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The magical properties of rauchtopaz: who is suitable for a stone, what signs of the zodiac according to the horoscope

The magical properties of rauchtopaz: how to wear a stone?

Rauchtopaz refers to varieties of quartz. A distinctive feature of the stone is its amazing hardness — 7 units on the Mohs scale.

Because of its unusual and mysterious color, it is often confused with topaz. Initially, rauchtopaz was classified as a gemstone, with which it is similar in its unusual color.

But the other characteristics were completely different.

The mineral is often used in magical rites and worn as a talisman. Also, the stone has medicinal properties.

The name of the stone from German is translated as “smoky topaz”. But in fact, this mineral can be called smoky quartz.

After all, it belongs to this genus.

Another stone name is "kerngorm" — at the place in which the deposits of the rauchtopaz were first discovered. For a long time it was a symbol of the nobility of the Scottish highlanders and an indicator of wealth.

Therefore, in historical documents one can often come across such a mineral name as “Scottish stone”.

In Russia, it has been known for many years and was initially called "Suslanik" for its unusual smoky shade. This gem was widely used in the manufacture of jewelry and interior items that were sold at high prices.

But the most beautiful and rare name is "alanson diamond". This is how many jewelers call it.

In natural conditions found:

  1. one. Light gray mineral, which was originally mistaken for a kind of citrine. This mineral has one significant feature — it changes color to transparent when heated to 350 degrees. This makes rauchtopaz unique and completely different from other gems.
  2. 2 Stones with the effect of pleochroism rarely found in nature. Such minerals have the ability to change their shade, depending on the angle at which to look at it, from greenish to violet. To save this ability requires a special cut, but the rings and earrings with such a gem look very original.
  3. 3 Black mineral, or Morion, at all times considered the most dangerous and powerful. But in fact, its color depends on the content of iron and aluminum, which regulate the saturation of the hue.
  4. four. Dark brown stone most often used for making jewelry. When cut, it acquires a light golden color and becomes more interesting.

Jewelers all over the world prefer smoky topaz for a variety of colors and its ability to resist fast cut. The stone is used in the manufacture of rings, earrings and pendants.

In the brooches, you can rarely see him, but individual instances are still found. They frame the stone in gold, silver or platinum, which makes it even more valuable.

The magical properties of rauchtopaz: who is suitable for a stone, what signs of the zodiac according to the horoscope

Most of the magicians of India and Tibet considered rauchtopaz a sacred stone sent by the Buddha. There, he still bears the name «Buddha stone». According to their traditions, the gem helps calm the body and soul and achieve nirvana.

Modern Indian esotericists claim that smoky quartz is capable of dispelling negative experiences and thoughts.

Possessing tremendous magical potential, a stone can become a reliable talisman for:

For quick-tempered and too suspicious people, a stone can become a reliable protector. He removes impulsiveness and helps to find a lesson to which energy can be directed.

Gem eliminates the feeling of jealousy and unreasonable offense, and also tames anger and hatred.

The magical properties of rauchtopaz: who is suitable for a stone, what signs of the zodiac according to the horoscope

This mineral has long become indispensable in the fight against black magic and in defense against it. But no less often it is used to direct energy to those parts of the body that lack it.

Rauchtopaz has enormous magical potential, which is most pronounced during the owner’s sleep. It is enough to put a piece of jewelry with this stone under the pillow to see a prophetic dream at night.

But this will not be a vague prediction that can be interpreted in two ways — such a dream will become a real prophecy that will come true completely.

At all times, people, even far from magic and witchcraft, were afraid of this talisman for an unusual color and a mysterious haze inside its faces. It was considered that he was able to lead a person into the secret worlds and bring evil to him from the other side of life.

The stone was considered devilish.

Now rauchtopaz is a symbol of peace and spiritual peace. Despite this, it stimulates the imagination, gives energy.

The mineral is able to give a solution to any problem in a short time.

The mineral became most popular at the end of the 19th century, when witchcraft and spiritualism became widespread. But it was strictly forbidden to use it for a beginner.

Gem has a strong energy, and an unprepared and weak person can get under his influence in the illusory worlds, out of which he can not find. Therefore, the use of rauchtopaz was allowed only by experienced sorcerers.

In practical magic, only large, rough stones are used. Mages believe that when cutting a part of the energy disappears and their power weakens.

The magical properties of rauchtopaz: who is suitable for a stone, what signs of the zodiac according to the horoscope

Gem is valued for its healing properties. It normalizes the endocrine system and helps restore all body functions.

It should be worn and those who have problems with the pancreas and adrenal glands.

Rauchtopaz refers to the male amulets. He has the ability to enhance sexuality and increase potency.

For women, it is an indispensable talisman to enhance sexuality and cure infertility. But the stone shows the greatest strength in the treatment of nervous disorders.

If you buy jewelry with this mineral and wear it in those moments when a person is upset and tense, the stone helps to find peace and tranquility.

Scientists have found that the mineral is able to mobilize the internal forces of the human body with constant wear. Through this, he copes with headaches and relieves emotional havoc.

It is proved that the action of rauchtopaz causes sensations similar to narcotic, but it has the property to absorb such states. That is why it is indispensable in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, as well as tobacco addiction.

The mineral absorbs the effects of harmful substances and thereby helps to relieve dependence.

Rauchtopaz is endowed with tremendous magical power and is suitable for those who enjoy esotericism. The stone can become an indispensable attribute for the following signs of the zodiac:

Zodiac signStone impact
Scorpio and LibraOnly to people born under these signs will the stone reveal all its secrets and show its possibilities. He will strengthen their spirit and help them achieve their goals in a short time without obstacles. According to the horoscope, the ideal would be the compatibility of the rauchtopaz with women born under the sign of Libra. He will be able to balance the character of a woman and make her more docile and purposeful.
CapricornThe spirit of such a person is strong enough to resist the magic of the stone, and therefore the latter will become for him a reliable talisman. In addition, Capricorns will be able to direct it in the right direction and use it to benefit

To refrain from wearing a rauchtopaz follows these signs:

Sign zodiacStone impact
Virgo and AquariusRepresentatives of these signs should not wear jewelry with rauchtopaz, since their strength is not enough to control the energy of the stone, and it will completely subordinate the owner
CrayfishPeople of this sign should not wear a stone because of their emotional instability. It will increase their anxiety and lead to an imbalance
Leo and AriesThese signs should avoid contact with rauchtopaz. It will block their energy, and this will adversely affect the mental and physical state of a person.

The stone will be useful to people of creative professions by its ability to attract a muse. If an artist or a poet is in a creative stagnation for a long time, then it is enough for him to wear a mineral on his body to get out of this state.

It can also be used as a talisman for athletes.

As a talisman use a coin or a small figure from rauchtopaza. But only an experienced craftsman can make it — this material is very fragile and requires careful handling.

Constantly wearing jewelry with this miner is only allowed if it has a brown or red-brown shade. If it has small black blotches, and its owner does not have magical abilities, then you should not wear jewelry.

This applies especially to those products that are inherited. If you do not comply with this rule, the stone can bring great trouble to its owner.

To attract wealth, you can put a small stone in your wallet.

The perfect combination for jewelry with this gem will be silver. It enhances its properties.

Gold, copper and nickel silver are undesirable. "neighbors" for a mineral, he will lose all his charms and begin to feed on the strength of the owner.

Blondes need to look for jewelry with gray or smoky stones, and dark shades are ideal for ginger and brunettes. They emphasize the luxury of hair color and skin tenderness.

When choosing a jewelry with this stone as a gift, you should take into account the age of its future owner and color:

  1. one. For younggirls You can choose jewelry with a gem of a light, smoky shade.
  2. 2 For mature, held women It is worth buying a product with a dark, brown stone, in which there are black blotches.

The darker the mineral, the stronger its magical properties. If it is framed in silver, then its strength will increase several times.

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