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Warding against the evil eye and envy

Warding against the evil eye and envy

Each person can be trapped by failures caused by the envy of others, and sometimes even damage. To prevent this from happening, you can get special amulets that will protect you from the evil eye.

Any passerby can have a negative impact on a person. Alas, we are not always surrounded by kind and cheerful people, sometimes we have to deal with the envy and anger of others, which can spoil not only the day, but also the long years of life with an evil word or look. But any damage can be taken away by acquiring one of the strong charms that can protect others from the evil influence.

Popular amulets against the evil eye and envious

Protective charms, which are able to save any person from damage, are simple household items that can be easily found in everyone’s home or cheaply bought in any store. Such charms include a pin, a red thread, a needle and the so-called «Turkish eye».

1. Pin — a simple but powerful amulet that anyone can acquire. It is best to buy a new pin from the evil eye, and this should be done on Friday night.

In order for the amulet to have the most effective action that can save you from envy and damage, you should overpay the cost of this item or leave the change to the seller. The pin should not be left at home on the shelf, it must be attached to clothes, from the side of the heart. Every day, in the evening, you need to remove the pin and check for external changes.

If a thing has become darker or rusty, it is necessary to throw it away, because, most likely, someone has jinxed you, but the protective pin has saved you.

2. Needle — one more strong amulet from envious. If one pin is enough, then you need to buy two needles.

Needles do not need to carry, they need to pin crosswise at the exit of the house, above the door. This amulet is able to maintain peace and tranquility in your family, without missing anger and envy beyond the threshold.

3. Red thread ideal as a guardian for anyone who wants to protect themselves from damage. This thread must be woolen and worn on the wrist of the left hand, otherwise the amulet will not have any protective property.

It will be most effective if someone from your family and family is knitted by seven knots.

4. «Turkish eye» — very strong protective talisman. He has enormous energy power, which is able to ward off any damage and the evil eye. The Turkish Eye is a round blue talisman on a string, which is sold everywhere, even as an ordinary souvenir. You can carry it in your bag, in your pocket, around your neck, as a keychain on your keys. It can also be hung in the car and at home.

Wherever this little thing is, it will always protect you from the evil eye and envy.

Preserve the evil eye with their own hands

Charms of envy and damage can not only be bought, but also made at home. Two simple self-made talismans, which also have tremendous protective power, are very popular.

First charm — a small bag of salt. Its very easy to make. All you need is a bag of cloth and a handful of salt. To protect the bag from the evil eye, the salt in it must be spoken:

“Let all grief and failure go by. I put protection on my house, let it be quiet here. My word is law, and it will always be so! ”

Having spoken such words, a small protective bag should be put away in a secluded place.

Second charm from envy with their own hands — a doll made of rags. Making it is not so difficult. It is necessary to find a small fabric of linen, cotton or wool, and then wind it around the center with a thread. The head of the doll can be filled with straw or dried grass.

It is very important to know that in creating this talisman, in no case can you use items such as scissors, needles and other piercing and cutting tools for sewing. The main tool for creating a rag doll as an amulet should be your hands. It is not necessary to draw the face of the doll, because with the help of it the negative energy can easily get into your home. When the doll is ready, you can hang it anywhere in the house or carry it around.

It will always protect against the evil eye and the envy of other people.

All these charms have strong protection properties. It is necessary to wear them properly, otherwise the amulets will have no benefit. In order for them to work effectively and protect you from the evil eye, you must acquire them in a good mood and not wish anyone harm. We wish you good luck, happiness and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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