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Tantra yoga — the symbolism of practices, the nuances of

Tantra Yoga — History and Features

Tantra yoga is a set of Eastern practices, which are based on the union of masculine and feminine. It is believed that regular tantric lessons help not only to know yourself better, but also to learn to feel other people, which ultimately makes your life happier and more harmonious.

To get a deeper understanding of the meaning of tantra, you need to study its history a little. The origin of tantric practices began in ancient times in countries where Hinduism, Buddhism and Tibetan teachings preached.

Tantra yoga - the symbolism of practices, the nuances of

The goal of tantric practices is to help a person achieve spiritual enlightenment, get rid of negativity and reach a fundamentally new level of development. To do this, use special techniques that change the internal state of a person, allowing him to feel full of energy, love and gratitude.

As a result, you constantly feel in a state of happiness and harmony.

Tantra yoga is divided into three subspecies:

  • Indian
  • Buddhist;
  • Bon (based on Tibetan teachings).

Depending on the type of yoga, it can be learned in many different schools and centers. Teachers in these institutions assure: thanks to their methods, you will learn to live in a state of harmony and complete satisfaction.

Features of tantric practices

The primary source of any tantric practice is the teachings of Hinduism. Techniques and techniques were taken from ancient sacred texts.

They describe in detail all sorts of rituals aimed at interacting with ancient deities. Shiva and Shakti symbolize masculine and feminine, respectively.

Tantra yoga - the symbolism of practices, the nuances of

The features of the tantric practices are as follows:

  1. Aimed at the development and filling of the sexual energy channel, the second chakra. It is believed that there is a feminine, which symbolizes the ancient Indian deity Shakti.
  2. Symbolism. Any practice is an entire ritual, the rules of which must be followed strictly. Therefore, prior to the application of the techniques, the theoretical basis is necessarily studied.
  3. Tantras are combined with yoga, with the result that the impact of the practice is directed not only at the spiritual part, but also at the physical body.
  4. The greatest attention is paid to the esoteric part of practices and rituals.

Important: the most important difference between tantra and other Buddhist methods is the rejection of asceticism. A person, on the contrary, needs to learn to receive pleasure and enjoyment in all possible ways, not to limit oneself to anything.

Thanks to this, the energy potential is maximally activated, sexual energy is developed and enhanced.

The main task of tantra is to release the sexual energy in a person, to fully unleash its potential. And then learn to direct all these forces to realization in all spheres of life.

Another important point: spiritual enlightenment cannot be achieved without satisfying the basic needs of the physical body. Therefore, in the process of passing the practice it is imperative: to follow the diet, go in for sports, swim, visit a massage therapist.

The body is a vessel. It must be healthy so that energy does not leak.

If you do not follow the needs of the physical, there can be no talk of any spiritual development.

Symbolism of tantric practices

To start the beginning of the tantra yoga class, you need to understand its philosophy, to realize and feel some symbolic moments.

Tantra yoga - the symbolism of practices, the nuances of

Here are some of them:

  1. In Indian culture there is the cult of the mother goddess. It is the source, the beginning of all religions, life and the universe as a whole.
  2. Man is part of the universe, but it is enclosed within it. In order to develop in harmony, it is important to feel and constantly feel in yourself the support and help of higher powers.
  3. There is a masculine and feminine principle in every man, regardless of his gender. It is very important to learn to manage each part of yourself in order to live in harmony.
  4. The feminine is a symbol of wisdom and at the same time emptiness. His image is associated with the lotus flower, personifying true perfection and beauty of the reference.
  5. The masculine is unshakable confidence and eternity, the strongest weapon. The symbol is a sword made of diamond, of which there is nothing stronger.
  6. All the symbols of tantra are found in the symbolism of the Indian gods: images, figurines, and so on. Together, the male and female beginnings can create great things.


In tantra, sexuality is not at all what we are accustomed to count. This is, first of all, the energy that is necessary for every person not only to build happy relationships, but also to be realized absolutely in all spheres of his life.

What does sexual energy affect?

  1. On the ability to enjoy life and everything that happens in it. It is an existence “in the moment,” the highest degree of awareness. When you live and enjoy every minute, not thinking about the problems and difficulties.
  2. On abundance. Abundant man never has any problems with money. He is filled with energy, and his inner state attracts all the benefits he needs. He easily accepts and gives money without ever having financial difficulties.
  3. On the creative implementation and success in life. The more sexual energy in you, the faster and easier you achieve your goals, find your purpose and favorite thing.
  4. For happiness and harmony in relationships. If there is enough sexual energy in a person, he has something to share. He is filled, happy, satisfied, loves himself and the whole world. Representatives of the opposite sex flock to such an internal state, like flies to honey. It remains only to choose.

Tantric practices allow you to awaken sexuality, learn to use this powerful energy, to receive and give it properly. As a result, a person gets everything he wants from life.

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