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The healing and magical properties that quartz stone has

What magic is inherent in stone quartz

Quartz is the most common mineral on planet Earth. It is found in a variety of color variations and is able to form crystals of different sizes.

In addition to its amazing natural characteristics, the stone also has impressive magical and healing properties, which we will discuss in detail later on in this material.

The healing and magical properties that quartz stone has

General information about the mineral quartz

Most of the mineral is represented by solid granular masses, which have a milky-white color or individual grains in the rock.

According to its chemical properties, quartz acts as silicon dioxide, which also contains aluminum and iron. The stone has a high hardness, in this property it is inferior only to corundum, diamond and topaz.

Pure quartz (rock crystal) has a high degree of thermal conductivity, so they feel cool to the touch.

This kind of mineral is very resistant to various chemicals and strong acids, it is capable of dissolving only alkali or hydrofluoric acid. Quartz begins to melt at a temperature of 1700 degrees Celsius.

This gem has been known to people since the days of deep antiquity. In primitive times it was he who served as the basis for the manufacture of household items and tools, as well as for the production of jewelry.

Its healing properties and features are described in many scientific works by the philosophers of antiquity.

In which species can be found quartz

Quartz has a huge number of varieties, each of which is characterized by its structure, color and energy. Consider all of them in detail later:

  • Black quartz (also called morion). It is an opaque or half transparent mineral, very similar in appearance to resin. Jewelers apply exclusively annealed varieties of quartz, which change their color to yellow. Traditionally, Morion patronizes alchemists and magicians.
  • Pink quartz — is an opaque mineral of pastel pink. This is one of the types of rock crystal, which has tremendous healing and magical properties: it will protect its owner (or mistress) from insults, give a harmonious mood.
  • Green quartz (another name is Prazem). Translucent stone with a bright salad color. From it actively produce jewelry. Stone eliminates fatigue, reduces stress and gives a person peace of mind.
  • Milky-white quartz — when the temperature of the stone changes, it begins to release ozone, which helps clear the lungs of carbonic acid. The mineral is able to retain heat for a long time, for this reason it is often used for baths.
  • Smoky color quartz (also called rauchtopaz). Its main shade is brown, and its tones can vary in a wide range of colors. Rauchtopazes are very popular with jewelers, there is a huge amount of jewelry with them. It is worth refusing this mineral to suspicious and very sensitive individuals.
  • Purple quartz (also known as amethyst). It is a precious translucent stone with purple hues. Amethysts are not characterized by a very high price, because in nature they are not too hard to get. It is believed that the stone has a number of positive properties: copes with female infertility and normalizes sexual desire in men.
  • Rutile quartz — acts as silicon dioxide. Due to its golden-red color with the addition of fine crystalline inclusions, it is the most expensive of all kinds of gems. He is credited with strong love spells and protection against evil forces. Patronized creative and inspired personalities.

The healing and magical properties that quartz stone has

Medicinal properties of quartz stone

  1. Mineral has a positive effect on the state of the respiratory system. It is believed that if a person who suffers from a cold, will keep with him an ornament with quartz or a small piece of this mineral, his illness will quickly pass.
  2. Traditional medicine advises to apply the famous quartz water, which is easy to make yourself at home. To do this, simply put a piece of mineral in the water and leave to stand for some time.

The resulting fluid will have a number of healing properties and will affect the condition of the body in the most favorable way. It is characterized by biological activity and allows you to prevent various diseases, stimulates the processes of rejuvenation in the body.

In addition, water, infused on quartz, helps in cosmetic purposes. So, if you regularly wash it, the elasticity of your skin will increase, its smoothness and elasticity, wrinkles will smooth out, and various unpleasant rashes will disappear.

This healing water will help you from burns, cuts, various inflammatory phenomena, and so on.

What magical properties has a mineral

The magic of quartz has attracted the attention of people since ancient times. That is how lenses with balls were made of it, on which they subsequently kindled the sacred flame in the temple.

With the help of quartz crystals, the priests could tell about the events of the future.

  • The most remarkable are the magical properties of rock crystal, which is easily programmed to the desired effect and which assumes the role of a powerful energy conductor.
  • Milky-colored quartz are popular for meditations, they clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts, allow a person to better understand their nature.
  • Stone carnelian provides loyalty of feelings, and chrysoprase and amethysts help calm down.
  • Smoky-colored minerals allow you to make the right decisions, they are suitable as a mascot for people who have their own business.

The healing and magical properties that quartz stone has

Almost all of the varieties of quartz help to eliminate anxious thoughts, fear, depressive states, and they will also save from negative energy. Those talismans with quartz, which are inserted into a silver frame, possess a particularly powerful force — they will give their owners luck and financial success, and will act as a reliable love amulet.

With the help of products with this amazing stone, people get the ability to improve their memory, fantasy, speech, activate all brain processes.

What signs of the zodiac is suitable stone

Due to the fact that in nature there are so many types of quartz, which are very different from each other in their properties and energy, it is difficult to give an unambiguous definition of what sign of the zodiac quartz will show its greatest favor. In order to establish this, it is necessary to study the effects of each of the gem varieties on the human body.

As a personal talisman, quartz in the form of rock crystal can be used by Lions, Tauruses, Pisces and Libra. And the other signs of the zodiac, he simply does not cause any harm.

For Libra, Taurus, Cancer and Aquarius, it is preferable to give your choice in favor of beads or a pendant of a pink stone. Being in the region of the heart chakra, the gem will help increase self-esteem, as well as develop self-confidence and improve mood.

Not all people can use jewelry with rauchtopaz. For example, for Scorpions, it will help eliminate the negative traits of their character and will contribute to the disclosure of magical abilities. And Capricorns, thanks to the gem, will discover their purpose.

Representatives of the Libra sign will be filled with peace of mind and balance.

Gemini, Virgo and Libra at the expense of quartz will become more successful, improve their intuitive abilities and increase the level of financial income, but for this they need to use a kind of stone called citrine.

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