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Tourmaline Properties and Whose Stone Looks Like — Magical Properties

The properties of Tourmaline and who is like a stone — astrological conformity

Tourmaline stone has an amazing ability to electrify when heated. Therefore, in translation from the language of the inhabitants of Ceylon, it means «attracting.» Tourmaline was brought to Europe by sailors traveling around the Indian Ocean.

What are the properties of tourmaline and who is the stone like? How is it useful for humans, and how is it used in magic and healing?

Tourmaline Properties and Whose Stone Looks Like - Magical Properties

Mineral description

Tourmaline has many colors and shades. Its beauty attracts jewelers and lovers of esotericism, and lithotherapists pay tribute to the healing properties of an extraordinary gem.

The unusual electromagnetic properties and the value of the mineral can not be overestimated — it has both therapeutic and magical effects on the human body.

  • Paraiba is a rare mineral mined in Brazil;
  • Sherl — black stone with a high content of iron;
  • watermelon tourmaline — refers to polychrome minerals;
  • verdelit — a mineral of a green shade, similar to an emerald;
  • rubellite is a pink hue mineral, sometimes a ruby ​​color;
  • archoite is a precious colorless mineral mined on Elba Island;
  • dravit — a stone of a yellow shade, can be a brown color;
  • Indigolite is a blue-tinged mineral, sometimes black stones are found.

In nature, there are several varieties of tourmaline, the color of which depends on the composition of trace elements. These include chameleonite, tsilaizit, chrome-tourmaline.

The value of the mineral is determined by its transparency and color. Especially prized tourmaline green, crimson and blue tones.

Tourmaline Properties and Whose Stone Looks Like - Magical Properties

Healing properties

The therapeutic effect on the human body depends on the chemical composition of the mineral and its color.

  • Green tourmaline rejuvenates the body, activates the immune system and promotes better blood formation.
  • Indigolite blue has a positive effect on the hormones and the human lymphatic system. It has a beneficial effect on vision, speech, hearing.
  • Black stones are widely used for the purification of human energy about the negative impact, before Sherls used for colds.
  • Blue tourmalines have a beneficial effect on the human psyche — eliminate the effects of stress, relax and soothe.

However, there are contraindications to the use of the mineral:

  • high body temperature;
  • thyroid pathology;
  • allergic to anything;
  • pregnancy / lactation;
  • poor blood clotting.

Lithotherapists do not advise wearing tourmaline all the time, as it can cause a negative reaction of the psyche — aggression or depression.

The magic of tourmaline

The gold-cut tourmaline is the original amulet of black witches. It helps in contact with the other world, activates intuition and divine ability.

Minerals of other shades are widely used by white magicians, yogis and soothsayers.

Tourmaline helps to enter the meditative state, contributes to the concentration of thought and the penetration of the mind into the subtle worlds of being.

Tourmaline Properties and Whose Stone Looks Like - Magical Properties

Tourmaline talismans are classified according to color:

  • red stones help in love, strengthen potency, harmonize family relationships and promote mutual understanding;
  • green tourmalines activate thought processes and open up a creative gift;
  • colorless minerals restore mental balance, purify the mind and aura of the negative;
  • pink hue mineral calms lonely people, helps them get rid of negative thoughts;
  • blue minerals provide contact with the cosmos, they are used by yoga in meditation.

If a person needs to be fed with the energy of the cosmos, you need to use blue tourmaline. However, you can not always wear it.

The mineral needs regular cleansing — first, tourmaline is kept under running water, then it is placed under the sun’s rays, from which it receives a charge.

To clean the decoration with tourmaline, it is enough to wash it with a soft sponge in a soap solution. Potent and abrasive products for the purification of tourmaline are prohibited — the stone can deteriorate.

Astrological conformity

Mineral especially patronizes three signs — Capricorns, Lions and Sagittarius. Gemini and Aries can wear tourmaline jewelry in a red hue.

Mineral is contraindicated for Scorpios and Aquarius — it enhances their negative character traits.

Representatives of the signs of the zodiac can choose tourmaline color. The earth element fits black, brown and yellow.

The air signs are blue and green, the water signs are blue and blue, the fiery signs are red and orange.

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