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Very powerful mantra of intuition or how to develop superpowers

Mantra of intuition — discover your superpowers!

Mantra of intuition is the most powerful means to develop supernatural abilities. Thanks to her, you will quickly learn empathy (the ability to feel other people), as well as be able to see the human aura.

And supernatural abilities will help you to better navigate the surrounding reality and always make only the right decisions.

Very powerful mantra of intuition or how to develop superpowers

Powerful mantra for the development of intuition

Divine songs that promote the opening of the «third eye» will help you open your eyes to many things in the world around you. Having cleared enough and enlightened, you can even see the negative karma of other people and help them cleanse themselves from the mistakes of the past.

Very powerful mantra of intuition or how to develop superpowers

There are many different mantras that promote the development of intuition, and it is best to apply them in a complex way. Thus, there is a connection of man with his true nature.

Examples of powerful mantras for intuition can be cited:

  • Divine song that makes a person clairvoyant;
  • The third eye opening mantra;
  • Mantra, reinforcing the super-perception of reality;
  • Mantra, allowing you to go deep into yourself.

Thanks to the regular practice of the complex of mantras, you will discover in yourself amazing possibilities that will change both your personality and all the reality surrounding you.

There is also a very powerful mantra of intuition called the Ajna-chakra mantra.

The Ajna Chakra is the sixth energy center of man (that notorious “third eye”). Its disclosure allows you to move to a new stage in its development.

Having seized the energy of the Ajna-chakra, a person can be taken to comprehend the seventh energy center — Sahasrara.

Such a person will always make the right decision in the current situation. She can do both good and evil deeds.

But, of course, every evil will certainly be punished, so do not harm others.

If you want to know the power of this chakra, read the following magic words of the mantra:

At the same time, concentrate on the goal that you set for yourself and follow all the recommendations of your mentor. The opening of the Ajna Chakra has an effect on the organs of vision, as well as on the spine with the nervous system.

Therefore, it is important to adhere to all the rules of meditation in order to avoid negative consequences for your health.

In the next video you can listen to an unusually powerful and gentle mantra that gives answers to many important questions.

Divine song that helps to go deep into yourself:


Mantra that strengthens the super-perception of the world:


Clairvoyant Mantra:


What is intuition

Intuition is the ability to receive information not from the organs of physical senses that each of us has, but from the subconscious. Her second name is “the sixth sense” or “the third eye.”

It is difficult to say the exact mechanisms of its work, but there is no doubt that it really exists and can be very powerful.

When an intuition is well developed, a person notes a lot of things happening in our world. In my head it seems like a kind of navigator turns on, which shows you the right direction in life.

Ways to develop intuition

There are a huge number of methods that allow you to develop your sixth sense.

  1. The first way — the practice of self-hypnosis. A person needs to convince himself that he knows the right answers or the solution of his task. When he concentrates on the problem, sitting down in the appropriate mudra, the right way out of the situation begins to arise in his head.
  2. The second way — you need to establish contact with your inner «I» and get the necessary information from him. Daily meditation practice helps to achieve this, immersion into your inner world where your spiritual guide will meet you. He can appear in the form of any living entity or in his present image.
  3. The third way to develop intuition — transfer your consciousness to a place or to a person who will help you find the right answer for your question.
  4. And the fourth way is mantras. Reading or listening to them will help you get access to the depths of your subconscious and always correctly navigate in life.

How to read mantras correctly

Along with all the other mantras, divine songs for the disclosure of intuition, should be pronounced, being alone with yourself, silence is an indispensable condition.

It is best to start meditating at the beginning of the day — preferably the time of dawn, immediately after sunrise. At this time, the consciousness is still clear and not clogged with unnecessary information.

Very powerful mantra of intuition or how to develop superpowers

What to do if you really want to develop your superpowers, but you can not immediately read the required number of repetitions? Then you are allowed to read the number of times you are comfortable, but over time you need to increase it.

For example, first you read the mantra ten times, and every day you add another pronunciation.

A very important point, which in no case can not be neglected — the regularity of reading mantras. No matter how tired you are, and in what emotional state you would not be — do not miss a single day, otherwise you will lose the result from previous readings and you will need to start the practice all over again.

Do not forget also that you can not rely only on the mantra for the development of intuition. You can practice other methods, and if you correctly combine several methods at once, you will be able to achieve impressive results.

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