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Wards for car and driver

Wards for car and driver

The car — the most common way of movement in our time. Unfortunately, with the popularity of cars has increased and the danger lurking during the journey. Effective charms for drivers will help you to keep your health and property on the road.

Our ancestors have always appreciated the charms and protective plots. A century ago, every woman understood that it was in her power to keep her family in good health. Nowadays, esotericism says that the energy of a loving woman can be invested with effort of will in any object that will become the most powerful amulet for a man whom she loves.

Preserved a long way

This method is suitable for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. To create a driver protection from hazards on the road, you will need:

  • red wool thread;
  • two bird feathers.

In the morning on the day of departure, take the red thread and cut it into two pieces of the same length. Tie a feather to each thread with the words:

“As the birds fly freely in the clouds, so you, (name), fly forward, not knowing any obstacles. Just as the sky protects the birds, so does mother-earth keep you from everything evil. In my word, the thread is winding, with my warmth on the path it preserves, by the will of my house you will come back safely! ”

Tie the first thread in the house, and put the second in the car.

Charm on the water

This method is suitable for those who cannot openly give a dear person a charm or explain the meaning of their actions. For it, you only need two glasses of water.

Stay alone in the early morning and prepare the favorite drink of the person you want to protect on the water from the first glass. Pour a drink in a mug, say these words:

«The first water is for you, (name), the taste of your home.»

Add a few drops of drink to the second glass of water and set it aside for a while. Then wait until the person on the way drinks a conspiratorial drink and gets into the car. After the driver leaves, pour water from the second glass near the threshold of the house or to the place where the car stood, with the words:

“The second water is the guardian on the way. As the roads do not curl, but still to get home to the house. By my will to return, (name) unscathed to my native home, to the carved threshold. True! ”

Ward the candle

The third method is based on visualization and can be used from a distance. To create a talisman you will need:

First, give yourself a few minutes to imagine the person you want to protect on the road. When the desired state is reached, install and light a candle with the words:

“As I light a candle, so (name) I see, I feel, I protect. The flame burns, the path illuminates, (name) protects, trouble and famously burns! Come back, (name), home safe, unhurt. As I say, so be it! ”

Plots on food will help you to protect loved ones and loved ones from danger, to attract wealth, well-being and good luck. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors and happiness. Take care of yourself and do not forget to press the buttons and

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