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The wheel of samsara — what it is and how to leave it

Sansara’s wheel — can I leave it?

In our life, absolutely all events, even seemingly insignificant at first glance, have a definite impact on our future. We ourselves create our reality with the help of our actions, thoughts, intentions and statements.

The well-known concept of «samsara» or «wheel of sansara» is quite popular in Eastern philosophy and Buddhism. By this is meant the process of the numerous incarnation of one soul in different bodies.

The wheel of samsara - what it is and how to leave it

How does the wheel of samsara work

Some teachings claim that our souls can be reborn only in human bodies, and in some others animals with plants and even minerals also take part in the circle of incarnations. The term «samsara» is closely intertwined with the doctrine of karma.

The concept of samsara refers both to philosophical teachings and to various religions — Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and others.

It is the laws of Karma that determine a person in this cycle; this happens when certain Spiritual Laws were violated, a person did not cope with his lessons, did not fulfill the tasks assigned to him.

It turns out that the main task of the circle of samsara is to ensure that a person fulfills his karmic punishments, redeems debts from past incarnations. If a more comprehensible comparison is given, then it is very similar to when a student is left to study for another year in the same class, until he improves his grades.

The circle of samsara is a karmic and energetic mechanism that does not allow the human soul to move to a higher level of development until the tasks related to the previous levels are solved.

The wheel of samsara - what it is and how to leave it

In most cases, for each person you can select your own set of weaknesses, which provoked her falling into the cycle of incarnations. And the greater the number of similar mistakes and mistakes a person makes, the more the wheel is distributed in breadth, the soul is firmly attached to the accumulated sins and the more difficult it will be to leave it.

You could hear such an expression as “vicious circle”, which implies that similar adverse events regularly occur with a person, he is forced to solve the same problems and cannot put his life in order in any way. This is precisely the manifestation of the wheel of samsara.

Read more about the wheel of samsara in the following video.

Examples of the work of the wheel of samsara

The man managed to “get rid of himself” in his past lives with unrestrained behavior: he always found it difficult to cope with his emotions, he behaved aggressively towards other people or, perhaps, was a strong egoist, put his own interests above those of others. What will happen to him in real life?

He will be forced to work out his negative karma and fully pay off with all the people whom he hurt or inflicted harm. Very often in such situations, people radically change roles — the killer becomes a victim, a despot — a defenseless person, an avid rich man — finds himself in a lack of money, and so on.

The wheel of samsara - what it is and how to leave it

And such a person will have to experience everything that he made in previous incarnations, on his own experience, in order to understand how hard and painful it was for those around him to conclude how it is possible and how not to act.

Souls fall into the wheel of sansara for very different reasons:

  • when negative attitude towards others;
  • abusing bad habits;
  • fall under the influence of others;
  • irrational handling of material means;
  • are violent;
  • commit crimes;
  • refuse to solve their karmic tasks and so on.

Another bright sample of the wheel of the Samsara is a love triangle. The souls that got into it in past lives mistreated their lovers, destroyed the feelings of other people, took the spouse out of the family and did many other negative actions.

Now they have to meet many times again and again with each other, assuming different roles and redeeming their guilt in front of each other and in front of God. A characteristic feature is that a person cannot gain personal happiness until he has atoned for all his sins.

Is it possible to leave the wheel of samsara

If you engage in your spiritual development, it is quite real, although it will require some effort.

  1. Firstly, a person will need to realize what actions, deeds or words he was in the wheel of samsara. It is unlikely that you will be able to do this on your own, so you should seek help from a spiritual healer or a good astrologer.
  2. The second step is to ascertain the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to free oneself from the circle of incarnations and move to a higher level. It is important to regularly engage in their spiritual development, plus not to ignore personal growth.
  3. Perform the necessary actions: apologize to the one you offended, repay debts, and also make your own changes (you should constantly work to eliminate your shortcomings, develop the necessary qualities in yourself).
  4. A person has fulfilled all the above conditions — then the wheel of samsara can be removed by the Forces of Karma. Often, you have to perform a special ritual (here you will again have to seek help from a spiritual healer).

Only having left the wheel of samsara, having paid off with all his debtors, having returned the alien energy, can a person become truly happy, aware, and achieve the highest degree of harmony and bliss. Such people become spiritual teachers and their mission on Earth is to teach and instruct younger and less experienced souls on the right path.

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