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Violet stones: their overview and features

Overview of purple stones with their characteristic properties

Since ancient times, precious, as well as semi-precious purple stones are known not only for their attractive appearance, but also for their high magical properties. There are not so many gems on Earth that have a purple or violet hue.

The most common and well-known are amethysts and charoites, slightly less reserves of purple sapphires and topazes. In this material, we consider all the purple stones with characteristic properties and abilities.

Violet stones: their overview and features

What energy carry purple minerals

Such gems have absorbed the properties of red and blue stones and are designed to provoke both physical and spiritual development. Stones of purple hue with a high degree of transparency make contact with parallel worlds, improve the intellectual abilities of a person and have a positive effect on the functioning of the brain.

Jewelry with them should be used when you can not find the meaning of your life and get answers to your questions.

Even violet gems facilitate the process of abandoning destructive habits. Particularly shown to contact them for help representatives of the fire element, but also they will be useful for Pisces and Gemini.

Lviv, Aries and Sagittarius purple gems will make wiser, and also add to them restraint and tact.

Violet stones will become excellent talismans for all those who practice mental activity, and also have to constantly look for new knowledge. You can also use them as a talisman for happy family relationships.

Overview of purple gems and their properties

  • Spinel — its crystals are of high quality and therefore cost a lot — you will have to pay a few hundred dollars for 1 carat. The most expensive is almandine spinel, which has a beautiful purple-red hue.

Spinel was used in jewelry since the Middle Ages, and today the stone is found in elite jewelry, it is inserted into the highest grade gold and platinum.

  • Sapphire. Purple corundum is the most expensive of all color versions. Differently stones are also called eastern amethysts. The site of purple sapphire mining is India and Sri Lanka.

Vanadium blotches give an unusual purple color to the stone, but transparency is characteristic of the most expensive specimens. The exception is the stones with asterism, the price of which often exceeds tens of thousands of American dollars.

  • Amethyst — a stone is one of the varieties of quartz. He has the ability to change his shade depending on various phenomena of the world.

Amethysts began to use even the ancient Greeks as an ornamental mineral, plus they made objects of decor and life from it. The Egyptians decorated the throne of their Pharaoh with this stone.

And today, amethyst is one of the jewelers’ favorite stones: it is cut, although crystals can also be found without treatment.

  • Ametrine is another kind of quartz, combining the composition of amethyst and citrine. Quite popular and multi-zone crystal.

Ametrins (otherwise called boliviants) are found in yellow and purple-violet shades, and also in peach and lilac colors.

Violet stones: their overview and features

  • Almandin is a purple pomegranate subspecies. The main global suppliers of almandins are Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Australia, Finland and some other states. These violet stones are characterized by high hardness, bright shine and excellent transparency — all these properties make almandines popular as a mineral for jewelry.
  • Kunzite — is in high demand in Western countries, and we are just beginning to gain popularity. Kunzitu has a beautiful soft pink color. Not so long ago, kunzites were attributed to one of the varieties of amethysts, but at the beginning of the 20th century they established the true origin of the gem — this is spodumene, also known as lithium amethyst.

It should be noted that for the most part kunzites have not very good quality, they are rather difficult to process, and their natural shade is lost in the process of heating. Because of this, they have not a very high price — around ten to fifty dollars per 1 carat.

The following representatives also belong to the group of fake and semi-precious minerals:

  • Jadeite is a very expensive stone, a kind of jade. Based on their quality, jadeites can be used in various fields — from jewelry to various handicrafts. Transparent jadeite will stand at a few hundred dollars per carat, despite the fact that the price of ornamental minerals equals only a few conventional units per 1 carat.
  • Charoite — the stone is characterized as close to the shade of lilac and bizarre natural pattern. The place of charoite mining is only the city of Irkutsk (Russia). The mineral has a soft brilliance and light inclusions; jewelry is made of it.

Violet stones: their overview and features

  • Tourmaline — it has a rich color spectrum. Under natural conditions, you can find a purple variety of tourmaline (transparent), which is usually used for making jewelry, as it is easiest to cut. In Siberia, mined another type of stone — Siberia, which is characterized by a reddish tint.
  • Sugilite is a very young precious mineral that was discovered for the first time only in the middle of the last century. So in 1944 in the Japanese archipelago mineralogist Kenichi Sagi found low quality sugilites. The stone got its name in honor of its discoverer.

Sugilites are characterized by high magical abilities. For example, these minerals help to awaken latent telepathy abilities in a person, as well as enhance the gift of clairvoyance.

The magical power of purple stones

Minerals of a violet shade are the most interesting in the mystical plan. This amazing color combines the magic of other shades and has a very strong energy.

Therefore, purple gems from the times of antiquity were in high demand among magicians, mediums and psychics. Mystics, using similar minerals, summoned otherworldly entities, enhanced their hidden magical abilities, intuition and the gift of foreseeing the future, discovered other realities for themselves and could reveal the secrets of our Universe.

The most suitable metals for framing purple stones are white gold, silver and platinum, but the type of stone and the characteristics of its purity play an important role.

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