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Theta Healing: What is it, independent practice

What is theta healing: the healing of the subconscious from the negative

Theta healing is a unique method of healing, with which you can clear out negative programs and attitudes, remove subconscious blocks and take a step towards a happy life.

Theta healing: what is it

The development of positive thinking is the key to success. The elimination of negativity contributes to the quality of life.

Therefore, all sorts of techniques aimed at cleansing the subconscious of a person from negative programs are so effective.

Theta Healing: What is it, independent practice

Theta healing is one of these techniques, which is considered unique and has no analogues. With the help of special techniques, fears, phobias are eliminated, psychological attitudes, blocks and negative programs that prevent to live happily and harmoniously are removed.

What are theta healing techniques:

  • healing the body completely: from the physical body to the psyche and soul;
  • filling with unconditional love and acceptance: first of all, to oneself, and only then to the world and people in general;
  • to eliminate the reasons that prevent to build a happy and harmonious relationship, to meet a decent companion of life and find love;
  • elimination of fears and phobias, removal of negative attitudes and programs, healing of birth and childhood injuries;
  • change of negative beliefs and stereotypes to positive ones;
  • the disclosure of creative and intellectual potential, the development of mental and extrasensory abilities, intuition and the gift of foresight;
  • search for purpose and favorite things, your vocation, the sphere in which a person can be realized most harmoniously.

Theta healing method is based on the fact that electromagnetic waves affect the human condition. They are also called energy vibrations: the higher they are, the more harmonious and calmer the state.

Fears and injuries reduce the level of vibrations, preventing a person from living happily and achieving success.

With the help of theta-healing techniques, a person adjusts his subconscious mind to the correct energy frequency, entering a special state.

Stages of studies and features of the method

In order for theta-healing techniques to work effectively in your case, they must be completely and completely trusted. Even not so much in them, as in the healing power of unconditional love that is inherent in every person.

It is enough to open it in yourself, and all problems will be solved.

Theta Healing: What is it, independent practice

The stages of the studies are as follows:

  • first, the person agrees to trust the specialist and determines the request with which he came to work out;
  • deep feelings are literally “uncovered” in the subconscious: repressed negative emotions, fears, subconscious attitudes, programs and beliefs;
  • then there is a “unloading” of new, positive emotions into the unconscious, which replace those that were healed at the previous stage;
  • after that the specialist conducts a muscular test for the result;
  • as a result, a diary of changes is kept in which all moments are recorded.

More about some points of development:

  1. Consent to study. It is necessary for the person to feel full confidence in the specialist who will work with him. Full and unconditional trust is required, along with the willingness to accept any changes in one’s inner state.
  2. The muscular test is a type of energy testing, during which a test is made for the presence of beliefs at the beginning of the studies. At the end, new beliefs are compared with old ones and changes are recorded. This is all reflected in the condition and muscle tone.

You can try this independent meditation to understand the essence of theta healing technique:

Levels of human beliefs

All beliefs, feelings and emotions of a person are fixed at four levels: basic, genetic, historical and spiritual.

Theta Healing: What is it, independent practice

  1. Beliefs at a basic level are formed and consolidated in childhood. They are influenced by parental attitudes and programs, children’s injuries, emotions, feelings and impressions. A person may not remember this, but all this exists in his unconscious in a repressed form and affects everything that happens in life.
  2. Beliefs at the genetic level are transmitted through the tribal system. Therefore, an important part of the studies is working with the genus. Well, if you have a family tree, you can get good results without it. In general, the race is a tremendous support and strength, which is important to feel and feel throughout life.
  3. Historical beliefs are made up of all the emotions experienced by the human soul in its earthly incarnations. At this level, there is an appeal to the past reincarnations of a person, to his karmic debts and purpose in the current incarnation.
  4. The soul level is a person’s personal experience and beliefs that are formed throughout his life. The most superficial level, which is the easiest to work out.

In the process of development, a specialist helps to “unearth” in the unconscious the problematic emotions, negative attitudes, feelings and beliefs, which are repressed deeply in the subconscious. After identifying negative emotions, a person lives them completely, thanks to which he gets rid of them.

And it is after cleansing from all negativity and complete healing that one can begin to form new, positive convictions. From this point on, a person’s life slowly but surely begins to change for the better, because he no longer interferes with injuries, negative experiences and repressed emotions.

Self practice

It is rather difficult to get a strong effect from independent practices. But some results can still be achieved.

It is important to act on a specific algorithm.

  1. First you must enter a state of complete relaxation. This can be done with the help of meditations aimed at working with breathing.
  2. Then visualization takes place. You transfer yourself to a comfortable space, imagining that you are, for example, in a forest or on the seashore.
  3. In a state of complete relaxation, all hidden negative emotions are remembered and experienced. At this stage, involuntary body reactions are observed: you can cry or scream, feel cramps.
  4. After a complete residence of the negative, you feel freedom and lightness, let go of all bad things and feel unconditional love and acceptance.
  5. Then visualize the image of what you want to receive and experience positive emotions.
  6. At the end there is a way out of the meditative state.

Regular practice of theta healing improves the quality of life. You become more relaxed, loving, accepting.

This is reflected in all areas: from relationships to money.

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