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Vasilisa Volodina: how to choose stones-talismans by profession

Vasilisa Volodina: how to choose stones-talismans by profession

In order to succeed in his career and avoid trouble at work, Vasilisa Volodina recommends to acquire special stones-talismans. Each profession has its own stones. They will help in difficult times and attract good luck in their professional activities.

Vasilisa Volodina, who runs her own business, advises carrying sapphire, onyx, chrysolite, beryl, aquamarine and aventurine. These stones-talismans give confidence, sharpen leadership qualities and organizational skills, as well as contribute to the balance of mind and intuition.

Agate, jade, cat’s eyes, ruby, jasper and turquoise will help the military, rescuers, police officers and anyone whose life is often endangered. These talismans will attract good luck in difficult situations and protect you from accidents.

Tourmaline, carnelian, obsidian, emerald and opal will bring happiness to writers, artists, musicians and all those engaged in creative activities. These are stones-mascots that will help in the implementation of ideas and will inspire their owner.

Politicians Vasilisa Volodina advised to wear stones that develop oratory, increase self-confidence and make its owner popular. Such mascots include: jasper, jadeite, lapis lazuli, citrine, crystal.

Those who guard the law and justice (lawyers, lawyers, prosecutors) will be helped by garnet, sapphire, agate and chrysolite.

Those who occupy leadership positions need to enlist the support of such stones as onyx, topaz, jade, chalcedony and hyacinth. These talismans develop leadership qualities in a person, increase his authority and make his character more solid.

People associated with science (teachers, scientists) will attract good luck with malachite, coral, pearls and jasper. All of these stones contribute to the development of intuition, perseverance, patience, curiosity. In addition, they have a positive effect on memory and develop thinking.

Medical professionals need to wear lapis lazuli, sodalite, amber and topaz. These stones emit energy aimed at the development of all the necessary qualities that a doctor should possess.

Jade, alexandrite, heliotrope, carnelian and emerald will bring good luck to athletes. These stones-talismans, according to Vasilisa Volodina, will help to overcome any difficulties, increase endurance, physical activity and contribute to the development of willpower.

Each stone talisman has its own specific properties, so it is important that a person is aware that not all stones can attract good luck. There are many different ways to choose a talisman: by the sign of the zodiac, by name, by year of birth. Such a choice gives a chance to attract luck in several directions at once: in money, love, work, etc.

In that case, if you choose a talisman, based on your professional activity, you should take into account the fact that his strength will be directed exclusively to the career sphere. And so that luck never leaves you, click on the buttons and

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