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The trap for trouble: do the guardian with his own hands

The trap for trouble: do the guardian with his own hands

If you are overcome by a series of failures, get rid of her. Use the most effective amulet that, like a trap, will catch all your troubles and troubles, saving you from adversity and defeat.

Any guardian in itself has tremendous power and power before the forces of evil, black magic and sorcery intervention. And the one that is made by hand, only multiplies its magical abilities. If you are tired of constant bad luck, hurry to make for yourself a real trap for trouble.

The coastal item will take over all the negative energy, clearing your biofield, karma and home.

What is a trap for trouble

The trouble trap is a regular mug. Only not the one from which you daily drink tea or coffee, but one that has long been lying idle. Of course, there is such a cup in every home. Remember how, sorting out kitchen cabinets or home set, you suddenly came across an unremarkable mug, which has long served its own.

For some reason, it’s always a pity to throw it away. All because it is this circle that can serve you well. She will become your personal catcher of troubles and tribulations.

The older the mug, the better. No need to take cups from family members and even more so look for a mug on the shelves of your friends or in stores. It should be homely, but completely useless. A mug, from and to soaked with the mood and energy of your home, is what you need to create powerful weapons against bad luck.

It is great if your future amulet has a handle broken off. It turns out that this arms the subject with useful energy.

Making a trap for trouble

Look at home utensils for baking foil, a needle and, accordingly, that very mug. All you need is a positive attitude. Just think that soon all the trouble that separates you and a happy life will disappear forever.

First wrap the cup with foil completely and very tightly, for example, in four layers. Do not regret: let your trap work for glory and for your future success. Now it’s worth finding the top of the piece — that shouldn’t be a problem.

Scrub the top seven holes at equal distance from each other. This is done to ensure that the negative energy does not stagnate in a circle, but freely circulates and filters to a positive one. Otherwise, the trouble trap will catch all your problems and give them back to you.

Your trouble catcher is almost ready to repel the blows of bad luck from you. A few strokes left. More precisely, one is the activation of the amulet.

For six months, the coastal object will serve you faithfully, but then lose its magical abilities. It is necessary to take care of him: to clean the energy and change the foil.

Activation trap for trouble

The rite of enactment of your personal amulet is the key and final step. It is desirable to hold it in secret, without viewers and witnesses. At the junction of two days, at midnight, regardless of the phase of the moon and a certain day, get ready to charge the trap mug with magical power.

It is best to perform a ritual with the light emanating from the flame of a candle. So, at exactly 00.00, place the cup on a hard surface. Raise both hands over your future amulet, as if warming them over a fire, not too far and not very close.

Your attention should not be distracted. Read the following plot clearly:

“Troubles and hardships hang over me, there is no place to hide from them, they circle and circle above my head, and they will fall into a trap. At the bottom of it will fall and no longer ruin my life. My cup in my house lived a long time. So do the last service for your hostess / master, drive away all bad things from me, all bad things.

Here is my request, take it for yourself and immediately fulfill it. Let it be as I want. ”

After the conspiracy should remove the cup in the kitchen, preferably to other circles. The main thing is that your trap should not be broken by the household by accident or carelessness. Warn family members that the whole house is now under the protection of a powerful amulet.

Let them be careful and not let the troubles and hardships back, accidentally breaking the trap.

The trouble trap really works and drives away all the evils from the house, your loved ones and yourself. However, in order to make full use of the prospects that have opened up, it is important to attract good luck. Let the bad luck does not bother you, but success will not come by itself, so look for him and call for help.

We wish you a great mood and good luck. take care of yourself and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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