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The mantra of the moon is very powerful and works wonders

A powerful mantra of the moon that works wonders

The moon is a symbol of change and witchcraft. For centuries, people have watched a diminishing and arriving disk, deifying this natural phenomenon. However, it is not the physical component of the lunar body that is to be deified, but its spiritual essence.

In the legends of many nations of the world, the moon personifies the feminine and symbolizes age-related changes: youth, maturity, old age. The moon goddesses were depicted with three faces.

How can the powerful mantra of the moon help women?

The mantra of the moon is very powerful and works wonders

The main and most powerful mantra of the moon

The main mantra of the goddess Lakshmi is a short sacred formula:

«Om Hrim Shrim Lakshmi Byo Namaha.»

Listen to the moon mantra on our website:

This formula is pronounced 108 while contemplating a figurine or image of a goddess. The start time of contact is the days of the full moon. Words need to be sung, creating internal vibrations in the body.

Singing does not have to be loud: the main thing is to create vibrations in the body.

Other mantras of the moon goddess who work wonders

1. This mantra can turn and change your whole life. This is the mantra of transformation.

Practicing this formula becomes independent of people, not amenable to manipulation. Mantra gives confidence, joy, happiness and enjoyment of yourself and life.

«Om Shrim Khrim Mahalakshmiyai Namah.»

Chant the mantra daily 108 times, meditating on the image of the goddess. The more you practice the mantra, the more success you will achieve in life.

2. The following mantra repeatedly enhances the result of any of your efforts — in work, finances, love, study, creativity. Whatever you do, the energies of the sacred formula will help and multiply your efforts.

If you say the mantra with purity of intention, it will help speed up any business you have started — selling a car or a house, buying the necessary things, achieving a result in work.

«Om Shrim Lakshmiyai Namah.»

3. This mantra brings abundance and fulfillment of desires. The mantra is practiced for a month, starting from the full moon.

They say it at dawn 108 times, every day.

«Om Lakshmi Vigan Sri Kamala Dharigan Swah.»

4. This mantra grants unclouded happiness, peace, the achievement of goals, blooming health and wealth. Unconditional love for all beings will dwell in your heart, spiritual horizons and spiritual eyes will open.

«Om Shrim Khrim Klim Mahalakshmiyai Namah Aum.»

The formula is pronounced 108 times two days (in the morning) and they go about their business. This is the only mantra that brings instant results.

To maintain business success, you need to practice the formula every full moon.

Meaning of the moon mantra

In the Hindu tradition, the goddess Chandra (moon goddess) controls the water element. Chandra has three incarnations:

These are the three moon goddesses who can be addressed in the mantras with requests. Lakshmi symbolizes the energy of abundance and love (full moon). Parvati (Kali) — the energy of decay and destruction.

Sarasvati — the personification of creativity in man, she is in charge of poetry and art.

In connection with the change of the lunar energy and pick up the mantra, turned to a certain incarnation of the moon goddess Chandra. In the Hindu tradition, it is customary to meditate on each person of Chandra, to wear moon amulets made from pearls. Pearls also carries the symbolism of lunar energy.

It is believed that it is necessary to pronounce the lunar mantra many thousand times in order to activate the energies of the luminaries.

Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi personifies the energy of the full moon, which brings abundance to a person’s life. To achieve this state, it is necessary to come into contact with the energies of the full moon. How to do it?

Either through meditation or through singing mantras. And best of all is to meditate and sing.

Gold-bearing Lakshmi will discover the sources of wealth and prosperity in your life, bring pleasure and love.

The mantra of the moon is very powerful and works wonders

To enter into resonance with the frequency of Lakshmi, it is necessary to open your heart and purify your soul from selfishness and self-interest. Interaction with gods in Hinduism is confidential and requires the sincerity of a person’s feelings, otherwise you will not be able to receive a positive response. Goddess Lakshmi is treated with a special mantra — the Gayatri Mantra — which is pronounced at dawn (108 times) for 36 days.

This is the only way to make contact and enter into resonance with the frequency of the full moon.

If you manage to make contact, get help in any area of ​​life — love, work, finance, relationships with people. There is nothing impossible for the goddess Lakshmi: the energy of the full moon has a powerful force. The energy of Lakshmi is consonant with the energy of the deity Ganesh: they work in commonwealth.

The energy of Ganesha clears the path from obstacles, and the energy of Lakshmi fills life with abundance. Therefore, before singing the Lakshmi mantras, one should activate the energy of Ganesh.

While addressing Lakshmi, material objects transmitting her energy are used — large flowers, precious stones. Flowers can be any, but they must have a large inflorescence and exude a pleasant fragrance. Lakshmi stones are:

Metal energy Lakshmi bears gold. When addressing the goddess in the room should be large, fragrant flowers and products made of stone and gold (you can wear jewelry).

In India, they consider a prosperous and successful person to be the favorite of the goddess Lakshmi. If luck turned away from a person, it means that he does not worship the moon goddess of plenty.

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