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Tibetan mantras: rules and recommendations, how to listen

Tibetan healing mantra

Tibetan mantras are less well known than Indian. People have heard mostly about the miraculous properties of Eastern Tibetan medicine, but few are aware of the traditional mantras of this ancient culture.

Eliminate this injustice and tell all about the Tibetan mantra.

A bit of history

Researchers of Tibetan culture believe that the first texts of mantras appeared about eight thousand years ago. Most likely, Tibetan medicine originated in the Stone Age, so it is one of the most ancient.

Tibetan mantras: rules and recommendations, how to listen

Every doctor, doctor, medicine man, made a contribution to Tibetan medicine. Therefore, over the centuries, it was possible to form unique health recipes and formulate the sacred mantra texts ideally suited to people.

The most important part of the development of medicine in Tibet was considered the study of the properties of the gifts of nature — plants, stones, animals. Absolutely all drugs are of natural origin.

And Tibetan monks not only enjoyed the fruits of labor of healers, but also learned themselves and the world around them, practicing the chanting of mantras. Drugs helped uncover intuition, enhancing the effect of sacred texts.

Everything related to Tibetan culture and medicine is based on five main pillars. It is believed that all the processes occurring in the world are governed by the energy of the five elements — water, earth, air, fire and space. And the three main substances — bile, mucus, wind, which is in every living being.

The greater the balance between them, the stronger the health.

Tibetan mantras: rules and recommendations, how to listen

Therefore, first of all, doctors teach how to improve nutrition, lead a healthy lifestyle, and only then pay attention to mental health and practice chanting mantras.

How to listen to the mantras of Tibetan monks?

If you’re new, start by listening to the ancient oriental mantras. Regular listening to the sacred texts will help to learn and remember the correct pronunciation, catch all the subtleties.

Try to hear all the vibrations and echoes — every detail is important, even seemingly small and insignificant.

There are many ways to learn ancient prayers — you can listen to Tibetan mantras online for free by choosing the strongest texts. Or write to a voice recorder, and then compare your own pronunciation with the correct one.

It is like learning a new language when you listen to the pronunciation of a narrator and then try to repeat it. To remember all the shades of sound, listen to the audio extremely carefully.

Abstracted from the emotions, turn off the sources of noise and telephone.

Rules and Recommendations

In order for Tibetan mantras to have the desired effect, it is important to adhere to certain rules.

Tibetan mantras: rules and recommendations, how to listen

  • To practice listening or reading the Tibetan mantra should be at least half an hour a day. This will help to achieve complete healing, with time to completely clear the mind, to feel feelings of calm, peace, harmony
  • Do not read the mantra in an excited, emotionally restless state. You should focus only on the mantra, calm, completely relaxed. Let go of all thoughts, take a deep breath and only then proceed to meditation.
  • The number of repetitions of each mantra should be a multiple of three. This rule must be observed strictly
  • If you cannot devote a full half hour a day at a time to spiritual practices, divide the half-hour ritual into several five-minute minutes. As soon as there was a minute or two at work, start the next five minutes. This practice will teach you to switch from diametrically opposite emotional states, instantly go from a state of complete relaxation to maximum concentration
  • Watch your breath — inhale and exhale should be relaxed, natural. Before practice, it is advisable to make an “amplifier” — take a deep breath 3-4 times and exhale powerfully
  • There is an opinion among Tibetan monks that complete healing is given to a person by a mantra, read at least one hundred thousand times. If you can practice for so long, and with full health you will also gain the ability to practice medicine, you can become a healer
  • Do not try to master all the mantras at once — select one and read it daily. These could be prayers to the Buddha or Vajrasattva, the texts of the Five Dakinis, or an appeal to the father of Tibetan medicine.
  • The most masculine mantra is “five dakinis”, the feminine mantra itself is any of the remaining three
  • Try to learn how to repeat the mantra 108 times in a row. This is a magic number in Tibetan culture that repeatedly enhances the healing power of the sacred text.

Watch the video about the main mantra of Tibet:

Sooner or later you will reach such a level of practice of reading mantras that you will be able to repeat them silently without speaking aloud. But do not try to do it right away: first — listening and watching the video, then — conscious reading (singing), and only after mastering these two stages — singing the mantras to yourself, with your “inner voice”.

Very important: if you want the mantras to have the desired effect and bestow healing, you must sincerely and unconditionally believe in the power of these sacred ancient texts. If you have doubts or you want to read mantras for the sake of entertainment — leave this venture, it will not bring anything good.

And do not forget about the four stages of healing, without which the mantra will be useless:

  1. Proper nutrition and fasting. This is a rather strict, ascetic diet.
  2. Healthy lifestyle. It consists not only in the observance of the postulates for the health of the physical body. But you also need to change your behavior, get rid of negative thoughts, do not commit evil deeds.
  3. The use of medicinal herbs in the form of solutions and decoctions
  4. Treatment of the disease with medication prescribed by a doctor

And reading mantras is the final stage, the engine that triggers the entire healing mechanism as a whole.

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