detailed as possible.

  1. Natural Qi — acts as an energy penetrating all phenomena of nature, filling the whole surrounding world, which is represented by all living beings on the Earth. The whole planet is permeated with its energy flows.

In the ancient texts we find the name of these Meridians — “Dragon lines”. The closer they get to the ground in certain places, the higher will be the fertility of the soil.

And, on the contrary, the deeper the flow of energy passes over the earth — the worse various cultures will ripen on it. Of these famous natural areas include the North Pole, the Gobi Desert and the Sahara.

  1. Celestial QI is the energy emanating from heaven and connecting all the constellations and planets in our galaxy.
  2. Home CI — energy flows that move into the home, filling the walls, objects that are in it.
  3. Human QI — is the life force of a person, it can revive, set in motion, motivates to perform various actions and achieve the desired.
  4. Public CHI is the energy of the whole people, the nation — a particular community of people.

How to gain energy QI

There are certain principles by which qi energy is gained, namely:

  • Filling with energy is performed in a standing, sitting or lying position.
  • At the same time, different types of breathing are practiced (free and natural, or when air draws into the lungs during inhalation and exhales noisily during expiration).
  • As a rule, energy is supplied through points located in the central part of the palms, lower back, in the middle of the sole, on the crown, around the eyes, as well as at the tips of the fingers and pores of our body.
  • Filling yourself with chi energy, it is important to visualize that all parts of the body are united in a single line, in which sky, earth, sun, moon, mountains, rivers, trees and grass participate. As a result, man becomes part of nature.

What is Qi energy, from which sources it can be gathered

The main exercises that allow you to gain energy QI

There are special exercises for the accumulation of Qi energy. We will talk about them further.

  1. Filling yourself with solar, lunar Qi energy, plant energy. At the same time, it is necessary to visualize in thoughts how the energy flow from head to toe flows from these objects into your body, and then changes its direction.
  2. Filling the sky with Qi energy and energy of the earth. In this situation, it is necessary to visualize how celestial energy enters the body, envelops it, whizzing through all the tendons, bones, biologically active points and internal organs. The same is true for the energy of the earth, but it will only come from below.
  3. Filling energy QI through then. Inhale and exhale, exhaling, visualize the release of painful energy through the sky with the help of pores. And while breathing in, you need to imagine filling yourself with the original universal CI.
  4. Filling QI through the mouth. You should open your mouth, put your tongue exactly, but do not protrude. While exhaling, visualize how the flow of qi energy, how a continuous jet passes through the throat and mouth, and in your thoughts transport it to the lower part of the body.
  5. Filling with color energy QI «5 primary elements.» The doctrine of 5 primary elements states that:
    • the liver corresponds to a tree (green energy is gathered from the east side),
    • fire meets the heart (red energy from the south),
    • the spleen is the earth (yellow energy from the central part of the Earth),
    • light metal (white energy from the west),
    • kidney — water (black energy from the north).
    1. Filling energy of light. It is necessary to cover your eyes and visualize, like solar, moonlight, the light of stars or ordinary lamps, fire through the organs of vision begins to flow into the area located in the area of ​​the forehead above the nose bridge. At the same time you feel how the whole body is filled with a magical glow.
    2. Filling with light energy with voice stimulation. Breathe in and make a sound like a bee buzz. Visualize that a white energy pillar begins to flow from above, which is concentrated in the area of ​​the crown. Making an exhale, you need to make a sound “aaaa”, visualizing how the energy vortex is cleaned through the filter, becomes red in color and turns into the median energy meridian.

    According to it, the energy begins to move from the top of the head, through the throat, reaches the central axis of the body to the crotch area, and then, along with the sound (such as it is published when they want to cool something), changes in color (becomes variegated) and begins to move through the lower limbs to the feet and below, it is painted in blue and goes into the bowels of the earth.

    1. Filling energy with Qi using external soundtrack. To implement this method, you should put some pleasant music: it can be the voice of a spiritual teacher or the sounds of nature. It is important to achieve a state where all internal organs, skin and active points will resonate with these sounds so that the flow of energy penetrates the skin to the bones themselves.
    2. Filling energy with the help of mental images. It should be resurrected in the subconscious image of some object or phenomenon — it can be a table, a bed, a flame, the light of a lama, a mountain river, a stone, and so on, absolutely any options. Visualize that this object descends in your torso from the head, passes through the region of the throat, chest and abdomen and reaches the lower energy meridian. When performing this exercise in the supine position, it would be more correct to visualize the images of a train, car, motorcycle, or horse-drawn sled.

    It becomes clear that there are a huge number of ways to gain energy QI, they have certain similarities. You need to choose the technique that is closest to you and most closely matches your individual personality characteristics.

    Practicing exercises, it is important to adhere to regularity and perseverance, and then a positive result will be provided to you.

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