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What can a stone a diamond be able to help a person to?

What strikes and impresses diamond stone

A diamond is the hardest of all the minerals found in nature today. It occurs as a result of exposure to ultra-high temperature and pressure. For the most part, diamonds have a colorless color, but variations with yellow, green, blue or pink color variations may also occur.

Black and brown diamonds are also known.

What can a stone a diamond be able to help a person to?

General diamond information

Diamonds from the days of the gray-haired dweller enjoyed special love and demand from the fair sex. Therefore, it is not surprising that the stones were in the top five most expensive minerals.

A diamond is actually a diamond-cut jewelry diamond. The diamond cut consists of the following points: as a result, the stone must have 57 facets, of which 24 are in the pavilion area, and the other 33 are in the crown.

The name «diamond» is in no way associated with any other stones (except for a diamond), or with faceted gems. Diamond in its composition is pure carbon, so it is characterized by a very high degree of hardness.

The stone used to symbolize power, success, luxury, and victory. Traditionally, the birthplace of the diamond — India.

And in Europe, the stone was only in the fifth or sixth century BC.

At that time, the mineral was highly famous for its amazing healing properties, strength, and, of course, impeccable aesthetic qualities. Products with diamonds could only wear the elite of society.

People came to processing the gem with the desired cut later. The very first diamond was created by Louis de Bernel, this event occurred in the 15th century.

He was immediately acquired by the Duke of Burgundy, Karl the Brave.

Mineral healing properties

  • diamonds help reduce heat;
  • get rid of infectious pathologies;
  • successfully fight fatigue, improve body metabolism;
  • also diamonds will protect their owners from gastric abnormalities and lack of sleep;
  • stone is used as amulets for sclerosis, the presence of kidney stones, skin pathologies and mental diseases (which include schizophrenia and depression);
  • people practicing yoga claim that the mineral has very powerful energy, which improves the functioning of the heart and brain, as well as the condition of the entire etheric body;
  • according to the Ayurvedic treatises, diamonds can be used as a rejuvenating agent. It has such subtle vibrations that favorably affect the work of the main motor of the body, strengthen the nervous system, activate the brain.

Since ancient times, it was believed that a diamond worn in rings could strengthen the whole body and protect its owner from various pathological processes.

What can a stone a diamond be able to help a person to?

The magical properties of the stone

  1. The diamond is characterized by a very powerful force to heal the human body and spirit, as well as an opportunity to increase the impact of other minerals. But at the same time we should not forget that a stone can bring both good luck and bad luck for its owner.
  2. The diamond symbolizes innocence, fortitude, courage, perfection, invincibility. It contributes to the strengthening of all energy centers of a person, fills him with strength, courage, will make him more successful and happy in different areas of life. And also protect from any negative influences from the outside.
  3. Those people who wear jewelry with diamonds are easier to contact with others, they are much less likely to conflict. Mineral will allow to show all the best aspects of the identity of its owner.
  4. Stones with a green tint — protect mothers.
  5. It is a known belief that a diamond should be presented and not bought to itself. But it is necessary to present the gem very carefully, because it is personified with love and chastity. And presented as a gift, he imposes on the person the obligation to be faithful, as well as for his donor.
  6. Previously, diamonds were used as an antidote.

Residents of the East believed that diamonds (diamonds) donated by relatives or inherited had a positive influence. And if a stone was bought, it cannot be worn immediately — it is necessary that it lie in the dwelling for seven years.

The same stones that were stolen or gotten in dishonest ways, bring many griefs to their owners’ heads and may even hasten their death.

Also, when acquiring a stone, it is important to pay special attention to its condition — so diamonds that have internal defects bring problems.

Brilliant has an effect on the state of Sahasrara (parietal chakra). Possesses projective (releasing) Yang energy.

What can a stone a diamond be able to help a person to?

Information from astrologers

Astrology specialists say that the stone is most suitable for Aries — it will focus on their natural purposefulness.

It is recommended to purchase items with it on the 15th lunar day and put it on the index finger on the left hand. It is desirable that the mineral is constantly in contact with the skin, it will make its healing properties even more pronounced.

The stone is found under different shades, each of which corresponds to a certain zodiac constellation:

  • red diamonds (fire element) suitable for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius;
  • yellow stones (air element) — for Libra, Aquarius and Gemini;
  • blue stones are personified with the water element (and the corresponding constellations);
  • and whites are acceptable to almost everyone.

In addition to its impressive healing and magical properties, the stone also has a very masterful, intelligent «character.» Since he has tremendous strength, he will choose the decisive, self-confident and “solid” moral person to be his boss.

But for a diamond, the ability to grasp the sincerity of the owner is also important. Mineral will patronize only those people who live with good thoughts and an open soul.

And evil and negative personalities gem necessarily punish, sending him various troubles.

In addition to the spiritual qualities for diamonds, the social status of a person, his desire to make a career, to be realized in the chosen profession are also important. With these qualities you can safely count on the help and support of the mineral.

A huge role is also played by the appearance of the diamond: it is worth refusing to have products on which there are internal stains, cracks, chips or scratches. No need to carry out treatment using low quality stones or other people’s jewelry.

And if you decide to purchase jewelery with a diamond yourself, you should not hurry. Take your favorite product in your hands, while watching the inner sensations.

Only when you feel the connection with the mineral, you can safely buy it.

In order for him to assume the role of your amulet, it is necessary to treat him as respectfully as possible: ensure the proper storage and care. And if you received diamonds as a gift, make inquiries about their fate and history.

And let the diamonds will develop your life, bringing in only rainbow shades!

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