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The doll has protected the hands

The doll has protected the hands

A guard made with your own hands will always be safer and stronger than the acquired one. In the people it was believed that the doll, made independently the best defender from evil. Learn how to make a doll charm and how to give it a protective force.

Rules when creating a charm doll

In order for the amulet to turn out to be reliable, protect against troubles and help to fulfill desires, you must follow simple rules when creating it:

  • Always get to work in a good mood, get rid of negative thoughts, suppress your anger.
  • It is best to make a talisman during the period of the rising moon, then the doll will be filled with a particularly strong energy.
  • When creating a charm can not use needles. This is the main difficulty: you have to tear off the threads with your hands, and replace the binding with binding.
  • The number of nodules must necessarily be even. Each time tying a knot, you need to whisper yourself a wish, for example: happiness, wealth, love, protection from the evil eye and damage.

Doll charm for a child

Children are especially vulnerable and need strong protection. It was decided to protect the child with a doll. The guardian had to sew the mother of the baby.

For the manufacture of dolls charm you need bright pieces of fabric, wool and cotton wool. Separately, the body and the head are made, the cotton fabric is wadded with cotton and tied so that the bags are formed, after which they are interconnected by threads. On the body tied red thick thread cross to cross.

On the head of the pupa you need to tie a scarf made of red or green fabric.

In the same way can be attached and handles. Then from bright shreds to create clothes, here everyone is free to choose for himself what appearance the doll will have. For jewelry it is better to take thin satin ribbons.

The child must carry the doll with him. In crowded places, it will take on the flow of negative energy and will not allow to impose on the child the evil eye or damage.

Charm for home

Doll charm for the house is very easy to manufacture, but it has strong protective properties. She is able to protect housing from troubles and ailments, to withdraw from the family quarrels and conflicts, and each of its members to give well-being and success.

You will need a skeleton, straw, wool, and shreds of various fabrics. Two twigs or two pieces of wire need to be folded with a cross and connected with red thread. Tie a straw to a strong frame so that you get a head, body and arms. The bottom of the doll is made in the form of a fluffy skirt.

Threads can be replaced by narrow ribbons. On the chest of the doll threads are tied cross to the cross.

Next, clothes are created, an apron of red color must be on the amulet, you do everything else at your own discretion and taste.

Such a talisman should be hung in a prominent place, preferably in front of the entrance or in the place where all family members usually gather.

It is very easy to create a doll with your own hands; for this you will not need any special skills or equipment. In this case, you will gain reliable protection and benefit yourself and your loved ones. We wish you good luck and do not forget to press the buttons and

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