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The mantras of the Virgin Premal — listen online, lyrics

The magic of divine songs Virgin Premal

Many people who are interested in mantras have probably heard such a name as Virgo Premal. Who is this woman, thanks to which she became famous and how she is connected with the theme of mantras — you can learn about this and many other things from this material.

You will also have the opportunity to listen online to the mantra of the Virgin of Premal.

The mantras of the Virgin Premal - listen online, lyrics

Who is the Virgin Premal

Virgin Premal was born in 1970 in Germany. Her parents loved mantras very much and sang them regularly in the original.

While still in the mother’s womb, Demal Premal heard various mantras that her father performed for her, and when she was born, they replaced her traditional lullabies.

The girl received a musical education, and already in 1998 her first album entitled “Essence” came out into the world. He immediately gained immense popularity among people around the globe.

Then the singer recorded nine more albums and today she deservedly received the title of one of the best mantra performers in the original (Sanskrit).

Virgo shared her thoughts about the mantras with journalists:

“Their significance for me is secondary. I am more interested in their vibration, which sounds during the performance.

For example, the word «ananda» expresses the vibration of bliss, which begins to work deeply at the level of cells. I advise you not to try to understand mantras with a logical mind, but to feel them with your heart, because they are a universal sound that unites us together. ”

Now Virgin Demal has been constantly touring various countries of the world together with her partner Miten, whom he met twenty years ago in the city of Pune (India).

In childhood, the Gayatri Mantra was of tremendous importance to the Virgin of Premal — she was her favorite divine song. The singer has very warm memories associated with her, because her father sang this mantra when she was born into the world.

Then we will tell you more about it.

Gayatri Mantra Deva Premal

Gayatri Mantra — has great power and strength, is the most powerful mantra recorded in the Vedas. Believers believe that it hides their true nature.

Hindus have a tradition of repeating this divine song daily.

The mantras of the Virgin Premal - listen online, lyrics

The Gayatri Mantra is addressed to Ishwara (God) of our world, which is also known as Savitar. A systematic performance of this divine song will help a person to connect with the divine essence, to be filled with her great wisdom and strength.

The Gayatri Mantra text is as follows:

Dhiyo yo nah mars.

Mantras Deva Premal

Divine songs performed by the Virgin of Premal are insanely popular today. Please note, even the name of the singer, translated from Sanskrit means «divine love.»

All her songs have a magical, captivating power, which is provided by a combination of sacred text and modern musical trends.

If you want to regularly listen to the mantras of the Virgin Premal, we advise you to buy them in the version recorded on the disc. So you can fully experience the sound of the ancient language, because if you incorrectly pronounce the words of the mantra — you will not achieve the desired effect.

The result can be achieved even by simply listening to audio recordings and watching videos performed by the Virgin of Premal. You will notice how you gradually get rid of all anxieties, worries and bad thoughts, how your consciousness is cleared of negative images and filled with positive energy.

The desired peace will come to your life, you will become a harmonious and peaceful person.

Listen to the mantra of the Virgin Premal

In addition to the Gayatri Mantra, the Mula Mantra of the Virgin of Premal is very popular. Check out her sacred words and listen to the mantra online in the following video:


Thanks to the Mula Mantra, you can strengthen your connection with the divine essence, cleanse yourself of the negative and go to a higher level of consciousness. If you regularly sing this mantra (out loud or mentally) or listen to it, then very soon you will become healthy, rich, happy, you will find yourself in a harmonious state.

And if you translate a divine song and know the correct meaning of each word in it, the effect will be even more pronounced.

Female mantras of the Virgin Premal

We now turn to the section of female mantras.

Mantra Ochun

Ochun is the deity of love, is responsible for sensual and sexual manifestations, patronizes any water bodies. She is very young, but has already managed to become the Great Queen in the Indian tradition.

The goddess Ochun is addressed when there are difficulties in the monetary sphere, and also when it is impossible to create a happy personal life.

Read the text of the mantra of the goddess Ochun

«Ide were were nita ochun
Ide were were
Ide were were nita ochun
Ide were were nita ya
Ocha kiniba nita ochun
Cheke cheke cheke
Nita ya
Ide were were «

Health mantra

Health mantra will allow to heal from any diseases. If you want to enhance the effect of the divine song, while reading or listening, you should visualize how the ailment begins to dissolve and leaves your body very quickly.

The text of the mantra is as follows:


«Bekandze» symbolizes the elimination of pain, «Maha Bekandze» — a great healing from pain.

Green Tara Mantra

She is the favorite mantra of the Dalai Lama himself! Reading it, you can clear your energy shell of the negative, as well as improve your health.

The mantras of the Virgin Premal - listen online, lyrics

In addition, the mantra allows you to realize your any dreams, attract your soul mate, eliminate any fears and doubts, as well as get rid of various obstacles and negative programs (evil eyes, damage, etc.).

The following are the sacred words of this mantra:

The mantras of the Virgin of Premal will help you get rid of various problems, diseases, troubles, fill you with positive, happiness, love and vital harmony.

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