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Totem animal — definition by date of birth

How to find out your totem animal by date of birth

Totem animal is every person. This is an image of a living being who gives energy and protects in all matters.

Having defined it, you will open a powerful source of energy and knowledge.

What is a totem animal

The totem is a symbolic image of an animal that has unique energy and affects the whole life of a person. Knowledge of totems came to us from ancient tribes, when people worshiped certain creatures, offered them sacrifices, asked for protection and protection.

Totem animal - definition by date of birth

The ancient Slavs believed that the totem animal gives man strength. This is a powerful egregor, by connecting to which you can significantly advance in spiritual development and get to know yourself.

You can identify your totem mark and purchase or make an amulet that will become your powerful amulet and protector.

The uses of such amulets may be as follows:

  1. You will receive a powerful source of vitality and energy, advance in the development of your inner world and learn how to effectively interact with the Higher forces and the people around you.
  2. You will learn how to easily overcome difficulties, solve problems and quickly achieve life goals. This is due to the connection to the source of knowledge of the ancestors on the fine plane.
  3. You get the opportunity to better explore your personality: to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a character, to unleash creative and intellectual potential, to find talents and to develop intuition.
  4. You gain a connection with the Higher Powers, constantly feel divine support and protection, and also receive the help of your kind and the whole tribal system.
  5. You attract into your life powerful and powerful patrons whose totems are the same as yours.

You can learn your totem animal, and then learn to interact with it, in order to eventually improve the quality of your life, find harmony and happiness in all areas.

How to know your totem animal

There are a lot of ways: by name, date of birth or with the help of special meditative techniques.

Totem animal - definition by date of birth

The easiest ways to find out which totem animal is patronizing you:

  1. If you trust your intuition, and forebodings never fool you, go to the zoo. Consider all the animals, listen to the inner voice — who among the inhabitants of the zoo will find a tip in your soul.
  2. Explore special calendars that let you see your totem animal by date of birth. This is the least accurate way, so you cannot rely on it a hundred percent.
  3. Use tests on the Internet. Answering questions, you will receive an answer, which of the living creatures that inhabit the planet is your totem and patron.
  4. Practice lucid dreaming. In a dream, you can turn to the Higher Forces to show your totem animal and get the correct answer from your Guardians.
  5. Practice special meditations during which you access your own subconscious and ancestral system. This is a very deep immersion in yourself and the most reliable method to get the right answer.

Next, we consider special cases.

Definition by date of birth

Look at the picture below and you will determine the totem animal, knowing only the year of your birth:

Totem animal - definition by date of birth

The ancient Slavs used a slightly different method of calculation, which is based on the month and birthday of a person:

  1. From December 10 to January 9 — the bear. Patronizes people very wise, full of calm and inner dignity. Helps to become a teacher and mentor for others.
  2. From January 10 to February 9 — wolverine. The patron of very persistent and disciplined people who are used to achieve their goals by any means.
  3. From February 10 to March 9 — the raven. Assistant goal-oriented people, intellectuals. Helps to develop mental potential, gain new knowledge and skills.
  4. From March 10 to April 9 — an ermine. It protects creative, sensual people who are guided by emotions, not logic, in their decision making.
  5. From April 10 to May 9 — the toad. A patron of people who value above all the stability and confidence in the future.
  6. From May 10 to June 9 — grasshopper. They are optimists, people with very positive thinking, who can enjoy life and enjoy even simple things.
  7. From June 10 to July 9 — hamster. If a person is lazy, it is very important for him to learn how to achieve his goals and overcome his own apathy.
  8. From July 10 to August 9 — the snail. Assistant visionaries and people who love to dream and draw happy pictures in the imagination. They are wonderful and loyal friends.
  9. From August 10 to September 9 — the ant. Efficient and resilient people who can sometimes be unnecessarily uncompromising.
  10. From September 10 to October 9 — forty. Decisive personalities prone to adventures. Totem helps them overcome fears and get rid of internal complexes.
  11. From October 10 to November 9 — the beaver. Independent personalities who do not care about public opinion, they rely only on their own feelings and logic. Calm, but rather closed.
  12. From November 10 to December 9 — the dog. Faithful and generous, created to serve the people. Give their love and good, not expecting gratitude in return.

Watch a video about totem animals:

Summon Totem

In a difficult life situation, you can call your totem for help. What do we have to do:

  1. Relax and lie down. Attach your left hand to your heart, close your eyes and breathe in to get into the desired state. Inhale and exhale should be as calm and deep as possible.
  2. Imagine that you were in a very comfortable space for you. This could be a seashore, green meadow or forest. Enjoy a state of calm and peace.
  3. Feel your totem animal appear in space. Feel the strength and power that emanate from it.
  4. Talk to the totem, ask him your questions, ask for help and support.
  5. After you get all the answers, thank the totem, take a few deep breaths, open your eyes, and return to normal life.

This meditation can be practiced no more than once a month.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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