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The wards of the ancient Slavs and their significance

The strongest amulets of the ancient Slavs

The wards of the ancient Slavs in ancient times were considered to be a powerful defense against all evil that could affect a person. People made talismans and amulets to protect them from enemies, detractors, gave strength in the fight against rivals, attracted luck and luck.

You can also make and wear a charm that suits you — and we will tell you about the meaning of the most popular Slavic symbols that are used to make amulets.

The most effective Old Slavic amulets

To choose a talisman correctly, you need to consider some factors:

  1. Who will wear it? This is important — the symbol is selected depending on the gender, age of the person. It also matters if he is married, has children and grandchildren
  2. The power of the ward. Different amulets have different powers. The more dangers a person surrounds, the stronger a satellite needs to be chosen. You can wear several amulets at once to enhance protection.
  3. Material. It is necessary that the amulet was made of natural material — wood, metal, stone or fabric. Ideal — an ornament of silver. This metal has the best, positive energy.

The wards of the ancient Slavs and their significance

This is a female Slavic amulet whose action is aimed at:

  • Love and feminine happiness. Attracts decent men, helps to fulfill women’s purpose
  • Saving beauty. Makes a woman more attractive, helps to preserve youth
  • Preservation of health, especially reproductive. Helps bear and give birth to healthy children.

Lunnitsa — ideal for pregnant women and unmarried girls who are still in search of personal happiness.

Yarovik looks like this:

The wards of the ancient Slavs and their significance

What he helps:

  • Improves the financial situation, helps to preserve and increase capital
  • Protects from competitors, opponents, enemies and detractors
  • Favorably affects reproductive health

Suitable for both men and women. Ideal for people seeking career growth.

Heavenly cross

This is what this ancient Slavic symbol looks like:

The wards of the ancient Slavs and their significance

The heavenly cross is a symbol of unity and spirituality. He helps:

  • Successfully overcome difficulties and get out of unpleasant situations
  • Empower people with the power, knowledge and wisdom of their ancestors
  • Protect a person and his family from evil tongues, evil eye, keep the peace and avoid conflicts in family life

This is an ideal advocate for those who, in their professional activities, teach people — for teachers, coaches, mentors.

The wards of the ancient Slavs and their significance

A very powerful amulet that is equally suitable for a man and a woman. Valkyrie helps:

  • Protect the carrier from any trouble coming from the outside world.
  • Make a person physically stronger, strengthen endurance
  • Strengthen the spirit, make it more resistant to emotional experiences
  • Find a matching partner for business or family
  • Overcome all obstacles and difficulties without deprivation

This charm is suitable for people with a strong spirit who want to temper their character even more. This is an amulet of fighters, people who do not like to sit still, reachors.

Sun cross

The wards of the ancient Slavs and their significance

Universal amulet that will suit a person of any gender. Ideal for those who are engaged in creativity, creation, mentoring.

It is believed that the solar cross gives the person experience of previous generations, gives good luck and luck in business, protects against all life adversities.

In the old days, the solar cross was worn by warriors, teachers, and also young parents who would like to raise smart and successful children in their careers.

The solar cross gives a very strong connection with the ancestors, so it should be worn to people who have an idea of ​​their genealogical tree.

Watch the video about the Slavs amulets and their meaning:

The wards of the ancient Slavs and their significance

Kolovrat schematically depicts the movement of a celestial body across the sky. He is endowed with solar energy and is one of the most powerful Slavic amulets.

It grants its owner incredible power, strength. It helps to achieve financial well-being, protect from competitors and rivals.

It gives optimism, positive attitude to life and people.

This is the legendary symbol of fertility, prosperity and health. It is believed that Kolovrat is able to protect against dark magic — the owner is not afraid of evil eyes, damage, conspiracies and love spells.

The wards of the ancient Slavs and their significance

Vselavets — for people who already have a stable and stable financial situation. It is believed that he protects family life from quarrels, conflicts, and the house — from fires and natural disasters.

Fits more to men than women. It is useful to carry the amulet to people who have lost their jobs and are looking for a new, worthy place for their career.

A great talisman for newlyweds who want their love to be strong, and the relationship is not clouded by conflict.

Fern flower

The wards of the ancient Slavs and their significance

This very strong amulet has healing powers. He will give his owner good health and immunity to any ailments.

It should be worn for children who often get sick, catch a cold, and easily catch any infection.

In ancient times it was believed that such a talisman could cure even a terminally ill person. But, of course, one should not rely only on the healing power of the amulet — it can only strengthen the efforts of doctors, but it is not an independent therapeutic tool.

Spiritual strength

The wards of the ancient Slavs and their significance

This talisman will suit a person who wants to open the boundaries of his subconscious, to gain enlightenment. It is believed that spiritual power endows its owner with clan power, grants the wisdom of the ancestors.

This is a powerful magic symbol that should be used very carefully.

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