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The guardian is a protective symbol or object from troubles and misfortunes.

Charm — his designation and magical properties

Since the beginning of time, people have noticed that things and objects can have an energetic effect on space and man. Some subjects brought good luck, while others negatively influenced fate. The charm is a subject which protects from negative influences and troubles, attracts happiness.

One of the old coastal symbols in Russia was a horseshoe. Consider the issue of charms in detail.

The guardian is a protective symbol or object from troubles and misfortunes.

Value for man

Each person wants to avoid unexpected blows of fate, and in this he can help protect. Protective items took with them to hunt, without them the warriors did not go out on the battlefield, and the shepherds — to the pasture.

This does not mean that warriors or hunters were cowardly people, simply evil forces invisible to the eye exist in the world — it is from them that charms are needed.

In the modern world, the charm has not lost its relevance. Protection is needed by all — both small children and adults. What protects the charm from:

  • diseases, epidemics;
  • accidents and disasters;
  • negative effects — damage / evil eyes;
  • envious glances and unkind thoughts;
  • assault by hooligans and thieves;
  • other troubles.

Our ancestors embroidered coast symbols on clothes, carved on wooden dishes and window platbands, decorated the gates and doors of the house with them. After the baptism of Russia, everyone began to wear crosses and amulets — protective amulets from evil forces.

Icons of saints, protective herbs, or prayers were placed in a bottle. Ladanka and wrist crosses did not show anyone — they were hidden under clothes.

The talisman has one peculiarity — it performs only one protective function. There is no amulet for all occasions, it is narrowly focused.

The guardian is a protective symbol or object from troubles and misfortunes.

Types of amulets

All charms can be divided into two types: natural and made by man. By natural can be attributed stone «chicken god» — with a through hole. Who will find a stone, he will bring good luck and success.

The made amulet is a pectoral cross or an embroidered prayer on the coastal belt.

Gemstones can be attributed to natural amulets: each of them performs its own function. For example, tiger or falcon eye stones protect from damage and the evil eye, rose quartz and garnet attracts love, diamond attracts wealth and fame.

The parts of the body of wild animals — the tooth of a wolf or a shark, the claws of a bear or a bird of prey — possess coastal properties.

Amulets can be from the most diverse material, but always natural. Earlier, charms were cut from wood, forged from metal, sculpted from clay.

Warding can be wax candle or wax casting.

  • yarn;
  • gemstones;
  • from a dead tree;
  • from herbs, roots and plant parts;
  • coast symbols;
  • embroidered or painted;
  • sacred texts;
  • animal body parts;
  • metal objects.

The most common and running amulet is a pin. She is pinned to clothes with a pointed end down. It is believed that the pin protects well from the negative directional energy — the evil eye, unkind thoughts, damage.

A pin, like an antenna, picks up the vibrations of a negative, neutralizes them and sends them to the ground (ground).

It is considered bad luck to find a pin or needle. If this happens to you, do not lift them from the ground.

Just a bad omen — to find someone else’s pectoral cross. It brings misfortune: you can take on someone else’s cross, that is, the fate of another person.

An example of the use of a talisman can be a protective grass pupa. If the baby woke up at night and cried, the mother quickly weaved a grass doll charm and said:

The guardian is a protective symbol or object from troubles and misfortunes.

This doll was placed in the cradle to the baby, and he quickly fell asleep. For a good sleep, I also shared a herbal bag. Sleep pills were placed inside the doll and a plot was read for a good sleep.

The doll protected the person at night, drove away nightmares and evil spirits.

Plants are also widely used for coastal purposes. Previously, in each yard grew mountain ash — a defender from evil spirits and charms.

The windows were placed on pots of geraniums, and in the corners of the room were hung bundles of protective grasses plucked to Kupala or Trinity.

Coastal plants were worn with them, for example, they always took overgrown grass (water lily) on a journey. Smoke plants fumigated the room to protect against disease and evil spirits.

Thistle plant hung at the windows and doors — this grass scares devils and demons. To protect against damage worn dill with salt in a bottle.

In the south of Russia and in Ukraine, one of the strongest charms against witches and evil spirits was Mac-self-seeding. This plant grew in gardens and near houses.

It is believed that evil spirits will not penetrate the house until it counts all the grains in the poppy box.

The guardian is a protective symbol or object from troubles and misfortunes.

Protective power

What is a charm, we found out. Now consider its energy properties. Natural charms have a natural energy potential, as they are associated with their element.

Stones — with the elements of the earth, plants — with the world of nature, body parts of animals — with the world of animals. A strong natural talisman is a handful of earth from the native threshold — it protects the traveler on the way and eliminates the longing for his native home in a foreign land.

Note! Natural charms are always associated with their element, so when choosing your protector, consider this factor.

Artificial energetics of a charm is the program imposed by the person. For example, the text of the spell of protection or prayer.

The runic alphabet and various symbols — the pentagram, the Star of David — belong to artificial energy. Protective symbols can be applied with ink, blood, saliva, tattoos, cutting with a knife.

The color of the symbol of the amulet also has a protective factor: black absorbs energy, red attracts, purple neutralizes.

In ancient Russia, coastal dolls were common: krupenichka, zhelannitsa and others. The dolls were in every home and accompanied the person from birth to death. When the doll performed its task, it was burned and made a new one.

This is due to the fact that the artificially imposed energy loses its properties over time, in contrast to the natural. The fang of a wolf can serve a person until death, if he does not lose it or spoil it. Dolls and grass charms were updated annually.

Written or embroidered amulets keep their strength until the letters are visible or the fabric on the embroidery is erased.

However, natural charms can lose their power if they lose their integrity. For example, a stone or metal can burst or crack — this indicates a loss of energy of the amulet. Sometimes charms are lost — it also speaks of the fulfillment of its purpose.

That is, the protective properties of the object are lost.

There is a belief that a real guardian should find his master himself, that is, to get his eyes or hands in an unexpected way. Charm, made for himself, has no power.

But donated by a close friend with the best wishes, is a real keeper from troubles and hardships.

Ashberry protection

Rowan amber is a universal remedy for all kinds of misfortunes and misfortunes. If you do not have your own plot with trees, you can make a rowan garden bag from a wild plant. Wait until autumn, when the berries ripen, and in the full moon pick an odd number of red fruits.

Sew a linen bag of red color and put berries there. Read on a bag of berries 12 times:

The guardian is a protective symbol or object from troubles and misfortunes.

Tie a bag with red tape or threads. Always carry with you a whole year, and then pour the berries into the hole and bury.

Make yourself a new bag with rowan berries.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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