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Thin human body, their types: the physical body and others

Human thin bodies and their functions

The subtle bodies of man are the components of his spiritual essence. It is believed that the aura is penetrated by 7-9 thin bodies, each of which has its own meaning.

Physical body

The physical body is the temple of the soul. In it, it exists in its current incarnation. Functions of the physical body:

  • Adaptation to the outside world for a comfortable existence
  • A tool for gaining life experience through various lessons of Destiny and practicing karmic debts
  • The tool for the implementation of the soul program, its vocation and purpose in the current incarnation
  • Biological organism responsible for existence, vital functions and simplest needs

Thin human body, their types: the physical body and others

In order for the physical body to exist and remain alive, it is fed by the energy of the nine chakras that make up the human aura.

Etheric body

The first subtle body of man is the etheric. It performs the following functions:

  • The guardian and conductor of prana — the life force
  • Responsible for stamina and tone, as well as immunity. Helps withstand diseases at the energy level. If the energy is low, the person becomes tired, constantly wants to sleep, loses vigor
  • The main function of the etheric body is to energize and literally revitalize the physical body for a comfortable and harmonious human existence in society.
  • Provides a link with the energy of the Cosmos and its circulation through the body

The etheric body looks similar to the physical, is born with it, and dies on the ninth day after the death of a person in his earthly incarnation.

Astral body

The astral or emotional body is responsible for the following functions:

  • All that concerns the emotional state of a person: his desires, emotions, impressions and passions
  • It provides a link between the ego and the outside world, as a result of which a person is able to respond to external circumstances with certain emotions.
  • Controls the state of the right (creative, emotional) hemisphere of the brain
  • Controls the work of the etheric body, is responsible for the interaction of energy centers with the physical state
  • In conjunction with the etheric body monitors the health and well-being of the physical entity

Thin human body, their types: the physical body and others

It is believed that the astral body dies completely on the fortieth day after the death of the physical body in the earthly world.

Mental body

The mental essence contains all the thoughts and conscious processes occurring in the brain. This is a reflection of logic and knowledge, beliefs and thought forms. All that is separate from the unconscious.

The mental body dies on the ninetieth day after the death of the earthly body.

Thin human body, their types: the physical body and others

Functions of the metal body:

  • Perception of information from the surrounding world and its transformation into thoughts, conclusions, reflections
  • All information processes occurring in the head — their course, sequence, logic
  • Creating thoughts
  • A repository of all information that penetrates the mind of a person from his very birth
  • The repository of information flow — that is, absolutely all knowledge of the world. It is believed that everyone has access to a common field of information and is able to gain the wisdom of ancestors. But this can only be achieved with the help of special spiritual practices.
  • Responsible for the connection of emotions, feelings with memory and mind
  • Motivates a person to act through life in accordance with his needs and requirements, to benefit himself and others
  • Responsible for controlling instincts and other unconscious processes. If this control is «turned off» a person literally turns into an animal without a mind.
  • Controls all thought processes.
  • Provides a rational approach to decision making

The mental, etheric and physical bodies do not exist forever. They perish and are born with the physical body.

Karmic thin body

Other names — causal, causal. Formed as a result of the actions of the human soul throughout all incarnations.

It exists forever: in each subsequent incarnation, the karmic debts, which are left from past lives, are worked out.

Karma is a peculiar method of the Higher Forces to “educate” a person, make him go through all his life lessons and heal from past mistakes, acquire a new experience.

In order to heal the karmic body, it is necessary to learn how to work on your beliefs, control emotions and train awareness (mind control).

Intuitive body

The intuitive or buddhic body is the personification of the spiritual principle of man. It is “including” the soul at this level that a high degree of awareness and enlightenment can be achieved.

It is a body of values, the result of the interaction of the astral and mental essence of a particular person with the analogous essences of the surrounding souls.

It is believed that a person should live and die in the place of his birth, because the goal given at birth to the intuitive body is to perform the task necessary in this particular place.

Watch the video about the thin human body:

Other bodies

The above entities are most often mentioned in the description of the “composition” of the human soul. But there are others:

  1. Attic — a body that personifies the divine principle that every soul has. «There is nothing but God and God is in everything.» The symbol of the unity of the human soul with the whole immense world. Provides communication with the information space of the Universe and the Higher Mind
  2. The Solar is the object of study for astrologers, the interaction of human energy with the energies of the Moon, Sun, planets and stars. Given at birth, depending on the location of the planets in the sky at the time of birth
  3. Galactic — the highest structure, provides the interaction of the unit (soul) with infinity (the energy field of the Galaxy)

It is important to understand that every thin body is necessary and important: a certain energy is incorporated in these entities. It is necessary for the interaction of thin bodies to exist in harmony, so that each one performs its functions fully and radiates the correct vibrations.

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