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The properties of the kyanite stone, its characteristics and varieties

Kyanite stone: characteristics and magical properties

One of the most rare and unique gems is kyanite stone, which has attractive beauty due to its unusual bright blue color. It is hardly possible to meet jewelry with an exotic mineral in a jewelry store.

You can only buy kyanite from crystal dealers or collectors, and it is recommended to contact private jewelry makers.

The properties of the kyanite stone, its characteristics and varieties

History of discovery and scope

In 1789, a German geologist Werner discovered a stone with an unusual color, which was called “keanos”, which in Greek means “blue”. After a thorough study of the mineral by the French scientist Hauy, at the beginning of the 19th century, he acquired a second name, “disthen”, meaning “double fortress”.

This name is explained by the dual hardness of kyanite — each face has a different degree of rigidity.

According to historians, for the first time a blue gem was found in India, because It was from this country that in the 16th century various minerals were supplied to the countries of Europe. Initially, kyanite was sold under the guise of a yacht or sapphire, but previously it was ennobled in order to achieve a resemblance to them.

Scientists believe that the stone was formed in the seams of the earth, rich in black soil, as a result of high pressure, at a time when there were changes in the structures of sedimentary rocks. Blue crystals are usually found in the veins of quartz, places of formation of pegmatites and in the mountains. The main deposits of kyanite include:

For the manufacture of jewelry kyanite is used quite rarely, because it is difficult to handle, and not every master is good at this task. Most often, the stone is used in industrial areas, making of it various elements that must have high strength and resistance to aggressive substances.

For example, an exotic mineral is necessary for the production of automotive igniters and insulators, tiles, shells, etc.

Types and characteristics

Kyanite stone is aluminum silicate, which is a rock-forming type mineral. It may contain impurities of titanium, manganese, chromium, iron and potassium.

The gem has the appearance of elongated lamellar crystals.

The properties of the kyanite stone, its characteristics and varieties

As a rule, kyanite is colored blue or blue, but it can also take on other shades depending on the amount of impurities:

There are also practically colorless crystals with alexandrite effect, i.e. able to change color depending on the angle at which to look at it. Looking more closely at the kyanite, its uneven coloring becomes noticeable, which gives it a special refinement.

Medicinal properties

Blue gem is popular not only for its extraordinary appearance, but also for its unique abilities. It has long been believed that he is able to cure various ailments.

To feel the healing properties of kyanite — it is desirable to wear it as an ornament, but it is also recommended to apply a stone to the sore spot for a while.

Crystal has a positive effect on the psychological and spiritual state of a person. It helps to overcome stress, depression, nervousness.

Owners of blue gem jewelry have indicated an increase in vitality, lack of insomnia and improved memory. In addition, kyanite will help in the fight against the following ailments:

  • high fever and fever;
  • inflammation of the urogenital system;
  • infectious diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • muscle pain.

Since the mineral helps to normalize the work of the whole organism, it is believed that it helps people who are overweight to lose weight.

The magical power of the stone

Their owners kyanite instills a desire for sanity, self-knowledge, modesty, prudence and loyalty. In the business field, he will help to set priorities and focus on important aspects, which will allow you to achieve any goals.

People who are charged with the energy of the blue mineral, cause others sympathy and trust, so they easily make new acquaintances. In addition, talismans with kyanite help their owner to find a true vocation in life, without much effort to climb the career ladder, or create a successful business that brings not only income, but also pleasure.

For travelers, the blue stone is a faithful helper, because he will be able to point the right way. Having tied a human hair or a silk thread to Kyanite, one of its sides will always be turned to the north.

Adventurers are also encouraged to acquire a blue talisman, because it will help them to become more reasonable and prudent, which will save them from rash actions.

The properties of the kyanite stone, its characteristics and varieties

To get exceptional benefits from kyanite, you should carefully examine it before you buy it — it should not have cracks, chips and scratches, otherwise the energy of the stone will be negative, and its owner will be only unhappy.

Significance in astrology

The gem will benefit most Gemini and Sagittarius. He will reward them with happiness, good health and wealth. Scales, Cancers and Pisces can also gain positive gifts.

For other zodiac signs, kyanite will be useless.

It is categorically not recommended to wear products with a blue crystal Capricorn, as well as evil, deceitful, and fraud-prone individuals — they are only waiting for exposure and trouble.

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