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Tourmaline stone: types, properties and value of the mineral

Tourmaline stone — the types, properties and value of the mineral

Tourmaline is an expensive mineral that differs in its shapes and colors, thanks to which it attracts the attention of jewelers as well as potential buyers. This gem from Ceylon came to Holland, in which the first wave of its popularity with people who adore jewelry.

Tourmaline stone: types, properties and value of the mineral


The color of the stone is influenced, first of all, by its chemical composition — the predominant component influences the main shade of tourmaline. Minerals possessing several branching veins and combining different shades are classified as polychrome — the price for them is very high due to their great rarity.

As for the mineral group, it can relate to both expensive and semi-precious stones — this will be affected by the color gamut and the degree of transparency of the gem. The degree of hardness of the gem varies from 7 to 7.5 points on the Mohs scale.

Due to this tourmaline is quite difficult to damage.

Translated the word «tourmaline» means «consisting of many colors.» The color palette of the stone affected all sorts of its spectra.

Under natural conditions, both monophonic tourmaline and polychrome occur. The uniqueness of the stone and its complex chemical composition provide a very attractive play.

Now it becomes clear what caused the increased demand for jewelry with tourmaline. In addition to all the above, the stones have amazing healing properties, as well as individual, inherent only in their energy.

This is one of those minerals, to understand the effect on the body is very difficult, and sometimes impossible.

Varieties of tourmaline

Consider all types of tourmaline that can be found in natural conditions.

  • Paraiba — is one of the most attractive, rich and rich variations of the stone. The color of the stone varies from amazing emerald green to blue. This is the most expensive kind of gem, as it is quite difficult to find it. Due to its extraordinary appearance paraiba at all times is considered the cherished prey of collectors.
  • Pink color (called rubellite) is a very delicate stone, enchanting at the expense of its tenderness and mystery. Color variation varies from pale pink to bright red. In most cases, products with a rubellite are advised to use the fair sex, who have difficulty in appeasing and finding inner harmony. Pink tourmaline symbolizes the feminine.
  • Sherl is a black mineral. This is a very unusual type of tourmaline, which provokes doubts and differences of opinion. So, one group of people ascribes to him strong protective abilities from negative energy, and the second is convinced that the mineral will bring trouble to the environment of the person who will wear it. For sure, we can only say that the black mineral has a very powerful energy, which will wrap its owner in a reliable protective cocoon.
  • Watermelon tourmaline stands out from all versions of the stone. It has a polychrome color that combines opposite color variations. In the central part of the stone is red-pink, and at the edges has a green border. Due to this combination, the stone resembles a delicious summer berry. Since antiquity, watermelon tourmalines were considered to be purely masculine stones, this was due to their particularly strong energy, as well as the positive effect they have on potency.
  • Green minerals are also known under the names of Brazilian emeralds. This analogy is provoked by the similarity of their colors. Green gem helps to find optimal solutions to any, even very difficult and confusing situations, gives its owner confidence in their own abilities.
  • Burmese tourmaline has its own unique shape and versatility of color — it varies from garnet to rich red.

Tourmaline stone: types, properties and value of the mineral

The healing power of the mineral

  1. The stone has a beneficial effect on the nervous and endocrine systems of the body.
  2. In addition, it is believed that it eliminates cancer pathology!
  3. Gem normalizes the process of falling asleep, makes its owner more relaxed.
  4. It should be noted that the healing abilities of the mineral are largely due to its coloring. From this will depend on which parts of the body and organs the stone makes an impact. For example, green minerals treat the kidneys, liver, hematopoietic system, provide general support for the whole body.

Of all the other variations of the stone, it is green tourmaline that has a pronounced rejuvenating effect, which will help to keep itself young and beautiful for a long time.

Blue stones have a positive effect on the hormonal sphere, as well as on the lymph nodes.

If you want to envelop yourself with an invisible aura of enormous power, use black tourmalines that work wonders. They reliably protect people from any negative and the actions of evil tongues.

In addition, black stones cleanse the human body of evil energy, give its owner positive character traits.

The best lithotherapists from India recommend using black, pink, blue and green gems for healing from any ailments.

Tourmaline stone: types, properties and value of the mineral

Magical properties

Due to its color splendor and multicolor tourmaline is very popular with esoteric. They are also characterized by a powerful energy and information mystical flow.

  • One of the peculiarities of the stone is that it equally affects both the mind and the physical body of a person who uses the stone as a talisman. Very quickly tourmaline will make its owner more self-confident, protect it from various negatives.
  • Those who have been looking for their life purpose for a long time and did not know how to unleash their creative potential will finally be able to solve this problem. Tourmaline helps to better uncover such talents, and quite actively.
  • Mineral gives its owner a good mood, which will also allow you to open very many doors.
  • You can use tourmaline during meditation practices for higher concentration.
  • In various historical sources one can find records that from ancient times stone was used for rites of struggle against evil forces that had overwhelmed human bodies. It is from here that the tradition of using the mineral in temples and decorations of priests originates.
  • It is believed that the stone saves from all the negative information that a person absorbed during the day.
  • There is also an opinion that with the help of tourmaline a lie can be distinguished from the truth.
  • He is a symbol of dedication and ability to achieve goals.
  • And finally, the stone helps to find your love, will make the relationship between the beloved more passionate.

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