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What can help stunningly beautiful stone mystic

What magic is inherent in the stone mystic topaz

Mystic topaz is a natural stone topaz (usually having a transparent color), which has undergone a special treatment, as a result of which it received an unusual shade — the mineral casts all the colors of the rainbow. And let the mystic stone be impossible to find in nature in the form in which we see it on the shelves of jewelry stores, it still falls into the category of natural gems.

What can help stunningly beautiful stone mystic

Mineral Overview

Nanotechnology, according to which the stone acquires its unusual nature, was invented and patented in 1993 by the American company Azotiс Coating Technology Ink.

It consists in the fact that natural topazes, which have already been cut, are coated with titanium, and in some cases, a gold coating and thermally fixed. After this treatment, the mineral begins to cast in various shades, ranging from violet and ending with green, and can even reach saturated blue.

If the processing was done according to the rules, the mystic topaz will please its owner for a very long time. But for this refined gem, it is important to ensure proper care, which will consist of gentle cleaning (always with a professional) and wearing.

Unfortunately, in the modern jewelry market you can run into a lot of fake versions of mystic topaz. Thus, instead of natural topaz, cheaper phianites or quartz (which can even be synthetic) are processed, and then released at the cost of a real mineral.

Establish where you have a fake, and where the natural stone mystic is quite problematic. It must be remembered that the gem of natural origin will look more rich and interesting than the synthetic one.

This is the main indicator that should be given increased attention in the process of making a purchase.

What can help stunningly beautiful stone mystic

Healing and mystical properties mystic topaz

  1. The inhabitants of ancient India made the topaz in the category represented by the twelve most important stones. You can also read about the healing properties of the mineral in Ayurvedic texts. A special role was played by a mystic for women, whom, as it was believed, he successfully eliminated infertility and helped to know the joy of motherhood.
  2. Minerals that are not of good quality were processed to a state of powder, and then they were made into a potion that was used to treat people for poisoning.
  3. Known sedative properties of the stone, its ability to normalize sleep, eliminate nightmare visions, treat various nervous disorders.
  4. If you regularly wear jewelry with a gem, then the condition of the musculoskeletal system, gall bladder and liver will improve.
  5. During the processing of the mystic topaz, gold and titanium are involved (thanks to them the gem is filled with a special rainbow shine). It is believed that the mystic also has the healing properties of these metals — strengthens the immune system and has a disinfecting effect.
  6. Very often, the stones are used as an amulet that protects its owner from the magical effects, the evil eye and damage. People who believe in other worlds use jewelry with a mystic to eliminate any negative energy and ward off evil spirits.
  7. In addition, the gem will set its owner in a positive way. Men, he will make more wise, and women will give a dazzling beauty.
  8. Sailors from ancient times must take this mysterious gem with them on trips. After all, according to old beliefs and legends, he pacifies the storm. And modern magicians are confident that with the help of a mystic topaz you can successfully eliminate the storm between people, so the stone should be used when the relationship between spouses, friends, colleagues, or parents and children is heating up.
  9. You should also constantly use jewelry with mystic topaz for all those who are forced to work intellectually. The stone in this case improves brain activity and gives enlightenment. And even improve intuition.
  10. There is an opinion that with the regular wearing of this amazing topaz a person becomes a magician: he can predict future events, shows empathy (he feels well the emotional state of other people).

How to properly care for mineral

If you wish for a long time to enjoy jewelry with mystic topaz in their original form, provide them with proper care according to the following rules:

  • Do not allow any cosmetics to fall on the stone;
  • Bathing in reservoirs, remove jewelry with him;
  • Natural mystic topaz deteriorates under the influence of ultraviolet rays;
  • Make sure that the stone is not subjected to strong temperature changes, do not wear it in the bath, sauna and other similar places;
  • If the time has come to clean the product, entrust this business to a professional, because experimenting on your own it is very easy to accidentally scratch the sputtering or damage the mineral itself;
  • Periodically it is necessary to wash the gem in running water. It does not use any detergents, and wipe it on top with a dry cloth.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that at this moment in the territory of the Russian Federation the international nomenclature of stones is invalid. This means that under the guise of «mystic topaz» in jewelry stores can be offered completely different gems — for example, quartz.

For this reason, purchase products with similar stones only in official stores with a good reputation in the jewelry industry. Only then can you be sure that no information regarding the gem is being withheld from you.

What can help stunningly beautiful stone mystic

Mystic Topaz and Zodiac signs

Before you buy a jewelry with a mineral, you need to know if it is suitable for your zodiacal constellation? After all, absolutely all natural stones have both useful and harmful properties.

According to astrologers, the mystic topaz is the November stone, which is ideal for Scorpio. And what’s more, people born into the world under this constellation are simply obliged to use these extraordinary topazes, because they often suffer from extremes and need to normalize their condition, as well as help in making the right decisions.

Young Scorpions have a particular lack of sanity and wisdom. Gem will help them to become more judicious, to build their relationships with others, to go to reconciliation, and so on.

Also, the stone helps the Scorpions to successfully cope with conflict situations and time to regain his composure.

And if we consider that Scorpions, as a rule, have by nature enormous opportunities and prospects for self-improvement, they love to work on themselves and often feel like doing it.

At the end of the topic, add your knowledge about the amazing mystic topaz with an informative video material:

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