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The talisman of love — which gems bring happiness and reciprocity

Love talisman — magical properties and application tips

In the old days, the whole nature was considered animate, each natural object possessed its own consciousness and spirit. This can be read in fairy tales, legends and tales.

People turned to the plants, the wind, the sun, as living thinking beings and asked them for help.

Stones were especially honored — a talisman of love, a talisman and an amulet were made of them. In the gemstones, according to the ancients, pure light spirits dwelt.

Communication with the spirits of stones occurs telepathically, that is, mentally. Consider which gems can attract love and fill a person’s heart with romantic thoughts.

The talisman of love - which gems bring happiness and reciprocity

Love charms

Gems can help in love affairs, and each stone has its own characteristics: some soothe the torments of undivided feelings, others fill the heart with passion, and others harmonize relationships. There are stones that can attract a loved one to a person, and there are stones that interfere with the disclosure of love feelings.

Stones to attract love:

All minerals of red and pink shades affect the feelings of a person, reveal his spiritual potential. For girls, gems of pink tones are better suited, for men — red shades.

Stones to strengthen the senses:

These minerals will not let the senses fade away, and living together — turn into a routine. Turquoise is not just a stone of love: it gives eternal love.

Forbidden stones for love:

Alexandrite is notorious. It is customary to wear it in a pair (pendant and earrings, ring and earrings). If the pebble is lost, the woman is waiting for separation from her beloved.

It is believed that the owner of alexandrite will never marry or widow early. If you lost jewelry with alexandrite, it means that you will soon get married!

This is an auspicious sign.

Never give opal to your loved one — you will soon part with the scandal. This gem causes negative feelings towards your partner, and with a partner — towards you. Pearls are called «tears of the goddess.»

Never wear pearl jewelry, if you are lonely — they do not contribute to mutual love. You can soften the effect of the stone by buying a pair of jewelry.

The talisman of love - which gems bring happiness and reciprocity

Curls of Venus — hairy

The very first in the list of love talismans is a gem with the loud name “Arrows of Cupid” or “hair of Venus”. This is quartz hairs.

The gem’s abilities are so great that at the imperial court of Russia all the ladies of the court and gentlemen wore it. What can help hairy:

  • attracts the other half;
  • harmonizes the relationship in the current couple.

According to legend, the goddess Venus, swimming in the lake, dropped a strand of her hair. Finding the loss, the goddess returned to the lake to pick up curls.

However, by that time they had already frozen into the ice. The goddess liked how beautiful her curls look under the transparent cover, and turned the ice into a crystal.

Since then, a hairy stone appeared, an assistant in amorous affairs.

Hairy quartz has a different structure — the interweaving of the threads may resemble curly locks, and may have pointed outlines. In this case, the gem is called the «arrow of Cupid,» the assistant goddess.

It is believed that the possession of both stones brings a person happiness in love, however, one mineral is enough. Hairwort gems give their loved ones for the reciprocity of feelings, they wear to attract love and faithful partner.

This gem is suitable not only for women with blue eyes — it gives happiness in love to everyone, if you ask from a pure heart. Turquoise fills the aura of a person with special energy impulses, endowing with charm and attractiveness. They give turquoise to their loved ones, believing that it brings happiness in love.

This blue gem also has protective properties — it protects lovers from misfortune and adversity. No one can separate a couple that has turquoise ornaments.

This gem helps girls find their soul mate, and not only girls. Mages use Carnelian in love affairs, considering it one of the strongest love charms.

To find your destiny, you need to wear jewelry with carnelian for 30 days — you will certainly meet the betrothed. But there is a condition — the gem can not be removed for a minute.

If you do not have carnelis, rhodonite can replace it.

Aventurine and Rose Quartz

These gems help to keep tender feelings in a pair for a long time, if you wear them from the very beginning of your acquaintance. Rose quartz will help to return the tenderness of feelings, if they have already been lost.

Your relationship will again be filled with the scent of romance of the first meetings, and your hearts will pound in time with each other. Put on earrings or pendant with these gems, and your beloved will be fascinated again, like on the first date.

Rose quartz has another ability — it gives courage in the manifestation of feelings.

The talisman of love - which gems bring happiness and reciprocity

This is also a talisman of love, which gives purity and sincerity of feelings. If you constantly wear a garnet necklace or bracelet, you can permanently get rid of depression and doubt in your beloved. Pomegranate jewelery looks solid and respectable, however, this mineral is considered «fun», as it saves from heavy and oppressive thoughts.

Previously, pomegranate decorations were given to young girls in the hope of achieving reciprocal feelings.

This mineral is given in the event that they are going to spend their whole life with a person. Carnelian — the keeper of family happiness and loyalty to the spouses.

If a woman wants to preserve her attractiveness and youth for many years, she needs to have jewelry with carnelian. A pebble gives its owner irresistible charm, and the spouse will always admire his chosen one, as at the first meetings.

A beautiful transparent mineral gives a long happy love to a couple, gives you strong feelings, protects peace and tranquility, eliminates jealousy. If you give an aquamarine decoration to your loved one, he will never be able to forget or betray you. Aquamarine is a stone of love and loyalty.

In order for it to fully reveal its amorous qualities, you need to buy a gem in a gold frame. Aquamarine in silver helps to strengthen health.

We looked at the magical meaning of the talismans of love. Now it remains to learn how to activate the gems to reveal their natural properties?

To do this, you must enter into telepathic contact with the mineral, that is, to establish a mental connection. Talking with a gem mentally, holding in his hand.

The answer from the stone will come at the level of sensations.

After the acquisition, the mineral is cleaned in salted water or simply left under running water for 30-40 minutes. Then the mineral is dried and charged with sunlight.

You need to clear the stones not only after purchase, but every three months. Sometimes minerals can warn their host of impending disaster, changing color or becoming heavier.

With close interaction with the gem, you will already distinguish the change in its structure and color.

If a pebble is lost or cracked, it means that he served his time and decided to leave you. Do not worry, thank the mineral for help and say goodbye to him.

It is time to choose another assistant in love affairs.

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