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Unakit stone — magical and healing properties, characteristic

What amazing abilities are inherent in unakit stone

Unakit is a rather rare variety of granite. The composition of the mineral contains colorless quartz, pink feldspar, as well as green epidote. Due to such a large number of components, Unakit found such an unusual texture of its surface.

And the presence of smooth transitions from one color to another, the harmonious combination of pink and green colors deservedly put a gem at the very beginning of the list of decorative stones.

The name of the mineral comes from the place of its discovery — for the first time, unakite deposits were discovered in the mountains of Unak (United States of America).

Unakit stone - magical and healing properties, characteristic

Where is this mineral found?

The largest portion of the stone on the world market is supplied by America. Here it is in the form of pebbles and boulders found on the shores of the Upper Lake.

Unakit is also mined in the valleys and slopes of the Blue Mountain Range.

In addition to America, the gem can be found on the territory of the Russian Federation (on the Kola Peninsula), and it is also supplied by Brazil, South Africa, Seierra Leona, China and Ireland.

In all of these countries, people use unakit as a facing and ornamental material, and also make budget jewelry from it.

Color versions of unakita

Due to the unusual replacement by epidote, the breed is distinguished by such a unique color, a pronounced texture and a characteristic greenish-marsh tinge. Adding calcium feldspar adds to the stone an unusual shape of bright pink, brownish, red and light blotches.

Also found are gray and colorless quartz.

Unakit impresses with its external diversity and amazing colors. Based on the prevalence of a particular rock in it, the basic tone of the stone will change.

Healing power of gem

The main healing effect of the stone is to normalize the hormonal background in women. For this reason, products with unakits are recommended to wear to those who wish to know the happiness of motherhood.

The important point is that the decoration must be new, not used before.

Even unakit suitable for those who want to get rid of excess body weight. This is due to the following stone abilities:

  • has a beneficial effect on the digestive system;
  • reduces weight;
  • reduces appetite;
  • activates the metabolism in the body.

In addition, Unakita has the ability to heal viral pathologies. If you want to eliminate the flu and other diseases, you need to purchase mineral beads.

Also, the gem will have a positive effect on the state of the nervous system, will bring it into a calm harmonious state.

Lithotherapists have been successfully using unakita massagers for a long time, highly appreciating their following properties:

  • treat bruises;
  • cope with attacks of radiculitis;
  • perform high-quality body and face massage;
  • eliminate puffiness;
  • to cope with inflammatory phenomena;
  • clean hematomas.

Unakit stone - magical and healing properties, characteristic

The magical abilities of the mineral

Now, even for many scientists, it has become obvious that the mineral unakit has a very strong energy. The fact that it affects the human body is not even subject to doubt.

In particular, the presence of jewelry with a stone will help you in life as follows:

  • facilitate the process of finding inner harmony between the outer and inner worlds;
  • will protect its owner from the negative effects of stress, provide peace of mind and self-reliance;
  • protects against any negative influence from the outside;
  • will give a sober assessment of what is happening, will contribute to finding adequate solutions to various problems;
  • eliminate the negative memories of the past, mistakes and offenses.

Having come under the magical influence of this miraculous mineral, a person will greatly facilitate his life and ensure his success in all its spheres. With the help of unakita, it is also realistic to quickly relieve longing for someone or something, for the past.

It will become much easier to perceive reality as it is.

In addition, unakit gives its owners a charge of vitality and the necessary vital energy.

Which of the signs of the zodiac fit

From the standpoint of astrologers, it turns out that jewelry with unakit is most suitable for those people who were born under the sign of the zodiac Scorpio. To the representatives of the fair sex, the stone will add natural charm, mystery, which will surely ensure success in men and increase interest in such a mysterious person.

The male half of Scorpios gem will give courage and confidence in their own abilities, will accelerate the process of achieving the desired. Also, the stone completely eliminates any complexes, makes a man self-sufficient, self-confident and completely satisfied with himself.

It should be noted that representatives of other signs of the zodiac can also apply for the magical help of a unakita. The mineral will charge them with positive energy, as well as a charge of vivacity.

Having such an amulet with you, a person will feel full satisfaction with his life and will no longer worry about who and what will think about him.

Unakit stone - magical and healing properties, characteristic

Where is unakit used

The mining process for unakita is well developed. Mineral is highly appreciated for its strength, lightness, density and solid structure.

And, of course, no one can be indifferent to its attractive appearance. Thanks to all the above properties, it becomes possible to use the mineral:

  • for the manufacture of souvenirs (for example, different caskets, animal figurines, eggs, stands for candles, inkpots and balls are made from unakita;
  • in the production of budgetary budget. In particular, the manufacture of bracelets, beads, earrings, pendants and cabochons made of stone is very popular. A high compliance of the mineral provides a diverse form of products with him;
  • builders — unakit is also actively used as a cladding and ornamental material;
  • the mineral is used by mystics and astrologers — it serves as the basis for the manufacture of various amulets and talismans;
  • for medical purposes from unakita came up with a massage device.

Although all stone products are characterized by high density and strength, they should be protected from sudden temperature changes, as well as falls, the effects of too cold or hot water. If you use jewelry with a stone carefully, you will provide it with a flawless look, and you can also maintain healing and magical powers.

Today, unakit enjoys increased popularity and many people tend to buy jewelry with it. But at the same time it is important to remember the next moment — products with minerals have tremendous magical power and in no case should they be given to anyone else.

Otherwise, in this way you will deprive yourself of positive vital energy, and in return, the stone will partially attract different negatives. It is for this reason that most of the talismans and amulets, moving into the wrong hands, stop working.

Therefore, if you want to get the magical help of a gem, purchase exclusively new jewelry with it that have not been used before.

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