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Tree of happiness: create a strong talisman with your own hands

Tree of happiness: create a strong talisman with your own hands

People have always decorated their houses with various plants, so that there is well-being in the family. One of the most powerful talismans is the tree of happiness. With it, you can attract wealth, luck and positive emotions.

Many people acquire indoor plants, but sometimes they do not even realize what extraordinary power they can possess. Some of them have a positive effect on the energy background of your apartment, and also attract good luck and financial well-being. Unfortunately, allergies are unlikely to allow such a decoration in your home, but in this case you can make an effective talisman with your own hands.

The tree of happiness is one of the common interior items. People can buy such an ornament or make it with their own hands. In the latter case, you can give the talisman more power, giving it its energy, and then you will not have to doubt its effectiveness.

He will attract happiness and well-being to your home and save your family from life difficulties.

What is the power of the tree of happiness

China in the history of its existence has presented us with many strong talismans and amulets, and the tree of happiness is no exception. Initially, the Chinese did it with their own hands from natural stones. The inhabitants of this country believed in the special power of minerals: it was believed that they were able to attract happiness, wealth and love.

Feng shui masters claim that such an improvised plant can activate any place in your home, no matter where you place it. The talisman will absorb negative energy and highlight a positive one, because of which your family members will be able to feel a surge of strength and achieve their goals. That is why the tree of happiness will become not just your protection, but also a magnet that attracts luck.

It can dramatically change your life for the better.

When purchasing a ready-made talisman for specific purposes, pay attention to what stones it is made of. If you want to attract health, then the tree of happiness with leaves of agate or serpentine will suit you. To attract money, give preference to gagata.

For those who do not have enough luck in life, suitable stones of blue and turquoise colors, symbolizing happiness. Multicolored tree helps you maintain balance in everything.

To achieve your goal is important location mascot. According to feng shui, the southeast is a zone of wealth, therefore, having arranged your tree of happiness in this direction, you can lie down financial well-being. Southwest is the direction of love.

And placing the plant in the eastern part of the house, you can protect the health of all households.

How to make a tree of happiness with your own hands

As you already understood, in order to give a special talisman, you need to make it yourself. If you decide to make a tree of happiness with your own hands, do not be afraid that it will take you too much time, and the materials will cost you dearly. You will need:

  • flower pot, where you set the tree;
  • twig or wand to make a trunk;
  • ball to perform the crown. You can buy ready-made plastic or foam;
  • color paper for making buds;
  • cement. It is necessary to pour it into the pot so that the tree trunk does not fall down or break due to the severity of the crown;
  • glue and elements for mascot decoration. These can be stones, ribbons, shells, and so on.

Prepare all necessary materials in advance. To begin, prepare the cement mortar, and then pour it into the pot, before this, placing a stick in the middle of it, which will be the trunk of your tree. You can paint it in advance.

Wait for the cement to harden, and proceed to making the crown. Many people who want to make their tree unusual, cut out the top of the tree from corrugated paper or make from fabric, but if you are not a born designer, you can simply make it out of colored paper. To do this, take small sheets and give them a spherical shape, so that they look like buds.

Take a ball of plastic or foam and make a hole in it so that you can install it on the barrel. Begin to stick your flowers on it. After that you can decorate your talisman.

Shells or stones can be put on top of the cement, and the tree itself can be decorated with ribbons, beads, ordinary buttons and so on.

After these simple actions, install a tree of happiness in any area of ​​your apartment and do not forget to update its design sometimes.

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