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Warding for the house: the most powerful items that are always on hand

Warding for the house: the most powerful items that are always on hand

Do you know that invisible amulets surround you at home everywhere. These are the usual things you use every day.

Our ancestors believed that many objects in the house are endowed with unusual properties. They emit a special energy that can save a person from troubles, negative people around them and life problems. What are these things, and what kind of protective force do they give us every day?

The sacred meaning of the keys is to discover and find what is hidden. But sometimes the keys themselves are lost. This is a sign that you forget about the most important thing.

Keys can serve as an excellent talisman. When you open the door of your house with a key, say the plot: “I open it for good and light.” Then the negative energy does not penetrate your home.

Keys also help to find the right solution. If you are not sure about something, you will loose a bunch of keys in your hands — the right solution will be found immediately.

The threshold is the boundary between our world and the otherworldly. With it, you can easily get rid of evil thoughts, longing and anxiety. Sit a few minutes on the threshold and you will see for yourself.

It is believed that how many things in your hallway hangs on a hanger, so much you have at this time and worries. That is why in Feng Shui it is recommended not to litter the space at the entrance door and the hanger. Understand non-seasonal clothing, then many problems will disappear by themselves.

If there is a vase in your house that has been idle for a long time without flowers, then this is very bad. A vessel designed to be constantly filled with something should not be empty. This one attracts emptiness in wallets and pockets.

If you want a vase to become a talisman for the house and attract money, then put in it a trifle, or use it for its intended purpose.

House wards protect us at a time when we ourselves do not notice that we need help. Therefore, respect the things you use and they will reciprocate. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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