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Vipassana Meditation — Essence, Tips and Recommendations

Vipassana Meditation: the essence and features of the technique

Vipassana meditation is the practice of ten-day austerity. During this spiritual practice, people are silent, meditating, and abstaining from animal food for ten days.

Let’s talk more about the meaning and methodology of Vipassana.

Official information

Vipassana is trained by a special spiritual practice center. For everyone, participation is completely free, all expenses for the organization are compensated by voluntary donations from those who are already taking the course.

Vipassana Meditation - Essence, Tips and Recommendations

What is Vipassana:

  • one of the oldest meditation techniques that was formed in India two and a half thousand years ago;
  • considered a universal remedy for all misfortunes and problems of man;
  • the literal translation is “the art of seeing reality in its true light.”

How to learn Vipassana:

  • There are special courses that last ten days. During this period, each participant under the guidance of experienced instructors learn spiritual practices in the necessary volume for them.
  • Meditation is available to both beginners and “experienced users,” no prior preparation or training is necessary.
  • To participate, you need to find the schedule of Vipassana courses, sign up for them and wait for the day when you can start learning

Where do Vipassana teach:

  • In Russia, the Dhamma Dullabha spiritual center is engaged in teaching everyone. Courses are held several times a year.
  • On the official website of the center you can find the city nearest to you where the practice is being held.
  • It is advisable to sign up in advance, because vacant places are quickly dismantled.
  • There are also international centers abroad
  • Training is free of charge. Accommodation and food — at the expense of the organizers
  • Anyone who has already completed Vipassana courses can make a donation, strictly on a voluntary basis. Due to these subsidies, funding is provided.
  • Neither the teachers nor their assistants receive payment, they spend their time for free and share knowledge with the participants

It is worth noting that skeptics speak about Vipassana very impartially. They say it is a sect, and then they will demand money from you.

In fact, everything is completely wrong. If meditation, complete silence and austerity are hard for you, you can leave the courses at any time.

And donations are made by participants exclusively voluntarily.

Essence of meditation

Before you start practicing spiritual practices, you need to understand why you need it, what result you want to achieve.

Vipassana Meditation - Essence, Tips and Recommendations

The essence, features and benefits of Vipassana are as follows:

  • Learn to see the inner nature of objects, things, phenomena, to accept them as they are
  • Practice observing yourself, which helps to realize and accept your inner self, develop your personality and gain freedom of thought
  • You become aware of the relationship between your mind, feelings, and physical environment.
  • Thanks to complete silence and solitude, you can fully focus on your feelings and thoughts, achieve a certain enlightenment and emotional balance.

It is believed that Vipassana is a real journey through your mental body, a full awareness of your own needs, from the lowest to the highest. The result is a balance between mind and body, you are filled with love and compassion for others and the world as a whole, get a lot of energy and calm your mind.

Vipassana Meditation - Essence, Tips and Recommendations

Happiness and harmony — this is the purpose of Vipassana meditation, in the first place.

Now let’s talk about the techniques that are most often practiced by course participants:

  1. The first technique is awareness. It consists in the following: at each moment of your life, you clearly understand what is happening here and now with your body and mind. Learn to think about each movement and make it consciously. The same applies to the work of the brain — you train control of thoughts
  2. The second technique is awareness of breathing. You learn to breathe consciously, to follow the movements of the abdomen during exhalations and inhalations. It helps to achieve a meditative state, to completely get rid of emotions and thoughts.

If you do not have the opportunity to attend special courses, you can try to practice Vipassana meditation on your own. The effect will not be as strong as after working under the guidance of an experienced Master, but some results can be achieved.

To get started, watch a video in which the author reveals the essence of meditation and the peculiarities of working with its technicians:

Tips and tricks

To achieve good results, follow these guidelines:

  • Highlight exactly 60 minutes of free time for meditation. It is necessary to do this every day, without days off and practitioners. The more regularly you will be engaged, the less you will make passes, the sooner you will achieve the goal.
  • Refrain from meditating for an hour before bedtime, and you should not do the practice on a full stomach
  • Secure yourself a comfortable place in which you will be most comfortable and comfortable to meditate.
  • Choose a comfortable position in which you can relax and concentrate fully on your feelings. The eyes should be kept closed and the back flat and straight. The ideal position is the lotus position. But if you have a bad stretch, you will quickly get tired of it, so you can meditate just by sitting

Basically, this is all that is required for a meditation session. For convenience, you can put pillows under yourself or install a footrest to provide maximum comfort during practice.

It is important to understand that you should not expect quick results. Spiritual self-development is what you need to do persistently, constantly and regularly.

So be patient and practice every day.

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