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Turkish eye: features of talisman against evil eye and damage

Turkish eye: features of talisman against evil eye and damage

Recently, it has become increasingly popular among superstitious people to protect against the evil eye and damage called the Turkish eye. It is also called the blue eye, as well as the eye of Fatima. This charm came to us from Turkey, where it is universally worn to protect against the negative.

There are several versions of the origin of this charm. According to one of them, this talisman gave her fiance the daughter of the prophet Muhammad, Fatima, when she escorted him to the war. That is why many people call this talisman the eye of Fatima.

According to another version, this amulet appeared in Turkey during the invasion of the Crusaders. It is known that the Crusaders who invaded Turkish lands had a bright eye color, so they protected and copied the eyes of a stranger, thereby protecting the eastern dark-eyed inhabitants from the devil and the invasion of Europeans.

What protects the Turkish eye

  • It is believed that the Turkish eye is particularly well protects people with weak energy. It is perfect for children, pregnant women, old people. In addition, the Turkish eye is a strong amulet against damage and the evil eye for those who are constantly in sight or often in public.
  • The Turkish eye protects against the negative effects of the people around it, and also makes the energy of a person stronger.
  • It is said that the larger this charm is, the greater is the strength in it. However, it is not necessary to literally take this superstition, since to protect the Turkish eye, you must carry it with you, and for this it is advisable to choose a smaller pebble.
  • Turkish amulet is also used to protect property. It is hung not only at home, but also in offices, hotels, restaurants.

Buy the Turkish eye is best in Turkey itself, since that is where his homeland is located. If your charm from the evil eye and damage has broken, or a piece has broken from him, it means that you have been tried to jinx it. This amulet must be thrown away, because it can no longer protect you. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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