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Totem animal test — how to find your patron

Totem animal test — the correct selection of the patron

A totem is an animal patronizing a person, a clan or a whole people. The totem gives a person the necessary qualities and protects him in the vicissitudes of fate. How to pass a test for a totem animal, find out your patron?

Consider the values ​​by year of life and learn to find the totem shamanistic meditative method.

Totem animal test - how to find your patron

History of totemism

The ancient people were convinced that animals were their distant ancestors, therefore the cult of totemism was perceived as a natural manifestation. Totemism has been preserved to this day in the culture of shamanism.

In India, they still believe that all deities have personal animal powers that help them and endow them with the necessary qualities. Hindus also believe that in every animal there is a certain deity.

In the modern understanding of the totem denotes some of the distinctive properties of the individual, so some people give the nicknames of animals, which they seem to be similar. Dexterous compared with the foxes, brave — with bears or wolves, graceful — with deer and so on.

Search totem

Before you search for your patron from the animal world, you need to realize that the beast can give both positive and strengthen the negative qualities of a person. Therefore, the search must proceed cautiously, and not rashly.

Esotericists are advised to choose not one, but several patronizing animals, so that the result is a balance of power.

For example, during a disease, the help of a totem of the earth can be useful, and for depressions — an air totem. The use of various qualities in combination gives strength, wisdom and invulnerability in life situations. However, with the wrong behavior of a person, the totem can be gone forever.

Animal strength must be respected and honored in order for the contact to be long and fruitful.

Is it possible to change the totem if an incompatibility occurs with the selected beast? Yes, during the life of a person can choose different totems at will.

Wouldn’t the favored animals be at odds with each other? No, you will call the totem as necessary, and then it will just go into your world.

Therefore, conflicts are not foreseen.

Totem animal test - how to find your patron

Totem selection

How to find out what your animal is? This can be done on the calendar.

The technique came to us from the ancient Slavs, who chose their patron by date of birth. You can find out your totem in the following table:

Totem animal test - how to find your patron

Find the maximum information about your totem, find out all the habits and behavior of the beast. You can watch a video about the animal, to present it in life circumstances. Also find out about the negative manifestations of character to be aware of.

This is especially true of predators.

Totem animal test - how to find your patron

Also, the totem can be found by the sign of the zodiac:

Totem animal test - how to find your patron

After choosing your patron you need to make contact with him. However, you should not expect an instant effect that the beast will appear in front of you and begin to be friends.

The animal must get used to its owner, look at and adapt. Perhaps after a while you will see him in a dream and be able to communicate.

The shamanic method is based on meditation. What is meditation? This immersion in your own subconscious, through which you can find what you are looking for.

To prepare for meditation, you must choose a convenient time so that no one can distract you. Meditation is necessary only in solitude.

Time can be any — day, evening, night.

First, you need to calm all your thoughts, for this you can simply concentrate on the process of breathing. Watch as the air enters the nostrils, then fills the lungs and exits.

Let the whole world disappear for you, only your breath will remain, for which you watch intently.

When the breathing process absorbs you completely, turn your attention to the black space in front of the inner eye. If you are meditating during the day, you can wear a black bandage over your eyes. The black space in front of you is the endless expanses of the universe.

Watch the blackness and try to merge with it.

When this happens, imagine a small pulsating point in the distance. Watch the point, without being distracted by extraneous thoughts. This is your totem, it is approaching and gradually grows in size.

You do not know who came to you, so carefully look at the increasing silhouette and do not try to guess. Soon you will clearly see the breed of the animal, the color of the fur / wings and the whole look.

After the animal appears in front of you in all its glory, ask for its name. You can hear the response of the beast, or you can catch a click with your thoughts — telepathically. It depends on your level of perception of the world, nothing else.

Remember the nickname of the beast and always refer to it, internally calling by name.

Note! No one can talk about his totem and say the name of the beast out loud.

After the first acquaintance, ask the totem, what properties and skills it possesses. Also ask what the beast can help you with.

Talk to him mentally, and then say goodbye. Dissolve the image of the beast in the blackness of the universe.

Sit for a while in peace and quiet with your eyes closed. Then slowly exit meditation and return to your business.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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