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The Eye of Revival: 5 Tibetan exercises for charging and restoring health

Eye of Revival: 5 Tibetan exercises for charging

Tibetan monks behind the impregnable walls of mountain monasteries keep treasures of secret knowledge, allowing not only to improve the physical health of a person, but also to strengthen his energy potential. The writer Peter Kelder introduced the secret of the Tibetan method of the Eye of European Revival, who collected the ancient knowledge of the monks in his book.

Now the exercise technique is available to everyone.

The Eye of Revival: 5 Tibetan exercises for charging and restoring health

Principles of improving methods

Uncomplicated gymnastic ritual Tibetan lamas practiced to ensure prosperity, gain eternal youth and longevity. The technical achievements of civilization are rapidly changing the world around, depriving the modern person of the ability to actively move.

The result of a growing immobility is the development of diseases that lead to the deterioration of the human body, accelerating the aging process.

The task of the Eye Revival Complex exercises, called Tibetan pearls, is to restore the health of the body by the method of influence, both on the physical and energy shell of a person.

How to prepare for wellness exercises

To get maximum results from doing 5 Tibetan exercises, the body should be prepared for specific actions.

  • After waking up, without getting out of bed, enjoy the stretching — while inhaling, the spine is pulled out, fully relaxing on the exhalation. Then shake the limbs, raised perpendicular to the plane of the bed. Only after this simple preparation is recommended to get up from bed.
  • During lifting, the spine is straightened out with a breath, representing the process of saturation of the body with energy flows from the earth itself. Exhalation should be slow with a sip and relaxation, a feeling of energy spreading inside. For the final preparation of the body for the exercises of the Eye of Revival, you need to calmly shake the limbs, make several light jumps in one place.

The importance of energy whirls

It has been known since ancient times that the physical shell of a person is only a link in a complex system of thin bodies that are not visible to the eye. Thanks to the invisible vortices that penetrate the thin shells, an exchange occurs with the energy fields of the surrounding world.

Vortices affect all the internal systems and organs of a person, the chakras are responsible for their assimilation and redistribution, the main ones are only 7 and they are located along the spine. At the level of the physical body, energy funnels are associated with the main ganglia, they can be called the prana generator.

It is thanks to the chakras that the physical body of a person is surrounded by an energy field called an aura. Tibetan gymnastics helps to increase the circulation of energy vortexes through the funnels of the chakras, which leads to increased immunity and restoration of vitality.

The Eye of Revival: 5 Tibetan exercises for charging and restoring health

The rules of the revival of the body gymnastics

The main attention in doing gymnastics from the Book of the Eye of the Renaissance is given to the correct technique of movement and breathing technique. The complex of only 5 exercises is not difficult to master, but you will have to do it regularly.

To achieve the revival of vital processes in the body will help proper exercise.

  1. The practice of the Eye of Revival is started after morning preparation with stretching of the spine. Engaged on an empty stomach, if desired, you can drink some water (warm). It is also worth getting a special rug.
  2. A complex of 5 exercises, performed daily, skipping even one day will lead to the cancellation of all achievements. To enhance the effect of internal rejuvenation, it is recommended to exercise in the morning, as well as in the evening.
  3. At the initial stage of training, each exercise is performed three times. Then every week the ritual is complicated by the addition of two repetitions. When the number of repetitions reaches 21, the addition is stopped.
  4. Each of the Eye Revival exercises is performed in a strict sequence, guided by instructions, without stress and fatigue. If the total number of repetitions is given with difficulty, their number is distributed to the morning and evening classes.
  5. The Tibetan ritual of healing is completed with relaxation and relaxation. You can take a comfortable shower, but pour cold water is not recommended.

To complete the Eye Revival complex, it will take only 15 minutes, but having started the practice, Tibetan monks will have to train all their lives to maintain their health and energy potential. You should not tune in to a quick result, it will please only after 2-3 months of hard work.

The Eye of Revival: 5 Tibetan exercises for charging and restoring health

Breathing technique when doing exercises

According to reviews of people practicing the method of the Eye of the rebirth, you can judge the high efficiency of charging due to proper breathing. Recreational gymnastics refers to the practices of Tibetan yoga, requiring knowledge of the stages of the breathing technique:

  • during inhalation, the diaphragm is lowered downward with the abdomen moving forward, which allows the lungs to be filled with air;
  • to ensure the movement of the lungs, the stomach is pulled in, which contributes to the expansion of the chest;
  • on the exhale, the influence on the muscles of the neck raises the ribs without straining the chest.

Inhale should be nose, exhale — through the mouth ajar, mentally releasing all accumulated irritation. In the course of performing the five pearls of the ritual of the Eye of the rebirth, the inhale accompanies the initial position, the exhalation accompanies the forceful stage of the technique.

The Eye of Revival: 5 Tibetan exercises for charging and restoring health

How to properly perform 5 Tibetan practices

The gymnastic complex is so versatile that it can be performed as a full-fledged exercise or supplement it with other physical activities. The tactics of each exercise are presented in the video below.

The exercise is performed standing with the back straightened and arms stretched out to the sides, palms pointing down, and face — to the north. The purpose of the action is to launch energy vortices, the slowing of which leads to illnesses.

Therefore, start the rotation around its axis clockwise. For a start, just 3 turns, their number increases gradually in accordance with the rules of gymnastics.

After 10 days of unwinding of energy flows, a feeling of lightness will appear not only in the body, but also in thoughts.

Tip: do not be alarmed by feeling light-headed. The increase in nausea — evidence that you overdo it.

Do not hold your breath.

The second of the charging pearls of the Eye of the rebirth is performed lying on the floor. The purpose of the ritual activities of Tibetan monks is to improve the condition of the whole organism, which alleviates the symptoms of diseases. Step by step tactics:

  • lying on the back, arms should be stretched along the body, turning the palms down and firmly joining the fingers;
  • on the inhale, you need to raise your head, pressing your chin to the top of the sternum as much as possible;
  • raising your legs up, watch their straightness, but you can not tear off the pelvis from the floor;
  • during exhalation, return to the original position, followed by relaxation.

Note: movements on the inhale and exhale should be smooth, and the knees of the legs should not bend. Relaxing at the final stage of the Tibetan exercises exercise, it is important to imagine the body filling with energy.

To perform the third exercise, the Eye of the Renaissance will have to kneel, taking a strictly upright position. Hands should lie with palms on the buttocks, a little back. How to act:

  • exhale, tilt your head forward as much as possible to press your chin to the chest;
  • taking a breath, lift your head up, fold it back, accompanying with a protrusion of the chest;
  • hands help to balance; palms need to be moved slightly up the buttocks;
  • return to the starting position is accompanied by a full exhalation, then you need to make a brief pause.

Explanation: this exercise of Tibetan gymnastics requires complete harmony of the rhythm of breathing with movements. While performing the exercise, visualize the flow of energy, as you inhale, it moves upwards, at the exhalation stage it flows downwards.

This exercise of charging Tibetan monks is done by sitting on the floor with your legs straight forward. They should be spread to the width of the pelvis, hands should be placed on the floor with palms down the sides of the hips, and the spine should be straightened.

Head down forward, sweaty chin pressed to the top of the sternum. Technique:

  • take a deep breath, throw your head back, lifting the torso parallel to the plane of the floor (as is the exercise of the bridge);
  • at the time of high muscle tension, breath is required with a mental increase in arm strength;
  • during the exhalation phase, return to the starting position.

Important: all movements, as well as inhale / exhale should be slow. One should try to maintain a right angle between the legs bent at the knees and the body, not forgetting to fix attention on the circulation of energy flows.

The final exercise of Tibetan gymnastics Eye rebirth proceed from the prone position, palms with fingers pointing forward should rest on the floor. How to perform:

  • firmly resting your palms on the floor, inhale and lift the upper torso, tilting the head back to the end;
  • raising your body in straight arms with an emphasis on your toes, achieve a position resembling a sharp angle with a top at the fifth point;
  • Return to the original position accompanied by a slow exhalation with a breath hold in the extreme positions after inhalation / exhalation.

Specification: the final exercise of charging Tibetan lamas helps to harmonize the balance of energy vortices. The process of strengthening energy, accompanied by the visualization of the powerful force of vortex flows raging inside you, turns into a complete recovery.

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