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The main secrets of meditation called — theta healing

Theta healing meditation: what it is and why it is needed

Theta Healing is an innovative healing technology. Meditation theta healing can radically change a person’s usual reality.

The word «healing», if you translate it from English, means healing. In general, it turns out that theta healing is a method of healing, the basis of which is a particular meditative theta state.

Theta healing is a meditative process by which a person can cleanse their physical, emotional and spiritual membranes.

The main secrets of meditation called - theta healing

Historical background on theta healing

Technology theta healing was invented by a resident of the United States of America Vianna Styble. Since childhood, Vianna had the ability to see the internal organs of a person, and also could receive a lot of information about strangers.

And she used her paranormal capabilities to help many people who actively approached her.

Then the terrible happened to Vianna — she was diagnosed with cancer of the right thigh. At that time, the woman already had three children and she did not intend to surrender to a terrible disease. Then Vianna began studying Taoism, naturopathy, and massage therapy to save herself.

While actively seeking healing techniques, she turned to different methods, practiced both conventional and alternative medicine, but the disease did not want to go away.

Despite the poor state of health, the woman continued to receive and heal patients, receiving information for them from above using a special state of consciousness. And finally, in 1995, Vianna noticed that the technique she developed, used for patients, can instantly heal.

Then she used it for her own interests and immediately achieved healing.

What scientists say

After defeating the terrible disease, Vianna decided to turn to scientists to provide her with a scientific rationale for the new method. For this purpose, special experiments were performed on an electroencephalograph.

The device «noticed» that in the process of performing its sessions, the woman’s brain works at theta frequencies.

The creator of theta-healing technology has become very careful to study all the widely available at that time scientific and esoteric works describing the features of theta state in people.

She did not stop the practice of her meditation, thanks to which she was in theta state and got the opportunity to interact with the healing energy of the Creator. In the future, the woman was able to develop a method of teaching theta healing for everyone interested in this topic.

Theta Healing Technique

As mentioned above, the basis of this method is the ability of a person to achieve a particular state in which the brain works at theta frequencies. In this state, a person interacts with the energy of the Supreme Creator (also known as the Energy of Unconditional Love).

Getting into the state of theta, a person gets unlimited possibilities, because he connects with the Creator. In this case, it becomes possible to instantly heal from any diseases, eliminate destructive beliefs on 4 levels, scan the internal organs of a person, predict the future, and also realize your desires in life.

Interesting, but people knew about the amazing possibilities of theta state in ancient times. So the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands Kahuna using theta frequencies could walk barefoot on fire coals.

This state greatly changes the human mind and it perceives the world in a completely different way. The frames and boundaries established by our ego are eliminated, because when a person connects with the Creator, he stops assessing the environment as good or bad, loses illusions, as well as the need to feel compassion and sacrifice himself.

Theta Healing allows you to identify the main destructive beliefs that do not allow prosperity, financial well-being, and also cause many problems or pathologies.

Many people themselves admit that because of some phobias and negative programs, bad thoughts, they cannot become successful. But conscious beliefs are only the visible part of an iceberg.

But as practice shows, in very rare situations a person is able to realize the true reason in which the root of the problem lies.

The main secrets of meditation called - theta healing

Negative attitudes

In identifying the main destructive belief, the master of healing goes to the Seventh Plan of Being and begins to act in such a way as to replace the negative set with a positive one.

Why the person who conducted the session confirms that the previous installation is eliminated and replaced by the best. And at that very moment instant changes begin to occur.

After all, it has long been no secret to anyone that a disease or pathology develops not only because of improper diet or adverse environmental factors. And in almost all situations, the main cause of physical pathology is negative emotion or thought.

All human installations, even very deep root ones, are recorded on four levels:

  • The first level is the level of basic beliefs. Here you can find programs laid down in early childhood and arisen in the process of raising a child. They were created by the parents of the baby, teachers, teachers and teachers at school, other children, friends, and they were also confirmed as experience after a number of situations.

There is a famous saying: «We all come from childhood.» She as well as possible relates to this situation.

In childhood and adolescence, a person actively perceives a very large number of beliefs, which in the future serve as a basis for him in life.

  • The second level is the level of genetic beliefs. It is represented by all programs inherited from far ancestors. They were handed to us by our parents. All the time, until our race existed, our distant great-great gradually engaged in the formation of a system of beliefs, under which their lives were adjusted.

Most of these installations are not destructive and negative. Some of them are able to provide safety, security and help in life. But there are a number of programs that have long saved lives for our predecessors, but today they represent a huge obstacle due to changes in the world.

After all, now there are no dangers that were relevant before.

For example, if relatives of our ancestors were once expropriated, then they had programs that being rich is life threatening. And this installation was genetically transferred to the ancestors to ensure the safety of the genus.

  • The third level is the level of historical beliefs. In most cases, he has a connection with injuries that a person has experienced in his past reincarnations. The theta healing method supports the idea of ​​reincarnation, that is, rebirth in other bodies. And each reincarnation greatly influences the future life of a person.

Very often in a past life, you can find different types of vows, pledges, vows, oaths, contracts, promises that do not cease to act even after death, show the strongest impact on all future lives.

After all, all the oaths that were given in the past usually never cease to be valid. And they pursue a person as a heavy burden that is impossible to get rid of.

For example, if in his past life a person was a monk, and made a vow of poverty, then in future lives he is guaranteed to have serious problems with material well-being.

And if in the last incarnation you swore an oath to someone to love and be true forever, then in real life this oath will also act. But it will happen already subconsciously.

And therefore, you will not even immediately understand for what reason you feel a strong craving for some person in spite of any objective circumstances.

  • And the last 4th level is the Soul level. It is represented by our own programs — that is, those that were created by our Soul based on all our experience. This refers to the experience gained not only in the conditions of our planet, but also in alternative worlds.

Today, there are various techniques that help restore in memory and work out negative programs attributable to the main and genetic levels are called generic programs. But they do not reach the historical level and the level of the soul.

In addition, changing any negative program should help a person and teach him how to live without it. After all, he was so much used to this energy, that without a knowledge of another life, a negative attitude may very soon come back.

The main secrets of meditation called - theta healing

All blocks in the subconscious (represented by installations, programs, thoughts) that impede the realization of a person, as well as the fulfillment of his desires can be identified by a special technique — muscle testing.

This test is widely used in all countries of the world. It is used by various technologies and it also provides the basis for a lie detector.

After all, all our thoughts with feelings are stored in the cells of our body as a specific kind of energy.

And after identifying the installation and the manifestation of the desire to part with it, when a person expresses his desire, the program begins to be replaced by the best option.

Anyway, on your own you will not be able to use the knowledge of theta healing, so if you are interested in this topic, you should seek help from a specialist who will help change negative attitudes and change your life in a better direction.

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