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Vasilisa Volodina: how to make a strong money talisman

Vasilisa Volodina: how to make a strong money talisman

Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina can not only predict the future by the stars, but also give advice to all those who are in financial difficulties. Vasilisa often talks about how to attract money. This is the proper use of the lunar calendar, and following the recommendations of your natal chart by date of birth. But sometimes even this is not enough.

Many people, according to Vasilisa, need additional energy support in the form of talismans.

Vasilisa believes that the money talisman is better to do on its own, so the person’s energy will be transferred to the talisman to a greater extent and will act several times more actively.

Vasilisa Volodina advises anyone who wants to attract money into their lives, properly adjust their housing for the energy of wealth. Of great importance for monetary energy is red. They symbolize activity, strength, movement.

You can use this color in everything that is directly related to money. For example, you can have a red wallet and keep money there. If savings are stored at home, they should be stored in an envelope or red box.

To attract money, you can use the «magic mat». It is necessary to put a red rug in front of the entrance door. It is necessary to put a bill under the rug.

Most importantly, never get it from there. Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina claims that this way of attracting money works only if you don’t tell anyone about it.

There is another way, the result of which does not make you wait long. This talisman, made by hand, not only attracts money to the house, but also increases the activity of its owner. We need to take a banknote or a coin and wrap it with red woolen threads. The result should be a ball.

In the process of wrapping bills, you must clearly imagine your rich future. After the ball is ready, the thread must be fixed in such a way that the ball cannot be easily unwound. The money should be hung above the entrance door or above the door of your bedroom.

Perhaps the most proven way to attract money, according to Vasilisa Volodina, is a money tree — a sweetie. This method works in all cases. But in order for a money tree to really attract a considerable financial income, it is necessary to plant it and grow it properly.

In no case can not buy the bastard in the store. A small process of this plant must be taken from the house of wealthy and successful people. Thus, the fat man will already be charged with the energy of money.

The plant needs to be planted in a pot, previously having buried three coins on its bottom. In the process of growth of the money tree, it is necessary to constantly care for it, water it, fertilize it. Many of those who were helped by this method claim that they even talked to their tree, which accelerated the inflow of finances.

Vasilisa does not deny that she herself used cash talismans. She picked them up according to her zodiac sign. Also, the astrologer actively used both monetary amulets and charms, described above. According to her, all this can suddenly attract a stream of finance, if you believe in it and do not sit idly.

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