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The location of the chakras on the human body and their meaning

The location of the chakras on the human body

Under the chakras understand certain energy centers located on the human body and fill it with a certain kind of energy. In total there are seven main energy centers (in some sources — nine or more).

In this material, we consider the location of the chakras and their main properties.

The location of the chakras on the human body and their meaning

What are the chakras responsible for?

We bring to your attention the name of the chakras with a detailed description of each energy center and its main properties.

The first chakra (Muladhara). It provides communication with all earthly things, it hides the main fears with fear and anxiety.

Its disclosure occurs when you learn to perceive detached disturbances with anxiety in a detached way. It is the energy of fear that closes Muladhara, covers the main instinct — self-preservation.

When the first energy center does not work well enough, various pathologies of the adrenal glands, as well as the lower back and kidneys, begin to arise, the person feels sluggish, depressed, the state of bones, skeleton and teeth is disturbed. The metabolism worsens, the person suffers from strong thinness.

Emotionally bad chakra work is manifested by a state of panic, stress, self-doubt and the constant feeling that something threatens you.

Second Chakra (Swadhisthana). It provides us with the joy of life, getting pleasure from sex and communication with others, new acquaintances, positive emotions.

The location of the chakras on the human body and their meaning

To open the second chakra, it is necessary to pay enough attention to your favorite work.

When this energy center is blocked or weakly working — the person is overcome by internal anger and dissatisfaction with life, for this reason the reproductive function is disturbed and pain in the lower abdomen appears. Also characterized by the development of allergic reactions, muscle spasms, lack of sexual desire, depressed emotional state.

Third Chakra (Manipura). This chakra is a combination of other energy centers, as well as a source of awareness of their personal strength, belief in their capabilities and abilities, their beliefs.

When Manipura works poorly, a person shows either strong aggression, or, conversely, loses all faith in himself. He becomes withdrawn, suffers from mental or nervous exhaustion, it is difficult for him to maintain relationships with other people.

The poor performance of the Manipura is indicated by diseases of the abdominal organs, gastritis and overweight.

Then you need to urgently engage in increasing its intrinsic value for which today there are many different practices.

Fourth Chakra (Anahata). The main goal of the fourth energy center is to unite the human ego and soul, so that the individual feels its integrity with the surrounding reality.

Thanks to Anahata, we have a positive attitude towards ourselves and those around us, as well as sympathizing with other people.

In the case of poor performance of Anahata, a person becomes overly sentimental, tearful, dependent on the love of someone. At the body level, problems appear in the immune system, lungs, heart and circulatory system.

To improve the work of Anahata, you should take care of other people, as well as praise yourself even for insignificant trifles as much as possible, and increase your self-esteem.

Fifth Chakra (Vishuddha). It stimulates our internal self-development and self-realization, awareness of our uniqueness and originality, the expression of our opinion.

In case of bad work, a person becomes incapable, constantly copies the behavior of others, does not have his own opinion and deceives himself. Suffering from diseases of the throat, headaches, has low self-esteem, there are no creative impulses.

The location of the chakras on the human body and their meaning

The process of unlocking involves, first of all, voicing your position, even if no one supports it, honesty with yourself and others, as well as active self-expression.

The sixth chakra (Ajna). Responsible for intuitive abilities, provides information from the Cosmos, a feeling of inspiration and unity with the outside world.

If this energy center works poorly or does not work at all — the person is easily exposed to various dependencies — alcoholic, narcotic, shows arrogance, it is unpleasant to communicate with him. Also, a person is faced with diseases of the eyes, ears, respiratory sphere, he can overcome nightmares.

The seventh chakra (Sahasrara). It is the center radiating the energy of the Cosmos, it forms a nimbus above your head.

View this video, which provides a lot of additional useful information about the chakras.

Chakra scheme

Now that you know how many chakras a person has and a description of the chakras, let us familiarize yourself with their location on the body, as well as with their color designation.

  1. Muladhara. Its energy is red, the energy center is located in the crotch area (at the very base of the ridge).
  2. Svadhisthana It has energy of bright orange color and is located approximately two to three centimeters lower than the navel, but does not reach the pubis bone.
  3. Manipura. This energy center corresponds to the energy of a bright yellow color, the chakra is located in the region of the solar plexus.
  4. Anahata In appearance, it looks like a sphere with a pleasant greenish tint. Located in the central part of the chest.
  5. Vishudha. The energy of this center is saturated blue, the chakra is located in the throat area.
  6. Ajna (or the famous «third eye»). This energy center is located in the central part of the forehead (in some sources the area between the eyebrows is indicated).
  7. Sahasrara. It radiates violet energy. The energy center is located in the region of the crown.

Knowing the location of the chakras, as well as the area of ​​their influence, you can, if necessary, improve their work and fill yourself up to this or that energy that you lack.

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