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Warding your own hands — 5 proven rites

Warding your own hands — 5 proven rites

Charms are designed to protect people from harm and danger, they are always made for individual use. Amulets made for a loved one with loving hands possess the greatest power, but you can create a amulet for yourself personally. How to make such an assistant with your own hands?

Consider a few effective rites.

Warding your own hands - 5 proven rites

Coastal Doll

Helping dolls came to us from ancient Russia, when every woman knew how to make amulets of the simplest materials. Dolls accompanied the woman from birth to death.

Many elderly Slav women asked to be buried along with the coastal doll.

In any trouble or difficult situation, the woman shook the doll and said:

Warding your own hands - 5 proven rites

Dolls made from a variety of materials. The coastal pupa can be replaced from ordinary salty yeast-free dough.

Knead flour on holy water and Thursday salt. The face was painted with beetroot or carrot juice (cheeks, lips), embers were put in place of the eyes.

When the doll was dry, they put a dress on it.

When kneading dough should read the plot:

Warding your own hands - 5 proven rites

The doll was kept in its room. Remember that the charm should not fall into the wrong hands.

Take care of the doll from prying eyes.

Warding your own hands - 5 proven rites

Negative absorber

Communication in society does not always go well, and at any time we may face an envious glance, or even an evil wish. You can protect yourself from negative energies by using a special absorber that neutralizes black mental and astral lightning.

This protective bag is made at the active points of the year — at the equinoxes and solstices:

How to make a negative absorber? You need to sew a small bag of small size from canvas, which will be tied with the help of a string.

If the canvas is not, you can sew from gauze, folded in two layers.

The ash of the following plants works as an absorber of the negative:

  • oak leaves;
  • birch bark;
  • pine needles;
  • spruce needles;
  • Pine cones;
  • sagebrush.

Oak leaves should be stocked up for the whole year, because the absorber needs to be updated every three months.

Burn the prepared ingredients on metal utensils, cool and put them in the bag. tie a cord and carry with you always — in your bag, pocket. After 3 months, he would bury his hands with his charm in the ground and make a new one, but on certain days.

Ingredients must be burned dry, so pre-dry everything.

Charm for the child on the salt

The child should always carry this protective protective bag. It can be put in a briefcase or sewn into the lining of outerwear.

On a growing moon, buy a new packet of salt without taking change. You will need only a handful of this pack, the rest of the salt must be washed in the sink, or left for other amulets — you cannot eat it.

On Sunday morning, put the icons, light a church candle. Place a photo of the child on a table covered with a clean tablecloth, and pour salt around it clockwise. After that, say three times:

Warding your own hands - 5 proven rites

Let the candle burn out to the end. Collect the salt in a pre-sewn linen bag (not synthetic), tie it with a ribbon and give it to the child.

Addition. On the table you can put not only the image of the Virgin and the Savior, but also the nominal icon of the child.

Before the ceremony, be sure to read the prayers to all the icons, and then proceed to action. After the ceremony, they also read prayers and are baptized.

The melt from the church candle is also put in a bag of salt. If you have a Thursday salt, it is best to conduct a ceremony with her.

Amulets toys

Mom should know that any toy filled with the maternal power of love can become a talisman for the baby. Sincere wish of happiness to the child, the power of the thought of protection from a regular toy creates a powerful tool of protection.

The rattle is a great talisman from evil spirits who are scared away by any loud or harsh sounds. A toy in the form of a bear cub since ancient times is considered to be a strong protective symbol if the mother thinks about it.

A carousel of bright toys, which is hung above the bed of a newborn, can also become a talisman. For this you need to consecrate the elements of the carousel and hang over the crib. Consecration is carried out as follows:

  • they sprinkle holy water while reading our Father;
  • spend every toy over the church candle with a prayer;
  • sprinkled with salt on Thursday with prayer;
  • fumigated with incense, also with prayer.

While walking in the baby’s stroller, there should always be a coastal toy. Do not forget to cover the visor of the stroller with tulle.

This is not a relic of the past — a small mesh dispels negative energy, protecting the baby from the evil eye.

Warding your own hands - 5 proven rites

Shallow bottle

Witch bottles are one of the most ancient coastal artifacts. Instead of bottles, they sometimes take clay pots with a lid. How to make a bottle of guard with his own hands?

Inside they put protective objects — broken glass, metal piercing objects, salt, plants. Ingredients can be poured with strong saline or wine.

Stitching objects dispel evil, especially, these are different metal products — nails, needles, office pins. Sometimes they can be replaced by thorns of plants.

Salt has cleansing properties, herbal ingredients absorb negative energy. Sometimes cereals are put in a bottle so that they draw energy into the home.

After placing the ingredients, the bottle is tightly capped, sometimes sealed with wax from the candle — a candle is put in the neck and lit. Wax flows down the walls and seals the lid.

Inside the bottle and put a protective spell, which is recorded on paper. If the bottle is filled with liquid, the spell can be burned and put ashes in the bottle — this also works.

What could a protection spell be? You can formulate it yourself, given the purpose of the bottle.

You can simply say that the bottle protects everyone living in the house from any evil, or you can add protection against thieves and fire. At your discretion.

When filling the bottle with ingredients, it is necessary to colorfully represent how they protect the house from undesirable phenomena. What exactly you should think about in advance.

Glass bottle can be decorated under a decorative element and placed in the kitchen or hall. It will protect against negativity during the arrival of guests or strangers.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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