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Vasilisa Volodina: these talismans should be in every home

Vasilisa Volodina: these talismans should be in every home

Famous astrologer and TV presenter Vasilisa Volodina shared a useful information about attracting luck in one of the airs. It turns out to make it very easy! It is only necessary to get rid of old things, and in their place put the items that attract Fortune.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the furniture. Many psychologists and esotericists claim that it is better to get rid of old interior items, which are inherited from the older generation. You should not be so categorical to refer to old items, because they can become a real family talisman.

True only if they brought good luck to their former owners throughout their lives.

Mirrors can also create a favorable atmosphere in the house, if, of course, they are properly distributed. In each room there should be only one mirror, no more. It should not be located opposite the beds and sofas. A great solution would be a mirror opposite the front door.

It will reflect the energy of a person entering the house and prevent damage.

Photos and pictures of strong and famous personalities will give the owner of the apartment confidence and energy. If photographs of people of art hang on the walls, this will contribute to the creative charge and the emergence of new ideas. Images of politicians and influential personalities will give a person strength of will, perseverance and perseverance.

Figures and figurines are best chosen on the basis of their zodiac sign or the Eastern calendar. Such a talisman will be able to activate the energy of a person and strengthen the necessary qualities of a person in it.

Will bring good luck and a wall calendar. In many families, the annual decoration of the walls with a calendar has become a tradition. However, few people know that the atmosphere in the house and the mood may depend on the pattern on the calendar. If you want peace and harmony, then you need to choose a calendar with a picture of nature.

If you are looking for protection, then a calendar with an image of a saint will do. The best option that is suitable for everyone is a calendar with the symbol of the year according to the eastern calendar.

Houseplants can be chosen according to their zodiac sign. Thus, the flower will have a positive effect on the physical and mental health of the host. However, the plant can be selected and based on their general characteristics and choose the most suitable solution for your home. For example, a cactus cleans the energy of the house, but scares off potential companions of life.

To find your soul mate, you must start a hibiscus. Each plant has properties that affect human life in different ways.

Dishes, which is kept in the house for decoration, can also attract good luck and harmony in family life. It is important to consider only that decorative tableware should have round smooth shapes in order to improve the atmosphere in the room. It is also important that all the plates and cups are in pairs, this will create a balance of energy.

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