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The magical and healing properties of the stone iolite — distinctive characteristics

Iolite stone: characteristics and properties

Iolite is a type of cordierite and has a unique coloring. Depending on the lighting, the color of the gem can be poured from blue to violet shades, and at a certain angle it will acquire yellow tones. Its name comes from the Greek word «ios», which translates as «violet.»

Also, the mineral has another name — dichroite, meaning «two-tone rock.»

It is believed that iolite is a Viking stone, because they began to use it to search for the sun on cloudy or overcast days, which determined the right path. This is explained by the fact that due to the polarizing properties, looking through the bright crystal at the sky covered with clouds, one can see glimpses of the sun’s rays.

The Vikings called iolite «sun stone».

The magical and healing properties of the stone iolite - distinctive characteristics

Distinctive characteristics

The main feature of iolite is a high degree of pleochroism, i.e. the ability to change color depending on the viewing angle, for example, from blue to blue. In addition, there are trichroic crystals — possessing simultaneously in three different colors.

Due to such features, dealers in precious stones do not rarely give out iolite for tanzanite or sapphire, which are distinguished by higher cost, but an experienced buyer will immediately distinguish a fake.

The main deposit of the mineral is in India — the largest share of the total amount of mined stones was found on its territory. Dichroite has also been found in Brazil, Tanzania, Australia, America, Namibia and Sri Lanka.

The largest crystal deposit is Madagascar, on the territory of which industrial mining has been conducted since 1994.

Iolite has a high degree of transparency, but it should be noted that improper cutting of a stone can make it cloudy. Also it is not recommended to grind its surface, because the glassy shine will be lost.

Since the crystal is able to change color depending on the viewing angle, when processing it, the master must correctly align the arrangement of the faces with the optical axes.

The magical and healing properties of the stone iolite - distinctive characteristics

Magic abilities

Gem has an extremely positive energy, and can serve as a talisman. Its owners acquire a special attraction, so they easily achieve the favor of the people around them, become an authority for their friends, and build friendly relations with the authorities.

Thanks to the magical properties of iolite, you can create a strong and loving family. He will bring peace and understanding to the relationship, smooth out conflicts and quarrels, and save from adultery.

In addition, the stone is able to inflame the faded passion in relationships and revive old love feelings.

The owner of the jewelry with iolite will find harmony of mind and feelings, it will become more calm and reasonable. It is recommended to carry the crystal with you during important trips, meetings and negotiations in order to get help in making decisions.

The magical and healing properties of the stone iolite - distinctive characteristics

Healing abilities

Even in the time of the Vikings, it became known that iolite has healing properties, including:

  1. Treatment of disorders of the nervous system, for example, insomnia, anxiety, psychosis. Lithotherapists recommend daily for 15 minutes to look through the crystal at the light, admiring the artificial rays and colorful refractions. To combat insomnia, you should put a gem under the pillow before going to bed.
  2. To increase vitality, energy and improve well-being as a whole, you need to drink a glass of water in the morning, charged with the energy of a precious stone. It is best to use a silver jewelry with iolite, which must be dipped in water and left overnight.
  3. People with alcohol addiction are advised to purchase a product with a blue stone and constantly carry it with them. His positive energy will give strength to combat this addiction, and will also contribute to the detoxification of the body.
  4. Gem will be a loyal assistant for those who wish to lose weight. Constant wearing of products with iolite will contribute to the normalization of digestion and metabolic processes.

Who is suitable?

Blue crystal does not open every sign of the zodiac to its secrets and bestows powerful auspicious energy. It is best suited to Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces and Taurus.

For them, iolite will serve as an excellent talisman and adviser, will help build trust with others, and will maintain harmony in the family.

Dichroit helps people of different professions, but its most effective influence is on air traffic controllers, surgeons and representatives of other industries, requiring high mental concentration and quick decision-making in emergency situations.

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