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Vitaly Gibert Meditations — a description and practice of gratitude

Vitaly Gibert Meditations: Healing Negative

The winner of the “Battle of psychics” Vitaly Gibert and his meditations are very well known. With the help of simple practices, you can be filled with the energy of love, feel a satisfied life and become happy.

What is meditation about?

Vitaly Gilbert recorded many meditations for his fans and fans. They are simple to perform — they can be turned on and listened at any convenient time, even if you have not practiced anything like this before.

Vitaly Gibert Meditations - a description and practice of gratitude

What is the effect of meditation:

  • You learn to relax the body and mind as much as possible, get rid of extraneous thoughts, destroy any kind of “mental garbage”: negative blocks, clips and installations. As a result, life becomes simpler and easier, thinking changes to more positive
  • Spiritual practices of Gibert help to get closer to the world of divine truth, to see God within yourself and feel its invisible support, to receive help from the Higher Powers in all spheres of life.
  • You are free from fears, phobias, addictions that pull you down and do not allow you to develop. It helps to develop awareness, to understand what you want from life, and not to do only what society requires.
  • Hybert’s meditation is a huge step on the path of spiritual development. They guide the person along his true path to happiness. They learn to trust themselves and the world, to accept themselves and their emotions, and not push them deep into the subconscious

Consider the technique of performing the best meditations of a popular psychic.

Healing meditation

It is best to practice in the evening, alone and in silence. Make sure no one bothers you.

Include pleasant music or chanting of mantras. Choose the melody that relaxes and soothes you.

Vitaly Gibert Meditations - a description and practice of gratitude

What do we have to do:

  1. Sit or lie down to feel as comfortable as possible. Close your eyes and dive inside your subconscious.
  2. Feel your body filled with pure and unconditional love. Imagine how the streams of love are gradually spreading from the face to the tips of the toes. Feeling this state, mentally send your inner light to the world around you.
  3. Think of the pain that hinders your life, poisons the mind. Feel the most negative emotion that you had to endure lately. Do not hold back tears if they appear. Live the whole negative, accept it as part of yourself.
  4. Feel where in the body this emotion has accumulated. Imagine it as a subject — what is it like? It could be anything. What would you like to do with this item? Pull out of the body, dissolve, throw away. Do it
  5. Feel what was formed in the body at the place where the object was located. Is it a gaping hole, a void, or a bleeding wound? Imagine a fireball in this place. He spins, filling the void, healing the wound. Feel the heat emanate from it and fill your entire body.
  6. Feel how you are healed, become healthy again. What do you feel now? Calm, peace, safety, love? Fill your subconscious with positive emotions and happiness
  7. Take a deep breath and gradually return to the room. Feel the space under you, your arms, legs, body

Open your eyes — on this meditation is over. It helps to work out and accept any negative that appears in your life.

By accepting and aware of negative emotions, you release yourself from them, without cluttering up your consciousness.

Listen to the video for another meditation aimed at achieving financial well-being:

Gratitude practice

This meditation should be done in the evening, before going to bed, forty days in a row. With it, you will be filled with the energy of gratitude and love, you will feel the powerful support of your own kind, you will feel God within yourself.

Vitaly Gibert Meditations - a description and practice of gratitude

What do we have to do:

  1. Lie down so that you feel as comfortable as possible. Hands loosely lie along the body, eyes closed. Do not open them until the end of the meditation.
  2. Breathe. Take a deep breath through your nose and a slow, steady breath out through your mouth. Take about fifty breaths and exhale to enter a calm and relaxed state.
  3. Remember the most pleasant event of the day, which caused you positive emotions. It could be anything, even some little thing that made you smile.
  4. Think about who made this happen. Loudly thank these people, sincerely, with those words that first come to mind
  5. Think what qualities in you helped this event happen. Call them out loud. Remember, from whom did these qualities come to you? Thank these people
  6. Imagine how your race starts to stand behind your back. Your mom puts your left hand on your left shoulder, and your dad puts your right shoulder. Behind them are your grandparents, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. Feel your generic system
  7. Feel their invisible support, love and help. Thank your kind for the qualities that you have, for the positive events occurring in your life. Do it necessarily out loud
  8. Feel not only the support of your own kind, but also the help of God, his constant invisible presence in your life. Thank him out loud for your life and all the good things that are happening in it.
  9. Imagine how your whole body is filled with the energy of love and gratitude: towards yourself, the world, your tribal system, God. Feel how many people daily participate in your life, help your happiness.
  10. Enjoy this state. Breathe deeply and calmly. When you feel it is enough, slowly return to the room. Feel the place where you are lying, your body, and open your eyes

After meditation, you should immediately go to bed. You will fall asleep quickly, and in the morning you will feel very good, wake up in a superb mood.

Repeat the practice for forty days, each time the effect and sensations from it will increase.

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