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The mantra of fulfillment of desires is a very powerful mantra.

Very powerful Mantras of fulfillment of desires: text, listen to online

Every person has in his heart the deepest desires, which he does not dare to say out loud. How to realize your dreams, what you need to do? For centuries, people have turned to heavenly patrons for help, asking for their help in getting what they want.

A very powerful mantra of the fulfillment of desires, will help in the implementation of our plans. You just need to believe in the result and correctly implement the recommendations.

The mantra of fulfillment of desires is a very powerful mantra.

Mantra of gaining life benefits

This is a universal mantra for the fulfillment of any desire — for finance, success, love and health. Keep a goal in your head and make sacred sounds.

These six syllables must be pronounced 108 times in a row. The action of the mantra is to destroy obstacles to the desired goal, create favorable circumstances and attract success.

Sing the mantra for at least three weeks.

Mantra of omnipotence — I can do everything!

«Aum Jaya Jaya
Sri Sivaya Swah. ”

This text also needs to be sung 108 times in a row, fingering the rosary with your fingers.

Play mantra of fulfillment of desires online:

a) Mantra of fulfillment of desires

The following text consists of three sacred words that should be vibrated 108 times in a row:

b) The mantra of the fulfillment of the monetary dream

This mantra is considered «golden», as it strengthens the intentions of a person at times. To achieve the fulfillment of a monetary dream, one should combine the singing of powerful words with any monetary mantra.

First, the money mantra is performed 108 times, and then the “golden” 108 times.

Play mantra of wish fulfillment online:

c) The fulfillment of a love dream

If you want to fulfill desires in love, practitioners advise you to chant the Narayan mantra. Text:

This short magic formula can work wonders. You will plunge into the stream of divine love that will take you to the heavenly abodes. However, remember: the pronunciation of sacred sounds is unacceptable with unclean thoughts.

First, cleanse the body and mind, then practice the sacred texts.

Play mantra online:

Green Tara Mantra

Among the sacred texts there are universal words and sound combinations that can solve several issues — health, happiness, spiritual cleansing, finances and love. Such is the mantra of the green Tara.

This Hindu goddess helps in the realization of human desires.

If you ask Tara about health, she will help in healing. If you ask Tara for women’s happiness, she will fulfill the requested.

This mantra was very fond of the Dalai Lama, and always practiced it. The text of the mantra is very simple:

«Om Tara Tuttare Toure Sokha (sometimes — Matchmaker).»

Sing the words and keep the goal in your thoughts, you can first ask Tara and then sing the sacred text.

Remember: sacred texts will not work for bad intentions and unholy desires. Your desire should not carry a hint of the destruction of someone’s fate or health. Check your soul: do you sincerely wish the world to people around you?

Only in this case, the sacred texts will come to your aid.

Play mantras for health and wish fulfillment:

Mantra of success in all endeavors

The following mantra also applies to the universal. The singing of the sacred text purifies the subtle bodies of man, elevates them to the spiritual realms.

In this state of elevation, everything conceived becomes possible, if it does not bring destruction to the surrounding world.

«Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudeva.»

Play simple and universal mantra:

The short magic formula performs miracles of transfiguration inside and outside the person. The singing of this text brings into the life of a person:

  • spiritual cleansing;
  • enlightenment;
  • awareness of higher values;
  • ability to self-realization;
  • success of any undertaking.

How to read the mantra

The words of the mantra are written in an ancient sacred language, which is no longer spoken. All words have a certain meaning, however, it is impossible to translate the text literally into Russian.

You should not ponder over words while chanting a mantra, it will be enough to create a vibration in the body.

Vibration while singing mantras is a very important aspect. When you vibrate sounds and feel their movement inside the body, an invisible connection of the physical essence of man with the spiritual worlds through sacred words occurs.

How many times should a mantra be pronounced? According to the canons of Hinduism — 108 times in a row. However, some formulas are repeated 1008 times, but this is mentioned separately.

How many days to chant the mantra? It is believed that 21 days is the right time to implement changes in circumstances around a person.

First, it is recommended to listen to the mantra in audio / video recordings in order to catch the correct rhythm and learn the pronunciation of sounds. Then you can practice singing yourself. If the text is not complicated, you can sing the sounds by inventing your own melody.

Singing sounds is preferable to just saying: when singing, vibrations are created in the body.

Mantra setting

How to achieve the fulfillment of the desired through the mantra? For this it is necessary to form a desire within yourself, to create its image. When you sing sacred sounds, the image of the desired should be in front of you.

If you do not know how to create imaginary images, then just think about your dream and sing the mantra at this time.

In order not to lose count and not bend your fingers during the execution of the sacred text, take the rosary. There are 108 beads on the Buddhist beads.

If there are no rosaries, you can independently stitch 108 beads on a string.

Mantra is best read at dawn. However, if you do not have such an opportunity, then at any time.

The best old to start reading the circle of mantra is the new moon.

The mantra of fulfillment of desires is a very powerful mantra.

Proper singing of sacred words fills our consciousness with a sense of the presence of the divine principle around. Singing a mantra gives you confidence, balances the psyche and reveals intuition.

Now you are ready to move mountains to achieve your dreams!

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