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The value of peonies in the art of Feng Shui

What is the importance of peonies in the art of feng shui

In the art of feng shui a special place is occupied by plants that belong to the element Ying — that is, they possess the forces of nature. In addition, each plant is associated with the emotional state, a particular organ of human senses and color.

Among the many flowers, the inhabitants of China gave special honors to the peony, it was not for nothing that they began to attribute it to the royal personages. Such an attitude was due to the attractiveness of the peony, as well as its subtle pleasant aroma.

You can learn more about the significance of this royal plant in Feng Shui philosophy from this material.

The value of peonies in the art of Feng Shui

The value of peony Feng Shui

Peony acts as a carrier of pure energy Yang. The plant is found in different colors, but the Chinese attribute only the red color to the magical property of love, wealth and fame.

Therefore, in the art of Feng Shui (and in this article), it will be about red peonies or, at a minimum, as close as possible to them in color. At the same time, remember that the brighter and more saturated color of a pion — the more positive energy it has.

You can talk about the beauty of this luxurious flower for hours, its amazing smell intoxicates, the plant causes sincere admiration. It is probably for this reason that peonies are associated with female beauty.

For example, according to one legend, the famous mistress of the emperor of the Chinese empire Yang Guifei always had vases with fresh peonies in the bedroom, while the emperor fulfilled all the vagaries of his beloved and kept only her loyalty.

Further in the article we will look at the magical significance of these amazing colors in different areas of human life.

Peonies for couples

Feng shui experts cannot agree on whether it is permissible to place live flowers or their images in their bedroom. Some masters are convinced that peonies of red color, if placed in the sector of marriage and love in the bedroom, will make family life more active, passionate and diverse.

Others believe that the flowers placed in the bedroom can make the more active spouse to look for love activities on the side.

Peonies for unmarried ladies

Feng Shui ascribes tremendous magical power to a spectacular flower. So it is believed that if you put the plants or the image with them in the living room of the house in which the unmarried girl lives, they will surely attract her soul mate and help you successfully arrange your personal life.

In this case, as soon as the wedding takes place, it will be necessary to immediately remove the plant or its image from the house in order to protect itself from harm.

If you are passionately dreaming about marriage, but you do not have a living room in which to place the plant, put it at the entrance to your bedroom. Then the flower will attract to you a flow of positive Qi energy and contribute to the execution of your plan.

Peonies can also be made by hand — drawn or embroidered. Hand-made objects will have even more power, because in the process of realization you will fill it with your energy and positive mental images.

The value of peonies in the art of Feng Shui

Peonies for career success

Since ancient times, the pion belongs to the «royal» flowers, the colors of the rulers and masters of empires. The plant symbolizes the chosenness, aristocracy, masculinity, sophistication, and also personifies the promotion up the ladder of success and achievements.

Therefore, if you want to improve your career, you want to make important steps in business, you should seek help from these colors. For this purpose, it is worthwhile to put a bouquet with luxurious, fragrant flowers in your living room or at your workplace and you are guaranteed to receive a huge portion of positive energy and good luck.

If you do not like live flowers, it can be completely replaced with an image made by any method.

In the cold season to maintain the energy flow of Yang’s success, it is recommended to place images of soft colored peonies in the northern part of the dwelling.

Peonies, like plants in the garden

If you are a happy owner of a garden or a garden plot and at the same time are not averse to spending a little time in it to ensure your success and well-being, we advise you to plant a bush with this plant. Ideally suited for this south-western part of the house.

Peony in this case will help you solve any problems in relationships with other people. When a plant is in flowering phase, it symbolizes great wealth.

And its root, if it is dug out in the flowering phase, will have many healing properties — in particular, it will cure sexual disorders in men and will have a beneficial effect on the state of the menstrual cycle in women.

Peony petals do not wither for three weeks because of what the Chinese plant was known as «flower 20 days.» It is believed that the peony bush can «outlive» a person.

Therefore, when you plant this plant, you can be 100% sure that it will bring you joy for a very long time.

An important point! If for some reason you feel a personal dislike for peonies — you should not succumb to the temptation to plant them or use them as a decoration in the hope of attracting success in your life. You will feel uncomfortable under the influence of the energy of this plant.

It is necessary to love these flowers and only then you can receive from them reciprocal love and good luck.

The value of peonies in the art of Feng Shui

What color of peony is better to stay at

Peonies have a large number of color variations, each of which has its own energy:

  • Red flowers symbolize passion, love and sexual energy. Red peonies are most appreciated in China. So the Chinese, when they want to marry a girl, put bouquets with these magnificent flowers of bright red color in their home. Then the man who enters the home, will feel a strong craving for the mistress of the house.
  • White flowers are associated with calmness and stability. If your goal is the harmonization of the situation in the house, the cessation of quarrels and conflict situations, then you should seek help from the snow-white buds.
  • Pink flowers — help create a romantic relationship. They are recommended to be placed in a dwelling during crisis periods, because then they will save marriage with their tenderness from destruction.
  • Purple peonies will protect the energy body of a person from external adverse effects.
  • Yellow peonies are the rarest of all species. They will remove from the home a lie, fill it with tranquility, contribute to the pacification of passions, harmony and stability.

Proper placement of pions

According to the principles of feng shui, it is very important to correctly arrange the flowers in the house so that they successfully fulfill their function.

  • Lonely women who want to attract love need to remove from their space all unnecessary objects that impede the pure breath of a flower.
  • You can place bouquets with peonies or paintings of these plants at the entrance to your bedroom, or hang them on the walls. But when the goal is achieved, be sure to move the plant to the guest room.
  • To improve the career should be put flowers in your workplace. If you use a picture, then hang it on a wall that faces north. Flowers on it should be white, pink or light lilac to ensure success.

It is important to clearly understand for yourself what problem you want to solve with the help of a beautiful and majestic flower. A magnificent lush plant will help fill your home with positive energy and improve your love, business or family life.

At the same time, the more saturated the flower is, the more powerful its effect. But do not forget that an excess of energy (even positive) can have a bad effect on a person, suppressing his personal strength, so everything is good in moderation.

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