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Tibetan mantras

Tibetan mantras

Tibetan medicine is so ancient that even local monks cannot say for sure when it appeared. Despite this, there is no doubt about the healing power of the people of Tibet and its mantras with the forces of nature.

The basis of everything is the study of the surrounding world, and in particular the influence of the processes occurring in it on the human body. The practice of chanting mantras has not changed much over the millennia, because people are not as distant from nature as it seems to some residents of large cities.

Tibetan mantras

Tibetan mantras as a way to reveal yourself

These wonderful chants can cure almost any disease. There is evidence to confirm the disappearance of cancers by listening to mantras.

But it is impossible to completely replace clinical events with listening to these beautiful chants; nobody has yet canceled official medicine.

The sounds of mantras are aimed at normalizing the internal rhythms and vibrations of the human body. They do not directly affect the organs, but simply put the biofield and energy background in order.

As you know, this is the basis of health, which means mantras do not just eliminate the symptoms of diseases, they hit the very root of the disease.

While listening to these chants, some people receive, in addition to healing from the disease, a “second breath”. It improves mental well-being and opens up previously unknown horizons for the development of one’s own prospects. There are quite a few cases when people, after complexly listening to mantras, suddenly discovered new abilities in themselves.

One person can be a wonderful artist, the other — a musician, and so on to infinity.

How to sing mantra

If an inexperienced person is engaged in chanting, then nothing terrible, of course, will happen. But the effect of such a ritual will be much lower than if a real professional were engaged, namely, a monk who has dedicated his secret skills to his whole long life.

One mistake, and the biological vibration will get lost again, you have to start all over again.

If you decide to sing the mantra yourself, you need to prepare yourself well. It is necessary to withstand the daily fast during which only water is allowed.

No intimate contact and entertainment can not be. Only smoking of some mountain herbs is allowed, however in our country they cannot be found, so there is no need to think about it.

Singing begins with light meditation. No need to dive into a trance, it is enough to get rid of the thoughts of the earthly burden and realize yourself as a part of nature.

If this happened, then half the battle has already been done, you need to start singing. This can be done both with a cheat sheet, peeping through the text, and as a keepsake, but one cannot be mistaken.

Words need to be pronounced loudly and clearly, as if a crowd is sitting around and attentively listening to every sound coming from you.

Why should you entrust singing to a professional?

There is one subtlety — those words that the mantra contains, contains the vibrations that sound most naturally in the performance of the speaker of one of the languages ​​of Southeast Asia. Among them are China, Vietnam, Laos and others.

It so happened that the frequencies characteristic of them most closely correspond to the biological rhythms and vibrations of the human body.

No need to go to Tibet to hear the mantra performed by the monks. All these chants can be found on the Internet, but remember that there are a lot of fraudsters, sometimes they are trying to pass off a real forgery as a real Tibetan text. Difficult to distinguish it, because the Russian ear feels bad accents of Asian languages.

In order not to run into a fake mantra, just go to a specialized website that has a collection of works on Tibetan culture and collections of chants.

Tibetan mantras

Domestic Tibetan mantras

Despite the fact that most Tibetan mantras are aimed at healing, there are chants for the normalization of family life, financial condition and even mood adjustment. At first glance, they sound the same as medical ones, but if you listen, you can understand the difference in the timbre of the voice.

Again, everything depends on the frequency of the sound generated by the performer. Residents of Tibet have long understood that the main thing in the human body is its energy rhythm. Both health and fullness of the wallet depend on it.

Mantra is able to fix everything. If you doubt the correctness of the choice of chants, then refer to a specialized forum, there are real fans of their work, they will help dispel all doubts!

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